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Posted on 01 December 2011 by LeslieM

By Becki Coffy

Tired of turkey?  Can’t look another ham in the face?  Then treat yourself to something different and stop by the China Gourmet restaurant in Deerfield Beach.  They feature an almost limitless menu that includes all the traditional items and other dishes with a slightly different twist.

Since I dine there often, I decided to break out of my shell and order something new.

The restaurant now features “Kevin’s Sushi bar.” My guest, Tim, really enjoys sushi.  I, on the other hand, am a little less adventurous. We asked Kevin to surprise us and select something for us to sample. Beautifully prepared and plated, he brought us the California roll (for me, I’m sure) which was avocado and crab and was wonderful. Tim was served ‘Valerie’s roll,’ which consisted of spicy tuna, avocado topped with spicy crab and scallions with crunchy tempura flakes and red caviar roe sprinkled on top. It was served with wasabi and ginger and was fresh and delicate. I believe Kevin may have made a sushi lover out of me after all!

Next, my dinner guest and I ordered the New York style pork. A large plateful of boneless pork cooked in a light, slightly sweet sauce that came to the table tender and fork ready. The portion was large enough to share and we ate every bite.  Forgoing the traditional honey garlic chicken or chow mein, I tried the Singapore noodles, a dish of thin noodles in a mild curry sauce smothered with shrimp, scallions, pork and red pepper. The noodles were perfectly cooked and the mild curry sauce did not overpower the flavors of the shrimp and vegetables.

Our lovely waitress, Scar-lett, suggested we try the General Tao chicken. The velvety brown sauce that covered the crispy fried chicken was just a little sweet with a hint of heat. This was served with a generous portion of steamed broccoli – a great accompaniment to the chicken.  This menu item is usually prepared with whole dried chili peppers and served hot in both temperature and flavor, but China Gourmet will adjust the seasonings to your specific taste.

The restaurant offers 18 appetizer choices. The egg roll is my personal favorite but the Crab Rangoon is a close second.  Lo Mein with beef, pork, chicken and shrimp; Cantonese specialties such as lemon chicken, seafood gourmet, moo shu pork and cashew shrimp are all available.

With 11 soups from which to choose I can never make up my mind. Sweet and sour dishes, chow mein, chop suey and egg foo young help to round out the menu.

For those who like it hot, order from the Szechuan specialties.  Kung Pao chicken, Hunan beef or scallops and sizzling beef are just a few of the choices.  Their combination platters are one of the best deals in town.  Ranging from $7.75 to $9.25, there are 24 selections that also include egg roll and pork fried rice.

My family generally orders the honey garlic chicken and the green pepper steak … Both are highly recommended.  If you want lighter fare, there are many tofu and vegetable dishes, including sautéed string beans (great!) and steamed vegetables.

China Gourmet, a family run business, has been serving Deerfield Beach for the past 29 years.  Kevin’s sushi bar has been open for the past year and is a wonderful addition to the menu. They are located at 1098 E. Hillsboro Blvd. Delivery is available. Until we eat again…

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