Posted on 17 April 2014 by L.Moore


April 2 A woman reported the windshield on her car parked at 959 SE 2 Ave. smashed by a piece of concrete.

April 3 It was reported that someone smashed the window to a rear bedroom of a house at 424 NW 2 Way.

April 3 A woman shopping at the Dollar Tree at 4008 W. Hillsboro Blvd. reported that her wallet was stolen from her purse. The wallet contained an ID, credit cards and $210.

April 3 A car parked at 550 2 Ave. was broken into and $1,500 worth of jewelry stolen.

April 4 A man reported his home at 431 NE 43 St. burglarized.

April 4 A man reported that $2,900 was stolen from his apartment at 4401 Crystal Lake Dr.

DEERFIELD – District 4

April 4 Residential burglary took place in Deer Run, at 387 SW 35 Ave. The front door was kicked in. A watch and $100 cash was taken.

April 7 Residential burglary was reported in Water ford Homes, at 2708 SW 14 Dr. No forced entry was used or any sign of entry. Suspect took money from a small safe and put the safe in the pool.

April 9 Theft – Retail/ Shoplifting occurred in Trail Plaza at 1829 W. Hillsboro Blvd.

CVS shift supervisor advised BSO of a male who entered the store, selected 4 razors and put them in his pockets. He left the store without paying while being confronted.


March 22 Victim said someone stole a bag that contained his laptop computer from a cart at the store at 3700 N. Federal Hwy. Loss was $634.99.

March 24 A mountain bike was stolen from the rear patio at 4480 N. Federal Hwy. Loss was $470.

March 24 Someone stole a 10-year-old bike from in front of the store at 3700 N. Federal Hwy. Loss was $50.

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BSO Sgt, Deputies rammed in Deerfield

Posted on 16 April 2014 by JimLusk


Shortly after 3 a.m., BSO deputies were responding to a call from an Oakland Park resident that her car alarm was going off. A BSO sergeant en route to the home saw a Chevy Malibu with dark tinted windows leaving the area at a high rate of speed. The vehicle sped onto Interstate 95 and into Deerfield Beach, where the driver rammed a deputy’s vehicle and continued to flee. In the process, he hit two other BSO vehicles, incapacitating the Malibu. He then bailed out of the car and ran through a relative’s apartment, over a barbed-wire fence and into a field. BSO deputies used the helicopter and K-9s to track him, and he was eventually apprehended. Two of the deputies he rammed were transported to Broward Health North Medical Center. Their injuries do not appear to be serious.  A sergeant driving the third vehicle that was hit was uninjured. The suspect, Derek Fuller (10/21/87), was transported to the hospital for treatment of a dog bite before going to jail. Currently out of jail on bond, he faces multiple charges including three counts of aggravated battery on a law enforcement officer, aggravated assault, fleeing and eluding and possession of cocaine. BSO Violent Crimes Unit detectives are investigating the incident.

suspect rams deputies 004

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Posted on 10 April 2014 by L.Moore


March 28 A man was arrested and charged with possession of narcotics at 166 SW 3 St. The man fled a traffic stop and was found in possession of bags of marijuana and methamphetamine.

March 27 It was reported that someone attempted to break into a home at 423 Alamanda Lane in Pine Tree Mobile Home Park. The person attempted to pry a door open.

March 27 It was reported that motor vehicle parts were stolen from 5225 N. Dixie Hwy.

March 27 A man reported that a FedEx package was stolen from his porch at 4310 Crystal Lake Dr.

March 28 It was reported that a woman stole items from Publix at 3740 W. Hillsboro Blvd.

March 30 It was reported that someone stole a wallet and cell phone from the office at a Mobile station at 1200 W. Hillsboro Blvd.

DEERFIELD — District 4

March 23 Drugs/narcotics were reported in Deer Creek at 360 Jefferson Dr. BSO made contact with several subjects outside in the parking lot. A strong odor of marijuana was coming from the vehicle. Subject was arrested and released on NTA (notice to appear in court).

March 24 Criminal mischief took place in Starlight Cove, 3899 NW 7 Place. The caller advised BSO that she left the residence at 1:30 p.m. and returned at 6 p.m. to notice that her rear bedroom sliding glass door was cracked (broken). No entry was made into the residence.

March 25 Theft – Retail / Shoplifting occurred at Target, at 3599 W. Hillsboro Blvd. Subject was observed by the Target Loss prevention Officer taking an electronic blue tooth speaker from the shelf and entering a fitting room with it. Subject then removed the electronics from the box and placed the empty box back on the shelf. The subject exited the store without paying for the item and left in his vehicle. He was apprehended shortly after.


March 21 Victim said someone stole $320 in cash from a vending machine located at 5340 N. Federal Hwy. The victim said the lock was broken and it would cost $150 to repair. Total loss was $470.

March 21 Victim, who lives at 2210 NE 33 St., said he was reviewing his credit online and found that credit accounts were opened in his name.

March 22 Subject took four beers valued at $8 from the store at 3700 N. Federal Hwy. He was apprehended outside the store.

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Posted on 03 April 2014 by L.Moore


March 23 A woman reported her home at 904 Tidewater Way broken into and jewelry valued at $2,090 stolen from the master bedroom.

March 23 A home at 1171 NW 49 St. was broken into and watches were stolen. Total loss was estimated at $2,500.

March 24 A man reported his car stolen and stripped of its parts. The car was recovered. Incident was reported at 5236 W. Lakes Dr.

March 24 A home at 801 SE 15 St. was broken into and electronics, jewelry and a safe were stolen. Total loss was estimated at $3,800.

March 25 A car parked at 1421 SW 1 St. was stolen from a driveway.

March 25 A woman reported that her car parked at 837 SE 9 St. was broken into and a purse and cell phone were stolen.


March 17 Someone stole a sign, valued at $100, from the property located at 3310 N. Federal Hwy.

March 18 An unknown object dented the roof and hood of a car parked at 4500 N. Federal Hwy.

March 18 Someone pried open the front door of a residence at 4500 N. Federal Hwy. and stole a Swiss Army knife and other jewelry. Loss was $2,462.14.

March 20 Victim said someone stole his cell phone valued at $675 from his desk while he was at work at 4230 N. Federal Hwy.

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Posted on 27 March 2014 by L.Moore


March 15. Someone cut a hole in the fence at Deerfield Storage at 950 S. Powerline Rd. An attempt was made to burglarize the storage units.

March 15. A residence at 590 Deer Creek Emerald Way E. was burglarized. Jewelry and $300 in cash were stolen.

March 15. A woman reported her wallet stolen at 2501 W. Sample Rd.

March 15. A man reported that his car was damaged by a man who hit the car with his skateboard during a road rage incident. The incident was reported at 234 N. Ocean Dr.

March 16. A vehicle was stolen from 255 SW 3 Ave. and later recovered at 4200 NE 5 Ave.

March 16. A man reported his vehicle stolen from 901 NE 50 St.

March 17. An air conditioning unit was stolen from 5155 NW 2 Ave.

DEERFIELD District 4

March 9 Robbery was reported at Papa John’s Pizza, 3869 W. Hillsboro Blvd., at Deerfield Town Square. A Papa John’s Pizza employee advised BSO that he was the shift manager and was in his office finishing up for the night. He advised that an unknown male wearing a ski mask in all black clothing robbed him at gunpoint. The suspect fled in an unknown direction and method of travel.


Feb. 18: A victim’s business e-mail at 3550 N. Federal Hwy. was hacked. Someone attempted to wire transfer money to a bank. Two counterfeit checks in the amounts of $4,910 and $4,750 were processed at a bank in Broward County.

Feb. 19: A victim went to retrieve tools from a storage room at 4111 NE 21 Way and found that someone had broken the chicken wire enclosure and stole a saw and other tools. It was unknown what exactly was missing.

Feb. 24: While reviewing statements at the business located at 3650 N. Federal Hwy., a victim noticed 10 blank business check stubs were made out to a former employee in the amount of $820. The subject was interviewed and told police that he was formerly a cook at the business and admitted to the theft. Police said he also admitted to being a crack addict.

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LHP vehicle recognition system alerts

Posted on 26 March 2014 by JimLusk

LHP Cops find stolen car ; burglar asks for ride from BSO Deputy3-27-Burglery 023

Early afternoon yesterday, Mar 27,  a stolen vehicle cruised into

Lighthouse Point. The camera system set up to detect  stolen vehicles

did its  job and alerted the desk. A patrol unit was dispatched to that area

and within 6 or 7 minutes, the officer spotted the truck. A black male was

getting into the vehicle with a bounty of stolen goods he had just ripped off

from a house. When the LHP car tried to stop him, he fled. They broadcast an alert

over the BSO radio and Deerfield started placing cars to look for him.

It wasn’t long before the BSO burglary apprehension unit saw the dude and

tried to stop him. He jumped on I-95 and went southbound in the northbound lanes.

In that situation a chase will not happen. The guy panicked and pulled over to try his luck on foot.

When he ran across lanes to the other side, he was blocked by that giant sound wall, so he ran back to the other side.

Then he jumped a chain link fence and walked right up to a BSO under cover car that was staged there and asked the deputy for a ride. The deputy said, “sure I’ll give you a ride” and promptly arrested him.

The deputy gave him a ride to the BSO District 10 station. They recovered thousands in property from

the stolen car on I-95. LHP Chief  Ross Licata  told the Observer “our vehicle recognition system works.”


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Posted on 20 March 2014 by L.Moore


March 12 A man reported that someone tried to break into his car parked at 1906 NE 6 Ave. The driver’s side door lock was punched in.

March 12 A man reported that he was punched in the face and kicked repeatedly and that a suspect stole $400 from him. Incident took place at 5101 N. Dixie Hwy.

March 12 A woman reported her car driver’s side window was smashed. Incident took place at 401 E. Sample Rd.

March 13 The passenger window was smashed on a car parked at 4072 Eastridge Dr. and a purse was stolen.

March 13 The rear passenger window was smashed on a car parked at 4053 Eastridge Dr. $30 in quarters was stolen.


Feb. 15 The victim, who lives at 2201 NE 36 St. said he purchased a movie ticket and provided his driver’s license; however, he hasn’t seen it since.

Feb. 15 While making a traffic stop at 3700 N. Federal Hwy. for not wearing a seat belt, taillights not working and driving with a suspended license, the officer noticed a beer can on the floor and three baggies of marijuana and MDMA.

Feb. 16 Police responded to a truck being parked in the middle of the street at 2000 NE 48 St. A male subject was found sleeping in the passenger seat and the car was running. There was no one in the driver’s seat. Officers smelled cannabis coming from the vehicle and the subject’s breath. They also discovered six baggies in his front pocket, 90 empty baggies in the vehicle used for distribution of drugs and 52 grams of marijuana.

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Posted on 13 March 2014 by L.Moore


Feb. 24 A man reported his Chevrolet Impala stolen from 4141 Eastridge Circle.

Feb. 24 A man stole two speakers from Target at 3599 W. Hillsboro Blvd. The man left the store and entered a car that drove away.

Feb. 24 A man at La Quinta Inn at 100 SW 12 Ave. reported that someone stole his luggage from his room.

Feb. 25 A man reported his bicycle stolen from 708 SE 4 St. Feb. 26 A man reported his bicycle stolen from 430 SE 3 Court.

Feb. 26 It was reported that an individual stole soap and vehicle freshener from the Family Dollar store at 4811 N. Dixie Hwy.

DEERFIELD — District 4

March 7 Lost property was reported at Deer Run, 404 S. Powerline Rd.

March 7 Traffic Offense – DUI and Damage Property occurred at Quiet Waters, 4200 SW 10 St.

March 7 Theft – Retail /Shoplifting took place at Super Target, 3599 W. Hillsboro Blvd. An unknown female stole $657.95 in merchandise from Target.


Feb. 8 Someone took an iPhone5 from a man’s desk at 2800 N. Federal Hwy. The victim said two subjects were near the desk and asked to use a restroom. They fled the business. The phone was valued at $600.

Feb. 12 Victim said his driver’s license was either lost or stolen when he was at a bank located at 2850 N. Federal Hwy. He went back to the bank, but couldn’t find the driver’s license.

Feb. 12 Victim believes he lost his driver’s license at a store located at 3722 N. Federal Hwy. He called the store. However, they don’t have it.

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Tornado tries to touch down

Posted on 06 March 2014 by JimLusk

Thursday, March 6, at 2:45 p.m. heavy rain bands passing through Boca Raton, developed a small twister.  Trees were damaged and several awnings were ripped from their

PHOTO BY: Jim Wilson

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Celebs. at Gimme A Burger

Posted on 06 March 2014 by JimLusk

On March 4, actress Elisabetta Fantone, Gretchen Rossi (of “Real Housewives of Orange County) came to Gimme A Burger in Deerfield Beach to bust up a burger before Fantone’s bachelorette party in Miami. They were accompanied by Rossi’s hubby Slade Smile and Fantone’s hubby-to-be Patrick Cohen. Long Film Company filmed a quick video and the girls gave away an entry to their VIP party. More pics coming soon.


Gretchen Rossi and Elisabetta Fantone


Patrick Dawson films Andrew Kiaroscuro talking to GM Jonathan Wolf.


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