Somy Ali: A Rising Star helping those who need it most

Posted on 16 May 2014 by JLusk

Somy midshot for India magBy Rachel Galvin

After receiving the Rising Star Award at the 2014 Induction of The Broward County Women’s Hall of Fame at Deer Creek Country Club, Somy Ali realized how far she had come.

She said, “It made me realize how resilient one can be and how one can beat the odds.”

For Somy, life wasn’t always easy. Growing up in Pakistan, she experienced domestic violence first hand. Her mother told her “it was the fate of Muslim women.” But Somy knew better. Luckily, she was able to move away to America at age 9 with her mother and younger brother thanks to her uncle who lived in South Florida.

At 15, her life took a detour. She ended up back overseas in India to meet her crush, a Bollywood actor. She not only met him, but ended up making 10 movies with him and getting engaged. But the relationship was not to be and she moved back to Miami, put money into real estate, pursued a higher education and started her own clothing line.

But it was when an abused Bangladeshi woman showed up on her door that she would realize her true calling and the idea of her company, No More Tears (NMT), was born. Begun in 2006, her organization helps immigrant women and their families who have suffered domestic abuse, women who may not know the language or customs of America. She has helped hundreds of women with everything from getting medical assistance to getting an attorney, from learning to drive to learning about their rights. In many of the countries that these women come from, children are treated like property and women are afraid that if they leave, their children will end up back with their abusive father. Somy’s organization helps them to obtain proper status.

“My motivation to continue is to make sure I can stop or help those that were physically and sexually abused. I was told as a child and in my teenage years that I would not amount to anything. My motivation comes from all those that said this to me. I do not want any woman to go through what my mother went through and I do not want any child to be a victim of what my brother and I were in Pakistan,” says Somy. “I know I can’t eradicate abuse my lifetime, but at least I can take a stand against it. I can rescue those that are in the midst of it and guarantee that it won’t happen to them again.”

Somy Ali, who is currently working on her autobiography, will be speaking at the Woman’s Club of Deerfield Beach on May 21 at 7 p.m. To find out more about No More Tears and Somy’s clothing line (proceeds go to NMT), visit No More Tears.

No More Tears holiday party(On left): Somy Ali with mother and children she helped at No More Tears holiday party.

 Birthday party for 2 of NMT children with survivors(On left): Somy at birthday party for 2 children with survivors.






Survivor graduates nursing school(On left): Survivor graduates from nursing school.

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