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Deerfield Beach

Oct. 3: Someone entered a car parked at 840 NW 47 St. and stole a gun.

Oct. 4: Someone entered a vehicle parked at 4550 NE 1 Ave. and stole a wallet with a driver’s license, green card and a social security card.

Oct. 4: A woman reported her cell phone stolen at 3300 SW 15 St.

Oct. 7: Someone stole $105.16 worth of beer from a 7/11 at 900 SW 10 St.

Oct. 8: Someone used a forklift to open a rear door at Tecta American South Florida, Inc. and stole computer monitors, checks, air compressor and a welder.

Lighthouse Point

Sept. 22: A subject ordered food at a drive-thru at 4830 N. Federal Hwy. and paid with a counterfeit $20 bill. He was given back $15 in change. The subject left and Secret Service and police were notified.

Sept. 22: The victim said two 10 ft. paddleboards were stolen from a dock at the rear of a residence at 3264 NE 31 Ave. Because of their proximity to the Intracoastal Waterway, it is believed they were taken on a boat. The loss was $6,000.

Sept. 24: The victim said a ladies 18k Rolex was either lost or stolen at a residence at 5111 NE 30 Ave. The loss was $4,933.

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Tabz 4 Charity: LHP’s Lexi Masciarella gives back

Posted on 14 October 2016 by LeslieM

tabz101316By Rachel Galvin

Lexi Masciarella first started collecting pop tabs in 2nd grade when students at her school were collecting them to donate proceeds to the Ronald McDonald House. In 5th grade, this North Broward Preparatory student became the head of collection of pop tabs from her class and proceeded to ask her neighbors, grandmother’s bowling team, anyone who could collect them to help her in her quest to get the most pop tabs. She ended up filling a 50 gallon drum with what she had collected.

I wheeled the drum into the auditorium and spoke at the assembly. I was interviewed by Channel 7. It was great.”

When she asked her mom how much money that was raised from them, she was told $80. “That’s not enough,” she thought, only $80 for all of her efforts. She knew she had to find a way to make more money for the cause.

I became enthralled with collecting them and how you could help someone so easily,” she said.

A couple of months later, she came up with the idea of the bracelets, which she sold at a 6th grade charity fair. She made $100 and was sold out within the hour. Seeing that making $100 an hour was much better than her earlier endeavor, she figured out she was onto something.

The bracelets at first were unable to be adjusted and were sharp and could cut people so she proceeded to make some modifications. She began getting demands for certain colors and types, and added charms and beads, completely transforming them into something new.

Now, five years later, this now 16-year-old has raised $10,000 so far. She has worked with organizations like Deerfield Beach’s Zonta International, which gave her a Rising Star Award, as well as Brandeis University and the JCC in Boca Raton.

She recently was at Zonta’s Festi-Fall at St. Ambrose Catholic Church. Next, she will be at Westminster Academy in Ft. Lauderdale on Nov. 4-5 for their Christmas Boutique.

During Hurricane Matthew, I was making pop tab bracelets,” said Masciarella, who started a non-profit organization for her cause called Tabz 4 Charity.

It takes me about 30 minutes to make, including cleaning the tabs, filing them down, putting them together with charms. It is like second nature now,” she said.

She not only gives to Ronald McDonald House, which provides a “home away from home” for families of sick children so they can stay together during the illness, but also other charities who approach her. She may give 60 percent to Ronald McDonald House and 40 percent to the other charity, like to help Susan G. Komen, for example.

The Ronald McDonald House is important to me,” she said. “In 5th grade, I went to the house [to see how the money was used] and I met a little boy named Rahiem. He was 5 years old and had Leukemia but you would never have guessed. He had the biggest smile and the most energy. He was the sweetest boy. I was probably 10. He was always there with his mom and brother. We became super close. He changed my life.”

She learned a lot more about strength from witnessing it firsthand as she watched his mom and brother. Unfortunately, after being in remission and moving back home, he ended up passing away recently, but she will carry on his story forever and remains close with his family.

Talk about having a different point of view on the world. Through knowing him and his family, I got to know strength and compassion,” she said.

Masciarella is president of the Ronald McDonald House at her school and continues to sell bracelets for the charity. She currently has 150 made and ready to sell. Her mom says they are all over the house, but she doesn’t seem to mind.

I think it’s great. I am inspired by her. When she came and showed me the bracelet at first, I thought this is great. The more she kept doing and creating, she was thinking outside the box. I thought, ‘How smart.’ She has come so far. If we all did our little thing [to give back], how great things would be in the world. Lexi was inspired to do for someone else. It has become bigger than she even anticipated.”

For more information, visit

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Cancer Grads Share their stories

Posted on 14 October 2016 by LeslieM

grads101316By Rachel Galvin

Cancer comrades Aniela McGuinness and Nora McMahon didn’t resonate with the idea of being a “survivor” of Cancer. In an effort to find a term that better fit how they felt, they chose Cancer Grad and their website was born. Aniela, who made it through Breast Cancer, and Nora, who went through Ovarian Cancer share their stories and give important information on their site.


Before this, Aniela recorded the entire process of her Cancer from the very beginning on her YouTube site – MyBreastChoice. Her mother had Breast Cancer at age 46, and at 63 she died from Ovarian Cancer. She had the BRCA1 gene mutation so Aniela decided to get tested too and, at 25, found out that she also had it. With that knowledge, she got checked every six months with a Mammogram and then a breast MRI with the plan of getting her breasts and ovaries removed by 35 (much like Angelina Jolie).

Being a model and actress, and always wanting to educate people, she decided to document her journey as she planned to have her operations performed. While filming one of her episodes of My Breast Choice, she discovered “live” on camera that she actually had Breast Cancer (Stage 1). That was two years ago on Sept. 30. She was 31 years old. The raw video is heartbreaking to watch.

The story of her diagnosis, the procedures that followed and her rollercoaster of emotions was written down and transformed (with the help of co-director/ director Tony Rivera) into a one woman show called I Don’t Have Cancer, which she performed in several locations, including Boca Raton.

She shared every step of the process through her videos, including waking up after surgery, discovering fashions that are more comfortable after surgery and how to make her own drain bag holder. She talks straight about the process, the ups and downs, what worked and didn’t work for her, and how she conquered Cancer with laughter and love.

Aniela had a skin-sparing double mastectomy and 12 sessions of chemotherapy (four sessions of Adriamycin/Cytoxan and nine session of Taxol). She didn’t have to do radiation because she chose to give up her nipples. Afterward, she decided to get a complete hysterectomy as well, just in case.

My doctors and I chose a very extreme course of action. Most people would do much less, but with my age and family history I didn’t want to risk it,” she said.

You might recognize Aniela. She is in the Autonation, Think Pink, commercial, which is currently running on TV.

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month. Now is the time to go get a mammogram!


Prior to her cancer diagnosis, Nora was very active. She was a three-time marathon finisher and raised money for organizations like the American Cancer Society, Alex’s Lemonade Stand and Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia’s oncology department. She was a semi-professional dancer, held a green cord in capoeira, and participated in sports like track and field, volleyball, swimming, softball and basketball, and others.

Then, at 39, she started noticing symptoms. She was tired all the time. She blamed it on her new job. Her lower abdomen felt bloated with pressure and she was constantly running to the bathroom. Eventually, she got it checked out and the doctor noticed something was wrong. She had two ultrasounds – a regular and a vaginal ultrasound and found she had two large masses. One was the size of a grapefruit. The other was the size of a volleyball. When she had major surgery to have them removed, they discovered she had Stage 1C3 Ovarian Cancer. Luckily, it was still confined to the ovaries. She underwent four months of chemotherapy.

Pap Smears do not detect Ovarian Cancer,” she said, encouraging people to get a CA-125 blood test, which is part of the process toward diagnosis.

She lists some of the risk factors for getting Ovarian Cancer as women who have never had children, never have used oral contraception, have had children after the age of 30, have the BRCA1 gene, or have had certain other types of cancer and medical issues. Nora thinks her risk factor may have been from her having Endometriosis. Her mother also dealt with Cancer in her eye. She knows there is always a chance the Cancer could come back.

She suggests visiting for additional information, as well as looking at www.Gilda’ Gilda Radner, an actress and comedienne known from Saturday Night Live, lost her battle with Ovarian Cancer in 1989. September was Ovarian Cancer Awareness Month.

Check out Cancer Grad to see more about these two inspiring and strong women and find out more information about their journies. Visit or email them with any questions at

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Deerfield Beach

Sept. 29: A woman reported that a man and woman made unauthorized transactions on her credit cards. The incident was reported at 700 SE 6 Ave.

Sept. 30: A woman reported her iPad stolen from 1021 S. Military Tr.

Oct. 2: A woman reported being punched in the head by a man. She was taken to the North Broward Medical Center for treatment. The incident was reported at 200 N. Ocean Dr.

Oct. 3: A man reported that someone stole four hubcaps from his car and stole $5 in loose change from the car. The incident was reported at 852 S. Military Tr.

Lighthouse Point

Sept. 12: The store manager said a female subject entered the store at 3700 N. Federal Hwy. and took $97.03 worth of miscellaneous merchandise and attempted to flee the store without paying for it. When she was approached by other employees, she dropped the merchandise and fled in an awaiting vehicle.

Sept. 13: The store manager said two male subjects entered the store at 3580 N. Federal Hwy., selected five electric hair trimmers valued at $171.45, and left without paying for them.

Sept. 14: The store manager was approached by a male customer who said he saw a male subject place steaks into his pants and leave the store at 3700 N. Federal Hwy. without paying for them. The subject fled on a bicycle. The loss was estimated at $100.

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Posted on 05 October 2016 by LeslieM

Deerfield Beach

Sept. 20: A woman reported that her car parked at 3748 W. Hillsboro Blvd. was broken into and a purse was stolen.

Sept. 20: A woman reported that two men robbed her at gunpoint at her home at 3500 SW Natura Blvd. after she had gone grocery shopping. She reported her bag of groceries, a debit card, driver’s license and a purse were stolen.

Sept. 20: A man reported that a friend he had recently met stole his car at 409 NW 1 Terr.

Sept. 21: A woman reported her car stolen at 306 NW 49 Pl.

Sept. 21: A woman reported her car parked at 1050 SW 24 St. was broken into and a bag with $40 and other personal items was stolen.

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Hurricane Matthew Update from Deerfield Beach

Posted on 05 October 2016 by JLusk


All areas of Broward County are under a Hurricane Warning due to Hurricane Matthew. Tropical Storm force winds are expected in Broward County Thursday morning with strongest winds by Thursday afternoon into Friday mid-day. There is also a possibility of tornado activity.

There is a voluntary evacuation for residents in low-lying areas and mobile homes.  Nine County shelters will open at 9PM, tonight, Wednesday, October 5th.

Residents are strongly encouraged to take protective actions and begin to implement their family emergency plan in preparation for the arrival of Matthew. At this time, residents should:

  • Put up shutters. Bring in patio furniture and loose objects from around your home.
  • Make plans to evacuate if you choose to do so.
  • Do not trim trees and vegetation at this time. Secure large items and loose tree trimmings around your home or business

The Broward County Emergency Operations Center will go to a Level I (fully activated operation) at 7AM, Thursday. The Broward County Call Center, 311, is now open 24/7 as an Emergency Hotline to answer resident’s questions.

The latest closings and cancellations can be found on Travelers are advised to call their airlines and cruise lines for cancellations.

Residents Should Stay Informed by tuning in to television and radio for up-to-the-minute information and public safety advisories. Information about what you can do to prepare for Matthew can be found by visiting You can also follow:  @DFB_CITY on Twitter, City of Deerfield Beach on Facebook, Broward County on Twitter @ReadyBroward, subscribe to Broward County Emergency Updates via email and “Like” us on


 The City of Deerfield Beach Environmental Services Department will be giving out sand bags today from 8:00AM to 5:00PM, Thursday-8:00AM to 4:00PM or until supplies last at the following location:

Environmental Services
200 Goolsby Blvd.
Deerfield Beach, FL 33442

 For more information call 954-480-4400/4401


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Nine shelters open in Broward County

Posted on 05 October 2016 by JLusk


Broward County is opening nine shelters at 9PM today. These include two Special Needs, one for adults and one for children and a Pet Friendly Shelter.

Special Needs shelters are for residents with a managed medical condition or disability who feel they may need a level of care during Hurricane Matthew that may be compromised with power outages if they remain at home.

Residents who have pre-registered for a special needs shelter and/or transportation to the shelter will be contacted directly with specific information as to shelter locations and transportation pick up times. Those residents who are not currently registered for a Special Needs Shelter, and feel that they need assistance, can call the Broward County Emergency Hotline at 311 in Broward or 954-831-4000.

Those evacuating to a special needs shelter are reminded to:


  • Place identification labels on any medical support equipment such as wheelchairs, walkers, nebulizers and full oxygen tank, if needed
  • Bring all prescription and non-prescription medications
  • Have a Personal Support Network contact list which includes phone numbers of family members and friends
  • Personal Information Card with health information including insurance policy numbers, hospital preference, current medications and medical condition

Residents who plan to utilize the pet-friendly shelter should be aware of the following criteria:

  • Pets must be up-to-date on rabies vaccination and licensing (bring license and proof of vaccination)
  • Pets must be crated
  • Pet owners must stay at the emergency shelter and provide care for their animals by appointment only (i.e., walking, feeding, cleaning up)
  • Pet owners will not be allowed to sleep or stay in the room where their animals are housed
  • Space is limited and is on a first come, first serve basis

The pet-friendly shelter is located at Millennium Middle School, 5803 NW 94th Avenue, Tamarac.

Stay Informed by tuning in to television and radio for up-to-the-minute information and public safety advisories. Information about what you can do to prepare for Matthew can be found by visiting:

For more information on Hurricane Matthew, visit or call the Broward County Hurricane Hotline at 954-831-4000. You can also follow Broward County on Twitter @ReadyBroward, subscribe to Broward County Emergency Updates via email and “Like” us on

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Authors and Autographs

Posted on 01 October 2016 by LeslieM

authorsBy Rachel Galvin

Although the Butler House’s book event on Sept. 25 was cut short by the morning downpour, authors had the chance to mingle with each other, and trade books and stories. The Woman’s Club and Deerfield Historical Society volunteers sold hot dogs and hamburgers, and tours of the Butler House were given.

Delores M. Walters had the chance to chat with some of those who had gathered about her book Gendered Resistance: Women, Slavery and the Legacy of Margaret Garner, which follows the life of Margaret Garner, a pre-Civil War slave who killed her 2-year-old daughter rather than having her subjected to slavery. Her story was turned into an opera and also a novel called Beloved by Toni Morrison, and later a film by the same name starring Oprah Winfrey.

M.C.V. Egan spent 20 years researching for her book Bridge of Deaths ( about a 1939 plane crash before Hitler invaded Poland. She has a personal connection to the story. Her grandfather was on that plane. Besides historical details, she obtained insight through a seemingly accurate psychic and the story is told from 2010 looking back at details through past-life regression. This was just one book she had available.

I wrote the book in 2011,” said Egan. “I have been writing since I was a kid. I am originally from Mexico City, Mexico and wrote to my friends from Mexico about the United States. I honed my letter writing skills [which later led to writing the book]. I also studied in France and wrote letters from there.”

Carol White showed off certificates of various awards she has received, as well as her three books of contemporary fiction.

Like the other mentioned authors, she also traveled from Delray Beach She sat with Alexandra Goodwin, who penned Exchange at the Boarder and another title. Both women are members of the National League of American Pen Women.

Deerfield Beach resident Andrew Jennings Dickerson was here for his third year. Besides his book Magnificent Questions, he is still looking for a producer for his Broadway musical

Lisa Eva Gold came all the way from Palm Beach Gardens with a diverse array of books, including one on a teenager aging out of foster care, which focuses on mentorship and the importance of healthy relationships, books about chronic fatigue and mental breakdown, and books about learning to play the piano.

She said of the event, “This is a wonderful approach to welcoming in the fall season in historical Deerfield Beach, and it brings together a collective diverse group of local Florida authors. ”

These are just a few of the authors at this event. There was also a used book sale and many people came inside the Kester Cottage to escape the rain and look at the historical items, or went into the Butler House for a tour.

Since it rained, the Historical Society is offering a chance for authors to get exposure by scheduling a time to be at the house during one of their Saturday Butler House tours, with two to three authors in each time slot. Look for those to be advertised before each event.

For more on the Butler House and its events, visit

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Posted on 29 September 2016 by LeslieM

Deerfield Beach

Sept. 13: Two people entered a Mobil gas station at 901 W. Sample Rd. and stole two 12 packs of beer.

Sept. 14: A woman reported her Honda Civic stolen from an apartment building at 761 Siesta Key.

Sept. 14: A woman reported her home at 927 SW 15 St. broken into and two computers and jewelry stolen.

Sept. 14: It was reported that 140 bottles of nail polish valued at $875 were stolen from Saloncentric at 1101 S. Powerline Rd.

Lighthouse Point

Aug. 25: A 2015 Hyundai Accent rental car was not returned to the business at 3400 N. Federal Hwy. on its due date. The loss was $15,000.

Aug. 25: A 2016 VW Jetta rental car was not returned to the business at 3400 N. Federal Hwy. on its due date. The loss was $15,000.

Aug. 23: Several vehicles were found on cinder blocks at a dealer at 5230 N. Federal Hwy. with wheels and rims missing. The total loss was $15,200.

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The Demise of the Packer Rattlers

Posted on 22 September 2016 by LeslieM

In last week’s paper, the “city” gave their side of the story on the issue of the McDougle Foundation being given the contract for football in the city over the longtime Packer Rattlers, saying that is “the end of the story.” However, at Tuesday’s commission meeting, it was referenced again (see Pg. 1 of The Observer, Sept. 22 issue) when the commission decided to vote to censure the mayor based on some things she said at the previous meeting when she had brought up the issue again on the agenda. Well, the mayor does have a response to this issue. She handed out 100 flyers at Tuesday’s commission meeting, she said, outlining the history of the issue as she sees it, as well as a response to the controversy surrounding it. Here is the flyer in its entirety. (This is Mayor Robb’s opinion on the issue).

The Demise of the Packer Rattlers

By Mayor Jean Robb

On March 24, Kara Petty, director of Parks and Recreation, presented a proposal from the McDougle Foundation to partner with the city to implement the Firstability youth sports program. This was similar to a proposal made to then Commissioner Ben Preston and rejected by him since the proposal outlined taking over the existing Packer Rattler program. When I asked the manager how the city got involved with McDougle Foundation, he said it was upon the proposal made by Commissioner Preston. Preston vigorously denies that allegation and points to the fact that it was never raised while he was a commissioner. Commissioner Preston told me that when the McDougles approached him, he was aware that they intended to absorb the Packer Rattles, and he knew that was not acceptable for the people in District 2 that he represented. So he told them he could not go along with what they proposed. Consequently, it never was brought before the commission while Preston as in office.

It was pointed out to the commission that the it would be saving $43,500 since it would no longer be providing funding for The Raiders or the Packer Rattlers. That should have raised a red flag as to the elimination of financial support in the future for the Packer Rattlers. Instead both the city manager and Commissioner Battle lied to the audience and to the commission claiming that such an arrangement would in no way affect the Packer Rattlers.

Then four of the commissioners voted to give the McDougle Foundation all of the fields in the city thereby leaving the Packer Rattlers with no place to practice or play.

Resolution 2016-061 presented to the commission and passed with the mayor dissenting claimed that the funding of $45,000 for the initial year of the contract would be utilized to jump start quality football and cheering programs and offset first year costs of equipment and uniforms. Was there ever a resolution passed by the commission claiming that all of the necessary expenses would be paid by the city? I think not.

Why then did the city expend $45,463.58 or public relations and equipment purchased for the Bison without the approval of the commission, who had been sold a bill of goods? Total cost with the $45,000 grant amounts to $90,463.58. Where is the savings for the city? I never got the total cost figures from the Parks and Recreation Department. They kept telling me there were no new expenses when I was asking for a total the city had spent on public relations and equipment from when the day the contract was signed.

I also asked who was collecting the registration fees that were being paid to join the Bison teams? No answer from them. Since the manager had told me that the money was coming out of the Aquatic’s budget, I had to get the Finance Director to run me a complete history of the monies paid out of that account. That was how I was able to ascertain at the very least the 45,463.58 in expenditures. But it would take a collection of all of the invoices paid by the city for all of the city expenditures for the Bison Team to determine the exact amount … And I still have not learned who collected the fees for the registration of the football players and the cheerleaders for the Bison Squad. How much did it amount to and where is it?

To add insult to injury, the staff made sure that anyone who the DPR [the Packer Rattlers] approached for a possible site were intimidated into saying no. The DPR finally ended up signing a contract with Zion Lutheran because they had become a charter school and they were not planning to field their own football team. After the first home Game, when it was obvious that the parking for the number of fans attending was inadequate, that’s when the mayor placed item 21 on Sept. 6 on the agenda begging for just one field for the Packer Rattlers to play their home games on. It was obvious that the commission was told not to respond or second the motion, which would have allowed the parents to speak. Those parents and children who had sat through the first two hours of the meeting were not to be heard, and the four commissioners did not care. The city retaliated by demanding a special events permit with the staff member telling them that without it, they would not be able to play football in Deerfield Beach.

This is the frustration I was faced with when I said the following: “______why don’t you ever support your constituents?” The blank is my taking the Lord’s name in vain. I apologize, but the forgiveness comes not from this commission but from a higher power. I think it is necessary to let the people know what the Packer Rattlers have had to endure but they were still able to enroll 276 football players and 100 cheerleaders. Does that sound like they are going away?

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