Hell’s Kitchen Cocktail Party

Posted on 22 September 2017 by LeslieM

By Rachel Galvin

Is it getting hot in here? It isn’t the SoFla sun. It’s the Hell’s Kitchen chefs, who were here in Boca Raton on the first weekend of September. On Sept. 1, five chefs who were on the FOX TV show Hell’s Kitchen came to The Loft in Boca Raton to be part of the first ever cocktail party of its kind hosted by Potions in Motion catering and promoted by LivingFLA.com.

The owner of the catering company Potions in Motion, Jason Savino, said the day after this event, the chefs would go on to create a five course, four hour dinner for over 500 guests at his restaurant, Prime 7 in Seven Bridges in Delray. The sold-out event would allow guests to vote on the courses and who made the best dish. Each chef, he said, would take on one course. [The winner, announced later, was Chef Sterling Wright].

But, before they could get cooking for that event, the chefs had to show their stuff at this cocktail soiree, handing out samples and spending quality time with the intimate crowd.

Season 14’s Chef Christine Hazel served up chicken and waffle sliders with chipotle aïoli and Maple slaw. She flew in from Philadelphia to attend. Since she was on the show, she has transformed from culinary student to private chef. She is influenced by the places she goes and enjoys contributing in any way she can.

I love giving back to the community,” she said, talking about how she just fed 120,000 people through United Way and will be helping the American Heart Association next.

Regarding the show, she laughed, saying, “We were an animated bunch. There were a lot of personalities and I have made a lot of friends.”

She added, “People look to you as an example [when you are on a show]. I realized ‘I want to do this career for the rest of my life [so I think before I act].’ Every day I want to get a little bit better.”

Barret Beyer, a Long Island, NY chef from Season 11, also enjoys helping others. He helped feed first responders during Hurricane Sandy.

Although he wasn’t sure what he was going to make this night until a few hours prior, he whipped together the perfect tasty bite involving brined salmon, cucumber and a lemon caper dill cream cheese.

About Hell’s Kitchen, he said, “The show gave me a platform to do what I do — make people happy and make sure they eat good food, and have a good time.”

When it comes to giving back, Nashville’s Sterling Wright (from Season 13) takes the cake. He beamed as he showed an online story on his phone about him donating his bone marrow to save someone’s life last year. He also enjoys being a role model for kids.

He said, “I wasn’t always this happy. I was a young man running around in a gang. I got shot. After being in the hospital and in jail, I said I am ready for you God … If I can do it, you can do it.”

Chef Bret Hauser, a Delray Beach chef from Season 14, described what it was like working with Chef Gordon Ramsey, saying, “Being able to stand next to him and watch him cook was an incredible opportunity of a lifetime … watching a true professional in his element. I was in awe.”

He added, “This event is a great time. I am looking forward to doing more. I think it is a great turnout.”

South Florida Chef Robyn Almodovar has been busy with her Palate Party food truck since her stint on the show back in Season 10. She also is co-owner of her own brick and mortar called Rumor’s Bar & Grill, located at 2426 Wilton Dr., she said as she handed out her crunchy melt-in-your-mouth mini ahi tuna tacos made with fresh smashed avocado, chile paste and sesame seeds with cilantro.

Robyn will be rejoining Hell’s Kitchen for Season 17 “All Stars.”

When asked what she will do differently this time around, she said, “Keep my mouth shut, head down and focus.”

She has an upcoming viewing party of her on Season 17 on Sept. 29 at Rumors Bar & Grill starting at 7 p.m.

Also at the event was Avi Zenatti and Ilana Brodt who brought their Karawan Tahini and Hummus. Ilana has been in the states for 30 years, but her husband Avi just moved here three years ago from Israel. He is a chef and wanted to cook with good tahini so had it shipped in.

The tahini here just didn’t taste right,” said Ilana, who now lives with her husband in Jupiter. “You look at it and see it separates. Ours doesn’t.”

They liked the product, which came from Israel’s West Bank, so much they started importing it into America and got global exclusivity to distribute it a little over a year ago.

Costco said ‘People like ready-made. Why not hummus?’ So we came up with four different types of hummus [a month ago]. Others have seven to 12 percent tahini. Ours has 25-30 percent. No cholesterol, no preservatives,” said Ilana of the tahini, which they call a “superfood.”

Potions in Motion/ Prime 7 Executive Chef “Sexz Chef,” as he is called, handed out samples and drinks as well, talking about the importance of presentation in addition to quality. See Potions in Motion upcoming events on their Facebook page.

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Posted on 21 September 2017 by LeslieM

Deerfield Beach

Sept. 1: A burglary was reported at St. Mary’s Episcopal Church at 417 S. Dixie Hwy.

Sept. 1: A man reported that two men came to his home at 291 NW 48 Ave. regarding a dispute over money. One man displayed a gun. The man under attack ran back into his house.

Sept. 1: Two men stole clothing from Marshall’s at 3852 W. Hillsboro Blvd.

Sept. 3: A man stole $20 from a tip jar at Pizzaria Brasil at 801 W. Sample Rd.

Sept. 4: A trespassing incident was reported at 200 NE 21 Ave. Subjects were observed jumping over a locked and closed pier gate during hours of non-operation.

Lighthouse Point

 Aug. 28: The victim from 2700 block of NE 52 Street. said his identity was stolen when he received notice that several accounts had been opened in his name. Someone withdrew $15,729.38 from his bank.

 Aug. 28: Police stopped a subject walking on a road at 2100 NE 49 St. and was asked for identification. A search revealed two active warrants. The subject was searched and prescription narcotics and marijuana were found on his person. He could not provide a prescription for them.

 Aug. 28: A subject was in the checkout line and had concealed items in her purse. Since she had not exited the store at 3700 N. Federal Hwy., the items were returned and no crime was committed. The store wanted her trespassed so while they were doing that, the subject’s friend approached. Police asked if they could search her purse and she admitted to taking deli items valued at $4.67 from the store.

(This is a partial list. For Deerfield Beach Crime Watch in full, visit www.DFB.City and click on “Sign Me Up” to receive the city wide report.)

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Posted on 14 September 2017 by LeslieM

Deerfield Beach

Aug. 28: A man reported that $10,000 worth of jewelry was stolen from his apartment at 4389 SW 10 Pl.

Aug. 29: A burglary of a business was reported at 900 SE 8 Ave. A man reported that a person he knows stole items from his cargo container in the parking lot of the business.

Aug. 29: A burglary of a business was reported at 4100 N. Powerline Rd. Someone broke into a business and stole items.

Aug. 30: A man handed his cellphone to a man who said he wanted to use it. The man then took the phone and ran off. The phone was valued at $500 and the incident was reported at 299 W. Hillsboro Blvd.

Sept.1: A Toyota Corolla was stolen from Broward Health North at 201 E. Sample Rd.

Lighthouse Point

Aug. 18: A male subject was trespassed from a store at 3700 N. Federal Hwy. after he admitted to taking items and concealing them in a bag. The items were recovered.

Aug. 24: A 2016 Mazda 3 was not returned per a rental agreement to 3400 N. Federal Hwy. Numerous attempts to reach the subject were unsuccessful. Subsequently, police reached the subject who said the vehicle was involved in an accident and was towed. The rental car agency has since confirmed the vehicle was in their possession.

Aug. 23: Police responded to a report of a suspicious person at a store at 3700 N. Federal Hwy. The store manager said the man was walking around with a bag in his hand full of items and had other items in his hand. He did not walk past any points of sale; however, the subject was trespassed from the store.

(This is a partial list. For Deerfield Beach Crime Watch in full, visit www.DFB.City and click on “Sign Me Up” to receive the city wide report.)

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Posted on 07 September 2017 by LeslieM

Deerfield Beach

Aug. 22: An individual stole various food items from a Marathon Gas Station at 299 W. Hillsboro Blvd.

Aug. 22: Someone entered a car parked at 315 Lock Rd. and stole a driver’s license, a credit card and a gun valued at $635.

Aug. 22: A man reported a car he had rented from Ambassador Rent-A-Car stolen from 900 10 St.

Aug. 22: A man reported that two men robbed him of his wallet and stabbed him at 100 SW 1 Terr.

Aug. 24: A woman reported her car parked at 1173 W. Hillsboro Blvd. broken into and a purse stolen.

Lighthouse Point 

Aug. 18: Police responded to a call of a shoplifting and the subjects left the store at 3700 N. Federal Hwy. in a Chevy Blazer. The vehicle was located and the two subjects were found to have the merchandise from the deli, valued at $22.60, from the store. It was determined that the male was responsible for the theft and the female was uninvolved.

Aug. 18: The victim said someone removed 10-15 coconuts from his yard at 4000 NE 24 Ave. and he had it captured on his security camera. Police were able to track down the vehicle to a Boca Raton man who admitted to taking the coconuts.

(This is a partial list. For Deerfield Beach Crime Watch in full, visit www.DFB.City and click on “Sign Me Up” to receive the city wide report.)

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Posted on 30 August 2017 by LeslieM

Deerfield Beach

Aug. 15: A woman reported her vehicle hood ornament stolen at 950 S. Ocean Dr.

Aug. 15: A man said his car was entered and $100 in cash, three credit cards and a baseball hat were stolen at 561 N. Ocean Dr.

Aug. 15: Someone broke into a woman’s car and stole her purse at 2229 W. Hillsboro Blvd.

Aug. 15: A woman reported her bicycle stolen from 224 Ventnor M.

Aug. 18: A woman reported her purse containing $1,300 stolen from her car at 1000 E. Hillsboro Blvd.

Lighthouse Point

Aug. 15: Police responded to a transformer and a pole on fire approximately 75 ft. from a residence at 2357 NE 28 Ct. There was a loud explosion and the fire was eventually put out.

Aug. 15: Police responded to an alarm at two different residences (2430 NE 31 Ct. and 2651 NE 53 Ct.) but both it seems were false alarms canceled by the residents and the homes were secure.

 (This is a partial list. For Deerfield Beach Crime Watch in full, visit www.DFB.City and click on “Sign Me Up” to receive the city wide report.)

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Posted on 24 August 2017 by LeslieM

Deerfield Beach

Aug. 8: During a verbal argument behind a BurgerFi, six men attacked two of the restaurant’s employees. One suspect produced a pistol and pointed it at the two men. The incident was reported at 2009 NE 2 St.

Aug. 8: A man reported his motorcycle stolen from 869 NW 47 St.

Aug. 8: A woman reported that someone entered her car parked at 2133 Discovery Cir. and stole a cell phone, iPod, earphone, computer programs and work-related papers.

Aug. 8: A man said his home at 650 SW 14 Pl. was entered and a gold ring, earrings and iPad were stolen.

Aug. 8: A woman said her bedroom at 2432 SW 15 St. was entered and $2,000 worth of jewelry stolen.

Lighthouse Point

Aug. 6: The victim said a subject purchased $3,000 in furniture at a store at 5056 N. Federal Hwy. and agreed to pay for it, but never did.

Aug. 7: The victim said an ex-employee stole $4,000 from a business at 5040 N. Federal Hwy. in the past year.

Aug. 7: Someone attempted to use the victim’s personal info. to make charges to a bank account at 3550 N. Federal Hwy. The subject provided the victim’s name, date of birth and social security number. The victim was unaware of how the info. was obtained.

(This is a partial list. For Deerfield Beach Crime Watch in full, visit www.DFB.City and click on “Sign Me Up” to receive the city wide report.)

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Local artist to show off swimwear at Palm Beach Swim Week

Posted on 17 August 2017 by JLusk

By Rachel Galvin

Aug. 25-27 will be the Palm Beach Swim Week, held at the Lakefront Pavilion, 101 S. Flagler Dr. in West Palm Beach. Designers will be showing off their fashions from all over the world. But the media already had a chance to get a sneak peek on Aug. 10 at a special event in West Palm. This gave them an opportunity to chitchat with some of the designers one on one before the week begins.

The MagChop team– Kenny & Noemi Ruiz

One of the designers is Pompano resident Kenny Ruiz, who is known for his colorful urban-spirited collages. Now, he is putting his prints on swimwear also, in addition to his hats and mugs. He began creating swimwear in January.

MagChop style & Mun Rays eyewear.

“It is quite a process. I first have to get the material for the suits, then, I take it to a place that sublimates the

MagChop on the runway at media preview, Aug. 10, for Palm Beach Swim Week. Miami Mun Rays hand-painted sunglasses are tucked into bikini bottoms for added bling.

images on the fabric. Once completed, I bring it to my seamstress who creates a suit based on my swimwear design drawings. I actually sit with her showing her where I want the cuts and what should appear on the suit,” explained Ruiz.

He has 36 pieces in total, including bikinis, monokinis, one-piece and tankinis.

He has also partnered with Munir Ingram, who has a handpainted sunglasses line. His company is called Miami Mun Rays, Inc.

“I met Munir at the Dade County Youth Fair. MagChop had our booth there with Lowrider Magazine. He came to the booth to see the art and I was advertising that we had a swim line debuting in Palm Beach Swim Week. Mr. Munir right away told me about his artwear shades,” he said. “I signed him onto MagChop Swim as the official Sunglasses for our runway show. He took it up a notch and designed a full set of his artwear based on the MagChop art designs on the swimwear. They look amazing.”

When asked how he felt about being in this show, he said, “Amazing, surreal, exhilarating and humbled are a few words I would use. Its really an honor to be in such a prestigious event.”

He added, “We are hoping that Palm Beach Swim Week leads to a department store or boutique chain. After Swim Week, we will be announcing all the places to get your MagChop Swim designs.”

In addition to suits, he has mugs, hats and will be adding multi-functional headwear known as Buffs, a line of compression sleeves for athletes. They also have exciting ideas for their next line,which will include a men’s line and workout gear. In addition, they are exploring leggings.

MagChop suits will be on models on the catwalk on Friday, Aug. 25 at 8 p.m. He is only one of many designers who will be represented. For more information on the show, visit

Munir Ingram, of Miami Mun Rays, Inc., partnered with Kenny Ruiz, of MagChop, to show off their sunglasses & swimwear at Palm Beach Swim Week.



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Posted on 17 August 2017 by LeslieM

Deerfield Beach

Aug. 1: It was reported that a handgun was stolen from a car parked at 1460 SW 11 Way.

Aug. 1: A man reported his 2016 Honda Accord was stolen from 1501 NW 45 St.

Aug. 1: A motor scooter was stolen from a home at 211 NW 38 Ct. The motor scooter was later recovered with parts missing.

Aug. 1: A man stole a purse from a vehicle parked at 1790 W. Hillsboro Blvd. and fled in another vehicle.

Aug. 1: A man reported his bicycle stolen from his carport at 1305 SE 3 Ave.

Aug. 3:  A home at 1977 SW 15 St. was burglarized and many items were stolen.

Lighthouse Point

July 31: The victim, who lives at 5120 NE 31 Ave., said he lost his US passport in Canada while he was visiting.

 Aug. 1: Police and the victim responded to a fire alarm sounding at 4401 NE 31 Ave. and discovered it was set off by dust from work being done by a construction company.

 Aug. 1: A female subject stole sugar packages at a store at 3700 N. Federal Hwy. and stuffed them in groceries she already purchased. The items were valued at $7.17 and were recovered outside the store when the subject was apprehended.

(This is a partial list. For Deerfield Beach Crime Watch in full, visit www.DFB.City and click on “Sign Me Up” to receive the city wide report.)

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Posted on 10 August 2017 by LeslieM

Deerfield Beach

July 25: Someone stole four tires and rims from a 2016 Honda Accord parked at 471 Lock Rd.

July 25: Someone entered a 2016 Honda Accord and stole $310 in cash and caused $1,000 in damage. The incident was reported at 127 Lock Rd.

July 25: Someone entered a car parked at 105 Deer Creek Rd. and stole a wallet, $400, a Florida driver’s license, credit cards, sunglasses and diamond earrings.

July 25: A woman reported that someone entered her yard at 195 SE 4 Ave. and stole a bicycle valued at $500.

July 27: A man was observed stealing $1,089 worth of merchandise from Target at 1200 S. Federal Hwy.

Lighthouse Point

July 10: Police were responding to an alarm call to an open front door at 3801 NE 25 Ave. A proper code was entered and the call was cancelled.

July 12: The victim went to the police department at 2200 NE 36 St. and reported that her and her husband’s bank account may have been compromised. The victim said their credit card was used in Miami at a car assessor in the amount of $3,000. The victim believes the card may have been skimmed because they found additional charges the same day at restaurants and stores. They are not sure when the card may have been skimmed. 

July 14: A store employee at a store at 2474 N. Federal Hwy. said she discovered an empty bag that had three hair extensions in it. She believes a male and female subject may have taken them. She said earlier in the day a male subject was inquiring about hair extensions, while a female subject was in the area of the extensions at the same time.

(This is a partial list. For Deerfield Beach Crime Watch in full, visit www.DFB.City and click on “Sign Me Up” to receive the city wide report.)

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