Posted on 26 May 2016 by LeslieM

Deerfield Beach

May 9: An apartment at 1105 SW 15 St. was broken into and $50,000 worth of antique jewelry was stolen.

May 10: A woman reported that her landlord turned off the electricity to her residence at 284 SE 6 Ave., and that the residence was burglarized.

May 11: A man reported his vehicle stolen from 700 Lock Rd.

May 11: A woman reported her purse stolen from a picnic table at 4111 NW 6 St.

May 11: A man was observed stealing Bluetooth speakers and a headset from Office Depot at 270 N. Federal Hwy.

May 13: Victim at 107 Centennial Ct. informed BSO of ongoing issues of vandalism and harassment by his neighbor.

May 14: An unknown female stole $30,000 from a residence at 1385 SW 29 Ave. after spending the night with the victim.

May 17: An unknown person pried open the front door dead bolt at 610 Freedom Ct., entered the residence and stole $2,100 in Brazilian currency, and an Apple iPod.

Remember, if you see anything suspicious, call 911 immediately.

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Posted on 19 May 2016 by LeslieM

Deerfield Beach

May 2: A vehicle was reported stolen from 460 Deer Creek Jefferson Dr.

May 3: A man reported that someone entered his vehicle and stole his gun and $20.

May 3: A woman reported her car broken into and a debit card stolen at 1000 E. Hillsboro Blvd.

May 4: A man reported a truck and trailer stolen from 1501 NW 49 Ct.

May 10: Vandalization of a vehicle was reported at 450 Deer Creek Jefferson Dr.

May 11: Suspect with two outstanding warrants fled traffic stop, then barricaded himself inside a home at 4070 NW 3 Terr. Two infants were left behind in the car, unharmed. The BSO SWAT team arrived on scene and the man surrendered. The children were checked at Broward Health North and returned to their mother.

May 12: A homeless man attempted to cash a business check in North Lauderdale. When the business owner at 3500 SW 14 St. looked at his checkbook he discovered three checks were missing.

Lighthouse Point

April 11: An 11-foot, inflatable Mercury Marine center console vessel was stolen along from a dock with an engine at 4210 NE 31 Ave. The boat was recovered a few hours later in Pompano. The boat is valued at $4,000.

April 14: The victim said his TD Bank account was accessed three times with electronic transfers totaling $4,060. The victim said he doesn’t have access to a computer and no online banking. The bank told the victim someone used his identity to open an account.

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Historic caboose gets new home

Posted on 12 May 2016 by LeslieM

caboose051216By Rachel Galvin

On the corner of Hillsboro Boulevard and Dixie Highway, a lonely red caboose sits where it has lived since 2002. Seemingly abandoned, left behind from days gone by, this lonely caboose seems to have quite a story. Passersby have wondered what mysteries lie in its past and how long it would sit on this stretch of track. Graffiti has many times marred its sides and it was painted again and again. It seems to beg for a better home. Now, its wish has been granted.

This historic caboose originally began its life as a box car, according to Bill Muenzenmaier. Its wheels are dated 1951. But it wasn’t until the 1960s when it became a caboose.

Back in the olden days, cabooses were used for many purposes, including as a place for a man to act as a lookout for the engineer in front, signaling in case of any sign of trouble or if it needed to back up, for example.

Guys could sit up high in the cupola and look for signs of smoke. Trains had friction bearings then and each time the train would go into service yard, the [workers] were supposed to check the wheels and squirt oil to keep it lubricated. If they should miss some, as they are going down the road, it can run hot and turn to smoke and then to fire. [Back then], boxcars were made out of all wood. Today, [they are not] and they use regular ball-bearing wheels. The only thing that can happen now is that you could break a coupler and the air hoses could get disconnected [so cabooses are no longer required].”

When this little caboose was no longer in service, it was purchased by a private collector, Richard Weiner, and when he needed a place to put it, he gave it to William Thies & Sons, the beer distributing company, along with four other boxcars he owned. Eventually, the company sold the property and needed to move the caboose. When they tried to give it back to Weiner, he gifted it to the Deerfield Beach Historical Society.

The railway moved it 11 miles up the track to the side track where it now resides. It was neighbors with the recently demolished Deerfield Builders Supply, which once received carloads of material on those tracks from areas as far away as Oregon or even Western Canada.

Owner of the now closed Deerfield Builders Supply, Ed Dietrich Jr., is spearheading the effort to give the caboose a new home, along with Muenzenmaier and the rest of the Deerfield Beach Historical Society.

Dietrich said, “We are going to roll the caboose about 400 ft. south for the people with the crane [Emerald Towing] to lift out and transport it to the former Deerfield Builders Supply lot [currently owned by Stor-All] to do necessary repairs. Dana Eller and Moving Waters Industries are graciously assisting with necessary welding repairs. Professional rail painter Jeff Conner [Show Paints by Conner] will prep and paint the caboose outside prior to moving its new home.”

The caboose will be painted “safety orange” the way it originally was, according to Muenzenmaier.

Its new home will be just east of the Old School House, a place suggested, said Dietrich, by City Manager Burgess Hanson.

The site will be authentic rail trackage (wood ties, steel I-flange rails, hand spikes and rock ballast),” said Dietrich. “Capital Project Engineer Charles DaBrusco will be coordinating site preparation. “When site and caboose are ready [in a few weeks], Emerald Towing will employ their high capacity cranes to load the caboose body and wheel trucks onto the low-boy trailers for the short trip from Ed Dietrich Sr. Ave. to City Hall. The wheel trucks will go down first and then the caboose body and chassis will be lowered onto them, and the caboose will be put into its permanent position. Eventually, an access ramp will be constructed, along with landscape improvements. Interior restoration will proceed onsite. [It] will include interactive educational components and various historical archives.”

Dietrich added, “This has been 15 years in the making. We appreciate the tremendous contributions and cooperation of the City of Deerfield Beach, the Broward Sheriff’s Office in Deerfield, the Florida East Coast Railway, Stor-All LLC, MWI and Emerald Towing.”

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Adopt With a Cop at Pioneer Park

Posted on 12 May 2016 by LeslieM

adoptacop051216By Rachel Galvin

Animal lovers swarmed through booths set up in Pioneer Park on Saturday, May 7, to see what animals were available for adoption from the various groups there. The Broward Sheriff’s Office (BSO) and Broward County Animal Care hosted event was put together by Sgt. Andrea Tianga, who was on hand with her husband Lt. Ozzy Tianga. Even their son, Joshua, got into the event as DJ SoFlo. There were many vendor booths and BSO brought some K-9s.

I have been doing animal rescue since [before I was a teenager]. I am a huge animal lover. When I heard that the sheriff is a big animal lover, I jumped at the opportunity [for us] to partner with Broward Animal Care,” said Sgt. Tianga, who added, “With Mother’s Day, the Air and Sea show, [and all the other events going on, it is great that] people are still jumping at the chance to be a part of it.”

Lt. Russo added, “It is a great thing to have out here … to give pets a forever home.”

Helen Santana, who happens to be a volunteer for C.O.P.S., adopted a terrier at the event. Adoption fees were waived this day for most of the dogs. Pet Supermarket gave her a goody basket of products to help her get started.

I think it is great,” she said of the event. “It is a good way to adopt a dog.

I have bought all of my dogs through a shelter, not a breeder. This is our third dog. I have two cats at home.”

It was not just about dogs; the nonprofit Lumen LS ( had a booth with cats for adoption.

Our goal is to eliminate shelter euthanasia [for cats] in Broward County,” said Director Andi Kola about his organization, which opened a year ago. He brought out kittens who have FIV (or Feline immunodeficiency virus) to educate people that even these cats can go on to live healthy lives and do not have to be euthanized.

We have rescued up to 91 kittens in the last three weeks,” he said, adding that his organization offers a place for the cats to stay while they find homes.

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Posted on 12 May 2016 by LeslieM

Deerfield Beach

April 23: A man reported his truck stolen from 4763 NW 9 Ave.

April 26: A computer was reported stolen from a car parked at 234 Ocean Dr.

April 26: A home at 294 NE 47 St. was broken into and jewelry was stolen.

April 26: A man reported that his cell phone was stolen from his place of employment at 201 E. Sample Rd.

May 3: A Florida license plate decal was stolen from a vehicle at 386 SW 35 Ave.

May 4: Unknown suspect stole a company truck and trailer from 1501 NW 49 Ct.

May 4: Vehicle burglary at 333 NE 48 St.

May 4: Victim reported that an unknown suspect entered his vehicle at 545 Deer Creek Jefferson Dr. and stole a laptop computer.

May 5: Victim told BSO that an unknown suspect entered his vehicle at 540 Deer Creek Jefferson Dr. and stole a black Ruger 380 handgun and $20 in loose change.

Lighthouse Point

April 10: The victim held a house party at 3700 NE 28 Ave. and, upon cleaning up the next morning, realized that someone had taken his Apple laptop computer valued at $1,000.

April 11: The victim said a license plate was missing from a boat trailer parked at 2100 NE 32 St. The victim found the tag lights dangling and said someone had removed the plate that was bolted on. The loss was $25.

April 12: The victim received notification from BB&T located at 2800 NE 34 Ct. that he was overdue on a credit card. The victim said he didn’t have an account with them. The victim pulled a credit report and found several credit card accounts and other accounts were opened under his name.

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Indie Craft Swell at IWS canceled … for now

Posted on 07 May 2016 by JLusk

If you were thinking of stopping by Island Water Sports for the Indie Craft event today (May 7), you might as well go home. It has been canceled. It appears the city told them on Wednesday or Thursday that their permit was not approved. Evidently, there is a rule, which is posted somewhere in City Hall, that venues can only have an event once every 90 days, according to a source at Island Water Sports, who added they have worked hard on this event and will hope to reschedule it soon. Stay tuned…

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Bank Robbery – UPDATE 5-6-16

Posted on 05 May 2016 by LeslieM


The FBI announces the arrest of Eric John Lamb, 34, of Pompano Beach, FL, for his alleged involvement in the robbery of a TD Bank branch, 1011 S. Federal Highway, Pompano Beach, FL.
The arrest was made today, without incident, by the Broward Sheriff’s Office shortly after the alleged robbery.
Lamb is in federal custody and is facing federal charges.  His initial appearance is expected to be in Fort Lauderdale Federal Court tomorrow.
The criminal complaint may be found in PACER in due course.  No picture(s)/mug shots are available.
The Broward Sheriff’s Office, the South Florida Violent Crimes Task Force and the FBI continue their investigation.
No further information will be released at this time.

Michael D. Leverock
Special Agent
FBI Miami

Jim Marshall
Public Affairs Specialist
FBI Miami


Posted 5-5-16

The BSO Public Information Office is currently working a developing incident regarding a Bank Robbery – Suspect in Custody located at: Southbound I-95, just south of Atlantic Boulevard.

Public Information officer Keyla Concepcion is currently gathering the details. Here’s what we know so far:

BSO Communications received information about a robbery in progress at the TD Bank at 1011 S. Federal Hwy. in Deerfield Beach. BSO units responded as the suspect fled. Deputies conducted a stop on the southbound lanes of I-95 and apprehended the suspect.

FBI is responding to the scene and will handle the case.

Traffic advisory: Please advise motorists on the southbound lanes of I-95 to expect traffic delays between Atlantic Boulevard and Cypress Creed Road due to this incident.

This information should be considered preliminary, and as with any developing situation, the details may change.

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Posted on 05 May 2016 by LeslieM

Deerfield Beach

April 19: A man reported that someone stole his iPhone from his office at 10 Fairway Dr.

April 19: Someone stole $639.97 worth of electronic toothbrushes from Target at 3599 W. Hillsboro Blvd.

April 19: A home at 4491 NW 1 Terr. was burglarized and clothing, jewelry, shoes and money were stolen.

April 19: An attempt to break into a home at 2784 SW 15 St. was reported.

April 20: Three men were walking together when a vehicle drove up. Three men exited the vehicle and one man had a handgun. Two of the three men who were walking ran away but a third man fell. The man who fell was robbed of his cell phone. The incident took place at 1050 S. Military Tr.

April 22: An RV parked at 5061 NW 13 Ave. was damaged by unknown means.

April 23: A realtor reported broken windows at 4701 SW 13 Ct., with rocks inside the residence. Approximately $300 in damage.

April 23: Unknown suspect(s) broke a rear passenger side window at 1501 Green Rd. and removed a black computer bag containing a laptop.

April 23: A suspect broke a rear passenger side window at 3936 W. Hillsboro Blvd. and removed several items.

April 25: An unknown suspect stole three Apple iPhones from the T-Mobile store at 3442 W. Hillsboro Blvd.

Lighthouse Point

March 29: Someone stole copper wire from a business at 4650 N. Federal Hwy. The loss was $325.

April 5: A customer flagged down a manager and said a subject took 18-packs of beer and fled the store located at 2450 N. Federal Hwy. The loss was $159.03.

April 6: A victim at 2847 NE 34 Court received notification from BB&T that he was overdue on a credit card. The victim said he didn’t have an account with them, and pulled a credit report and found several credit card accounts, and other accounts, were opened under his name.


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DBHS Art Show

Posted on 30 April 2016 by JLusk

Look for article in this week’s paper. Pics and story coming soon here online.

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Posted on 28 April 2016 by LeslieM

Deerfield Beach

April 12: A man reported that his home at 5310 NE 8 Terr. was burglarized and keys to his car were stolen. He had the ignition on his car replaced. The man reported that two men tried to steal the car but were unable to get it started.

April 12: Someone entered an unlocked car parked at 39 NE 11 Way and stole golf clubs, shoes and headphones.

April 12: Someone entered a work vehicle at 100 SW12 Ave. and stole tools.

April 12: A vehicle was stolen from 2039 Deer Creek Woodlands Way.

April 19: An unknown suspect pried open the deadbolt on the front door at 2784 SW 15 St. to force entry. Jewelry and electronics were stolen from the upstairs bedroom.

April 19: An unknown vehicle traveling at high speed hit a forklift at 2257 W. Hillsboro Blvd. and then left the scene.

Lighthouse Point

March 24: Property valued at $155 was stolen from a vehicle that was parked at 2340 block of Vintage Dr.

March 24: The victim, a cabdriver, said he picked up a fare in South Beach and the subject asked to be dropped off at a drug store located at 3580 N. Federal Hwy. The subject then said she was unable to pay the $110 fare.

March 24: A female subject entered a store at 3700 N. Federal Hwy. and stole $728.26 worth of baby supplies and formula. She claimed a friend had the receipt. She was arrested.

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