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Lighthouse Point

May 1: A male subject was observed taking Red Bull and Monster energy drinks and left the store at 3700 N. Federal Hwy. without paying for them. The loss was $119.94.

May 1: A radio walkie-talkie assigned to a Citizen on Patrol was missing from 3101 N. Federal Hwy. The loss was $400.

May 2: An athletic director said someone vandalized the tennis center community room at 3500 NE 27 Ave. The damage was estimated at $450.

Deerfield Beach

May 13:  A victim reported a wallet was stolen at 291 NW 48 Ave. and later discovered jewelry missing.

May 14: A suspect was identified at 3800 NW 6 St. doing circles on the sod in a black Escalade in the Village of Hillsboro Park.

May 9: A customer service manager at Publix at 1337 S. Military Tr. saw a man steal eight packages of steaks worth $175.

May 9: It was reported that someone entered a residence at Rivertown Manor Town Homes at 1001 SE Sixth Ave. and stole an Apple iPhone 6 valued at $600.

May 9: A man reported his 2014 Hyundai stolen from 408 NW 48 Ct.

May 10: A Chevrolet Tahoe was stolen from a driveway at 4055 NW Seventh Pl.

May 11: A man entered a Target at 3599 W. Hillsboro Blvd. and stole $1,100 worth of razors and fled in a white vehicle.

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Robbery at Taco Bell –Deerfield Beach

Posted on 22 May 2017 by JLusk

There was a robbery at Taco Bell, at 50 N. Federal Highway at 11:54 a.m. on Monday, May 22, according to Broward Sheriff’s Office. One woman was cut on the hand during the incident.

The suspect, later identified as Cameron Ahearn, 28, fled to Boca Raton and barricaded himself up on a roof of 3 Royal Palm Way where he stayed for three hours before coming down voluntarily and being arrested.

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Deerfield Beach

May 2: A home at 1998 NE 7 St. was entered and a garage door opener and motorcycle keys were stolen.

May 2: A man reported that a check for $1,000 was stolen from his mailbox at 2267 SW 17 Dr.

May 2: A home at 902 Spring Cir. was broken into and a Dell laptop, luggage containing clothing and a Coach wallet were stolen.

May 4: A man reported that his bicycle was stolen from 167 SW 1 Terr.

May 7: A woman reported her car at 401 S. Powerline Rd. was broken into and a tote bag stolen.

Lighthouse Point

April 18: An individual was suspected multiple times of placing and picking up multiple food orders with his credit card at 3150 N. Federal Hwy. Afterwards, he would call the credit card company and claim his card was stolen. The loss was $500.

April 18: The victim reported her passenger side window smashed and her purse, containing a wallet, $10 in cash, credit cards, and checkbook stolen at 2700 NE 36 St. The loss was $537.

April 18: Police observed a subject driving east on a scooter through stop signs. The subject and a passenger were found at 1941 NE 34 Ct. with a garbage can containing $1000 worth of tools from a business. A hotel clerk reported seeing the pair leave on a scooter smoking marijuana. A nearby resident found property valued at $2,500 under a tarp that was believed to be stolen during a residential burglary.

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Deerfield Beach

April 24: It was reported by Empire Today at 354 Hillsboro Technology Dr. that an employee embezzled $2,020.

April 26: A man reported being punched by a woman he knew at 766 Rich Dr. The man was punched in the face.

April 26: A woman reported her car parked at 810 SE 7 St. broken into, ransacked and $30 stolen.

April 27: A man was reported for stealing two Apple iPhones still in boxes from Metro PCS at 3616 W. Hillsboro Blvd.

April 28: A man stole three cases of beer from a Chevron gas station at 3355 W. Hillsboro Blvd.

April 28: A victim at 4361 SW 10 Pl. was duped into sending $750 to the Dominican Republic by callers fraudulently claiming to be the DEA with a warrant for her arrest. She reported the crime when they asked for more money.

April 28: An unknown black male attempted to steal household appliances at 3599 W. Hillsboro Blvd. He fled unsuccessfully without items when approached by Loss Prevention.

April 28: A complainant at 666 Lock Rd. reported his lost tag.

April 29: An unknown white male stole seven hair products valued at $1062.88 at 3820 W. Hillsboro Blvd.

April 30: A victim at 3551 W. Hillsboro Blvd. reported his green Cummins Onan RV QR 7000 generator valued at approx. $6,000, stolen from his mobile home between April 28 and April 30. DNA was collected.

May 1: A victim at 561 NW 48 Ave. reported his laptop computer, computer mouse and charger were missing from his bag that was in the back seat of his vehicle parked in his driveway over the weekend. No forced entry was observed to the vehicle.

May 2: An Unknown suspect(s) unlawfully entered the residence at 16 NW 45 Ave. by smashing the rear sliding door.

May 2: A shoplifter was held in custody at a Target store located at 3599 W. Hillsboro Blvd. Loss Prevention officer stated the suspect/arrestee concealed three ladies garments in her black bag and attempted to leave without paying for the items.

Lighthouse Point

April 14: The victim said someone entered a 2013 Infiniti that was unlocked at 2860 Marina Cir. Nothing appeared to be missing.

April 14: The victim discovered a driver’s side door ajar at 2869 Marina Cir. It is unknown if anything was taken.

April 14: The store manager observed a male subject select six steaks and placed them in a coat before he fled the store at 2450 N. Federal Hwy on a bike. Two of the steaks fell out of his pocket as he fled. He was apprehended nearby with the remaining steaks. The loss was $98.30.

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Posted on 04 May 2017 by LeslieM

Deerfield Beach

April 17: A man said that two landscape vehicles parked at 950 S. Powerline Rd. were broken into and a leaf blower was stolen.

April 21: A man entered a business at 2515 W. Sample Rd. and asked for cigarettes. He then stole a coin machine with $110 and fled.

April 21: A woman reported that her car parked at 1000 E. Hillsboro Blvd. was entered and a laptop, $300 and a check for $295 was stolen.

April 22: A manager at CVS at 2 S. Federal Hwy. reported that someone entered the CVS and stole some items.

April 22: A woman stole five HP ink cartridges from Target at 3599 W. Hillsboro Blvd.

Lighthouse Point

April 14: Someone broke into a vehicle at 2835 NE 28 Ave. and rummaged through the console and glove compartment. Nothing appeared to be taken.

April 14: The victim said someone entered their unlocked Chevy Impala at 2813 NE 27 St. and stole Gucci sunglasses from a glove compartment. The loss was $300.

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Yom HaShoah: Remembering the Holocaust

Posted on 27 April 2017 by LeslieM

By Rachel Galvin

At Century Village’s Le Club, members of Temple Beth Israel and Bnai’ Shalom got together to remember the Holocaust on April 23 a day before Holocaust Remembrance Day. The president of Temple B’nai Shalom, Sondra Schmier, welcomed guests, which was followed by the presentation of the colors and everyone joining in to sing the “Star Spangled Banner.” Ted Schneider accompanied with the trumpet. Rabbi Ezring, of Temple Beth Israel, gave the invocation and later recited Psalm 23.

In the group were several Holocaust survivors. Gerda Hollander and Claire Eskind recited the poem “We Do Not Understand,” written by Rabbi Jill Hausman. Rosalie Blady, talked about how her husband, a survivor, would awake from nightmares screaming as he remembered the horrors.

Survivors are reticent to speak; to do so, would be to relive the horrors,” she said, recalling how her husband was reluctant to talk about it with her, but did confide in his brother.

She recited the words to the song, “Where Can I go?” See some of the lyrics of the song featured on this page.

Although some survivors wish not to speak, others cannot speak enough, wanting to make sure people never forget. Morris Dan is one of those people. Even before people were sent to the camps, the horrors began. He recalled a Jewish man who did not do as he was told by a German Nazi soldier and the soldier ordered his own son to hang him for the misdeed. He recalled his trip into Auschwitz, at 17 years old, saying he was standing on the cramped train with 80 people, no washroom, no water and only a pail, heading to the camp that held 20,000 people.

There was a German officer with a stick who said, ‘You go to the right; you go to the left. My mom and my two sisters go [one way]. I go to the [other]. I came into the camp…20,000 people in the camp… I asked a fellow inside, ‘Where is my mom; Where’s my dad?’ They showed me a chimney. I thought it was a mental place. I couldn’t believe him. I ran into someone else. He showed me the same thing. By the third time, I realized. They were gassed and burnt. I worked as a slave near that place. I saw it going on day after day, night after night, 24 hours a day … going into the gas chamber. How can I go on? I didn’t want to believe it was possible … that my mom was not alive, my dad, my family. When I came in, they told me to undress, take a shower and gave me shoes. [They asked me to give them my arm on which they tattooed a number]. From now on this is your name. I had to remember it.”

He was piled into barracks filled with bunks with multiple people in each bed. The beds were made of straw without a cushion and only a blanket.

If you had to turn, everybody had to turn,” he said.

He continued, “I thought if I want to live and tell other people, I have to be strong. I worked. If I didn’t do it fast enough, they would hit us on our heads. A lot of people were sick and they didn’t feel good. They were killed on the job. I was trying to survive to be able to talk.”

He went into the camp in 1942 and was not freed until he was liberated by the Russians in 1945. Today, he shares what he experienced.

I go into schools, churches, private clubs. I have done it for the last 40 years and I will do it until I die. Thanks to God, I did make it.”

From nine kids – seven brothers and two sisters, only he and his brother survived.

Fran Oz also told a tale – of a young baby and a few others who were spared only because a German officer needed a tailor to make him a uniform and boots. That baby, she said, is now 75. That baby is she.

Many other survivors were present and chose not to share their stories, but did come to the front and lit a memorial candle. They were joined by those who lost family members to the Shoah and others who felt the need to light a candle.

Cantor Sherman and the B’nai Shalom Choir sang and the Mourner’s Kaddish was recited before the closing comments.

Rabbi Ezring made a compelling point at the beginning. He shared how people wish to strip away reminders of the Holocaust, and mentioned how many people who were alive then are rapidly dying off or have dementia, as well as how others wish to deny it ever took place. He said it is up to us to remember, to continue to tell the stories of those no longer with us.

He said, “It’s up to us to pick up the torch. If we don’t, the slogan ‘never again’ and the call to ‘never forget’ will go away.”

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Posted on 27 April 2017 by LeslieM

Deerfield Beach

April 11: A woman reported her car stolen at 1222 SE 5 Ct. The car was later used in a strong-arm robbery.

April 11: A man was arrested and charged with stealing four cartons of wine from Winn Dixie at 1019 S. Federal Hwy. The wine was valued at $18.98.

April 13: Two mercury outboard engines and two fishing poles were stolen from 402 Liberty Ct. The total loss was $2,450.

April 14: A woman at Splash Adventure reported that someone broke into her car parked at 401 S. Powerline Rd. and stole her purse.

April 14: A man reported that someone stole his trailer valued at $5,000 and a jet ski valued at $10,000 from 3941 Crystal Lake Dr.

Lighthouse Point

April 2: Units were dispatched when people smelled smoke coming out of a brick oven at the restaurant located at 2486 N. Federal Hwy. There was no fire discovered.

April 3: A wallet was found at 2700 NE 48 Ct. and brought to the police department.

April 3: A suspicious vehicle was observed in the area of 2900 N. Federal Hwy. When police units arrived, the vehicle was gone.

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Mixed Media Workshop: Nanette Saylor – bringing dreams to life

Posted on 24 April 2017 by LeslieM

By Rachel Galvin

Close your eyes. Think about what you would like to bring into your life. What’s next for you? What’s missing? What would you like to have in your future? If you just did that exercise, you had thoughts, pictures in your mind of those answers.

Imagery is very powerful. If you have read the book The Secret, and many other similar novels, you know about The Law of Attraction, and how being able to envision what you want in life can help you bring about what you think.

What you think about is what you create, right? Some people might be skeptical. Perhaps, they have tried and nothing has happened from trying. Well, perhaps, the problem is ‘trying,’ rather than really committing. While thinking about what you want is a good start, taking action is better… being open to opportunities that come your way, and finding ways to help you focus on what you want to create.

Creativity Coach & Possibility Partner Nanette Saylor knows all about the power of envisioning. She conducts vision board (Mixed Media) workshops, providing materials for those who attend so they can create their own boards so they can put their thoughts into images to focus on throughout the day. By keeping it in existence through images, it helps the mind focus on the goal and draws it into your life.

On April 13, Saylor had such a workshop at Uptown Art in Boca Raton (6018 SW 18 St. She asked those in attendance to share why they had come to the workshop and what they hoped to achieve in their life. One person had gone through a divorce and wanted to create a new direction in her life. Another had been moving back and forth between American and Europe, and felt a little unsettled and also wanted to bring love into her life. Someone else said they felt stuck.

Saylor showed off some of the vision boards she had created, poster boards or pieces of paper with magazine clippings and other items affixed to them. She said some people look at the process more logically, creating a quadrant and putting pictures and words in each section that focus on different aspects on their lives – physical self, financial, relationships, etc. Another way of creating them is to just cut out whatever inspires you and figure out why you chose it later. Sometimes, she only uses images without words. At this workshop, she brought stacks of magazines, but also ribbon, buttons, bottle caps, puzzle pieces, feathers, yarn, greeting cards and more.

She showed a few books that have inspired her, including one by Shakti Gawain, who she called ‘the mother of vision boards.’ She said Gawain said, “When you put images to your thoughts, you use the power of the Law of Attraction in a way that puts it on steroids.”

Our minds process images faster than words,” said Saylor, who plans on doing another workshop on May 18.

This is not the only workshop she does. She is currently doing one on Julia Cameron’s book “The Artist’s Way.” Once this one is through, she will start another.

You can find out more about Saylor’s workshops on her Conscious Creators page on Facebook.

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Posted on 19 April 2017 by LeslieM

Deerfield Beach

March 28: A man reported that someone entered his vehicle and stole a Galaxy Note 4 valued at $500 at 1215 S. Federal Hwy.

March 28: A man reported that batteries were stolen from his vehicle at 2777 W. Hillsboro Blvd.

March 29: It was reported that three vehicles were broken into overnight at 740 S. Deerfield Ave.

March 29: Loss prevention at GameStop reported that a former employee made more than $1,000 in fraudulent returns for which he took cash or gift cards. The incident was reported at 3928 W. Hillsboro Blvd.

March 29: Three men entered a Dollar General Store at 1377 S. Dixie Hwy. and stole two cases of beer and two cases of soda.

March 29: A man attempted to steal $1,000 worth of food from ALDI before being stopped. The incident was reported at 747 S. Federal Hwy.

Lighthouse Point

March 25: The complainant heard loud noises coming from a business at 5024 N. Federal Hwy. Police responded and told the owner to turn the music down.

March 26: The victim at 2231 NE 35 Ct. received a call from someone claiming they had his son and would return him if a ransom was paid. The victim called his son and found he was safe.

March 27: The victim said a right mirror was damaged at 4900 N. Federal Hwy. in a road rage confrontation.

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Posted on 13 April 2017 by LeslieM

Deerfield Beach

March 27: Someone smashed a car window, ransacked the vehicle and stole a jacket. The incident was reported at 472 NW 2 Terr.

March 27: A man reported that a man stole the mail in his mailbox at 1280 SW 1 Ave. and fled in a vehicle.

March 27: Two men who were staying in a hotel room at 100 SW 12 Ave. reported that someone entered the room, rummaged through their belongings and damaged a pair of headphones.

March 27: It was reported that a Honda motorcycle was stolen from 4300 NW 9 Ave.

March 28: A man reported that an HP Z Book valued at $1,500 was stolen from his vehicle at 1523 E. Hillsboro Blvd.

Lighthouse Point

March 17: The victim said her cell was either lost or stolen while she was shopping at a store at 3700 N. Federal Hwy.

March 22: A suspicious vehicle was stopped behind a business at 4500 N. Federal Hwy. The subject told police he was picking up his girlfriend.

March 24: A bicycle was stolen from in front of a residence at 2330 NE 48 Ct.

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