Posted on 12 October 2016 by LeslieM

RE: Trump, the business man

Snopes and PolitiFact, the “go to” fact checkers are not very good at fact checking when it comes to reporting the correct number of Chapter 11’s relative to The Trump Organization. Easily evidenced by checking with the appropriate state filings for the Trump Organization, The Trump Organization filed only four bankruptcies, including and limited to Trump Taj Mahal, 1991; Trump Castle, 1992; Trump Plaza & Casino, 1992, and Trump Entertainment and Resorts, 2009. The Plaza Hotel was sold, and the Trump Hotels & Casino Resorts underwent a name change to be Trump Entertainment Resorts and were not part of any bankruptcy.

Besmirching Donald J. Trump’s business reputation has become a full-time job for both televised and print media in an effort to derail his Trump train in route to the White House as the 45th President of the United States.

As a builder and an all-around businessman, Donald J. Trump has successfully negotiated transactions worldwide for years, and some folks erroneously believe that he would not be able to deal with foreign officials. Donald J. Trump has been rubbing elbows with a lot of those same folks for decades, often as an invitee to soirees and in other cases conducting business. Donald J. Trump started with one and a half million dollars given to him by his father. With all the business experiences that have come and gone, tens of thousands of jobs provided by the organization, and Donald J. Trump at the helm, he now sits on assets totaling over several billions of dollars. It is naïve and even ridiculous to claim that this man is not a smart, top-performing, most successful and qualified businessman. Donald J. Trump is exactly who we need as President of the United States, particularly during these financially challenging times. Help make America Great Again – vote Donald J. Trump. Visit www.donaldjtrump.com for policies and updates.

Rosie Reid

Deerfield Beach, FL

RE: Hurricane clean-up

A great big thanks of appreciation to the city and all its staff for working overtime in preparation for Hurricane Matthew and the aftermath clean-up. It was very well-coordinated and everyone did a fantastic job, especially cleaning the beach area. The beach rake did a great job cleaning and leveling the beach. The city workers did a very good job cleaning up additional trash and extra sand. We feel that everybody in the city put forth their best efforts in this challenge of getting everything back in order, also in other areas in the city, that includes the lifeguards, police, firefighters, paramedics, store owners, restaurant owners and many others. We live in a truly great place. Our paradise is Deerfield Beach!

Phyllis Mavrikis and

Ellyce Plotkin

Deerfield Beach, FL

RE: Monkey Business

Dear Editor:

My name is Nicole Davis, a property owner in Deerfield Beach. I am a small breeder of marmoset monkeys, a class 3 animal under the Fish and Wildlife code. I have been registered with Florida Fish and Wildlife since 2013, and maintain a license that is renewed once a year to possess and sell class 3 animals at my home address: 606 NE 2 Ter., Deerfield Beach, FL 33441.

In August 2016, code enforcement for the City of Deerfield Beach sent me a courtesy notice stating that I was not allowed to possess monkeys according to City Ordinances, and to remove them immediately. I contacted Fish and Wildlife who told me that no city in Florida has the power to create any ordinance which contradicts the state laws on wildlife, set and governed exclusively by Fish and Wildlife as per the Florida Constitution. They provided me with a copy of the law and over 20 pages of case-law on the subject showing that many cities have tried to fight against the state law, but none have won.

After speaking to FWC, I made a trip to City Hall where I presented my Class 3 license (issued to my current home address) showing I was in compliance with all state laws and legally able to possess the monkeys on my property; however, the code enforcement officer was not present. I left a copy with the office and called the code officer, Angelica Morales.

A few days later Angelica called me to tell me that despite reviewing my license and state law, she would follow the city code which states I am unable to possess monkeys and thus I needed to remove them in accordance with the notice she sent me.

Angelica Morales is fully aware of the law, as it was sent to her, yet, despite knowing the law, she has chosen instead to disregard it and has continued to harass me about my monkeys, to the point of issuing me a court hearing notice. I spoke to her supervisor Bernard Pita at the same contact number. I informed him of the state law and that the City of Deerfield Beach has no authority to create ordinances that conflict with state law. I informed him that attempting to prosecute me based on an illegal city ordinance created in defiance of state law was in and of itself illegal. He sided with Angelica and stated that he did not answer to the state, rather the city of Deerfield Beach and thus I needed to remove my monkeys immediately.

The city has further threatened me that if I did not remove my animals by Oct. 6, the issue would proceed to a court hearing and I would be assessed any costs related to the city’s expense of prosecuting me, despite the fact that the city is choosing to prosecute me in defiance of state law and is acting with authority they do not have. I am now scheduled for hearing and have had to hire a lawyer to assist me in fighting against these rogue code enforcement agents who are enforcing an illegal ordinance and turning a blind eye to state law.

Nicole Davis

Deerfield Beach, FL

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