Author Lisa Eva Gold On Overcoming Chronic Fatigue

Posted on 30 January 2017 by LeslieM

By Rachel Galvin

On Jan. 18, Lisa Eva Gold gave a talk about Chronic Fatigue at the Deerfield Beach Woman’s Club. This author of A Will to Survive ~ A Women’s Journey Through Chronic Fatigue, inspired guests by talking about how she was able to overcome the Chronic Fatigue diagnosis and go on to become the author of eight books, an actress, hairstylist, piano teacher, mother and more.

When asked how she first became diagnosed, she said, “I had been diagnosed in 2004/2005 with Mono. Because I had been in my 30s, the medical field states that Mononucleosis after 20 is considered Chronic Fatigue.”

She feels that the disease came on due to stress.

She explained, “I sort of gave up on life, attitude wise. I was worn down by my husband’s addictions to alcohol and his physical ailments. When we are surrounded by toxic people in our lives, they wear us down. It is much harder to stay happy and positive when the people around you are not happy and positive.”

She added, “I am completely cured of this disease. I refused to take medications and healed myself by making different choices in my life, in my lifestyle and in my work. I think everything is connected. You or I could make ourselves sick just by harping on the idea of being sick. We can also make ourselves well. It’s all in the attitude we keep. Positive love and happiness is a state of being. It is easier to be this than to be unhappy and unwell.”

She has another book she is currently working on getting published with Hay House. It deals with her life going back to the 1980s and depression and is titled Ms. Understood. It was originally supposed to be published last year, but she has taken extra time to do additional research. She plans to release it sometime this year.

Asked what advice she would give for people diagnosed with Chronic Fatigue, she said, “Take the quiet time to reconnect with yourself. Tap into who you are. Connect with that passionate side of yourself. We are all trees with many branches. Having hobbies and fun activities outside of the mundane work schedule is not only healthy but a necessity to remind yourself of who you are and what you love. No matter what your age, or where or how you live. Always remember that YOU come first. Your happiness comes from within. You create your own reality.”

For more information on Lisa, visit

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JA Uncorked + Crafted VII

Posted on 30 January 2017 by LeslieM

By Rachel Galvin

Junior Achievement of South Florida benefited from another successful JA Uncorked event Jan. 21 at the JA World Huizenga Center at Broward College in Coconut Creek. Created by the Circle of Wise Women, this event was presented by Breakthru Beverage Florida. Guests could sample a wide variety of cuisine from South Florida restaurants and sip quality wines and craft beer. After bidding on items in the silent auction and eating to their heart’s content, guests listened to music by The Edge and kicked up their heels to dance the night away. Visit

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Wick does West Side Story

Posted on 30 January 2017 by LeslieM

By Rachel Galvin

On Jan. 14, Wick Theatre in Boca Raton introduced the classic West Side Story to a packed audience. The From a slow burn to a raucous rumble, the tale unfolded filled with smooth moves and high kicking action to punctuate the poetic dialogue until its tragic conclusion. If the dancing doesn’t keep you on your toes while watching, then the well-known melodies will warm your heart. The play has added value with its multi-purpose and mobile set pieces that offer just a hint of structure and let the personalities shine rather than be hidden by the window dressing.

The coquettish Maria (played by Mary Joanna Grisso) seems a little too childlike next to the strong-armed and much taller Tony (Thaddeus Pearson). But their tender moments ring true. Grisso steals the spotlight in every scene. Sydney Mei Ruf-Wong also does a fine job as Anita. But this really is an ensemble piece meant to be taken in as a whole with the choreography, by director/ choreographer Charles South and Ryan VanDenBoom, being the real star.

West Side Story runs until Feb. 26. For more information, visit

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Posted on 26 January 2017 by LeslieM

Deerfield Beach

Jan. 6: Two men were observed stealing a motorcycle from the driveway of a man living at 1315 Orchid Ct. The theft was witnessed by a neighbor.

Jan. 10: A woman reported that someone stole her purse from her unlocked car at 959 SE 6 Ave. The woman was dropping her child off at Zion Lutheran School.

Jan. 10: A woman reported that she was being threatened by her former husband at 4700 NW 3 Ave.

Jan. 10: A man reported that a man pulled into his driveway at 929 SW Second Terr. in a red pickup truck. The two men had a verbal dispute. The man in the pickup truck threatened the other man with a gun. The offense was reported as aggravated assault.

Jan. 13: A man reported that someone stole his bicycle from 502 Alamanda Ln. The bicycle was valued at $100.

Lighthouse Point

Dec. 20: Two females entered a store at 3722 N. Federal Hwy., selected two handbags and left without paying. The loss was $275.55.

Dec. 21: Someone entered a condo at 4751 NE 21 Ave. and stole electronics and other items, including a flat screen TV, wine cooler, safe, coffee maker toaster and beach chairs. The loss was $1,285.

Dec. 22: A store manager discovered a pallet of a bundle of cardboard missing from a loading dock at 2450 N. Federal Hwy. The loss was $250.

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Watching the storm?

Posted on 23 January 2017 by JLusk

If you are up late at night tonight (well, actually early Jan. 23 morning), you are seeing the storm hitting our area. Beware of the weather as it is set to get worse for our area. There is a Tornado Watch under effect. Check out WPTV on Facebook. They have a live feed of weather… Also look on The Observer’s Facebook for how to activate emergency alerts. Make sure to LIKE our page. Be safe!

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Posted on 19 January 2017 by LeslieM

Deerfield Beach

Jan. 3: A woman reported that someone broke into her car parked at 1140 E. Hillsboro Blvd. and stole a purse.

Jan. 3: Two bicycles and a barbecue grill were stolen from a storage unit at 1086 S. Military Tr.

Jan. 4: A man reported his bicycle stolen from 1000 E. Hillsboro Blvd.

Jan. 5: A FedEx package was stolen from a home at 1261 NW 48 Ct.

Jan. 9: A car parked at 759 NE 42 St. was broken into and two purses were stolen. The total value of the content of the purses was $2,160.

Lighthouse Point

Dec. 18: A wallet containing credit cards, checkbook and gift card was taken while the victim was shopping at 3772 N. Federal Hwy. The victim believed that three female subjects who were shopping in the same aisles might be responsible.

Dec. 19: Someone entered an apartment at 4741 NE 21 St. and stole a purse containing keys to a rental vehicle, driver’s license, credit cards and prescription medicine. The loss was $84.

Dec. 20: Someone stole a Ford F-350 tailgate, two mirrors and a front grill from a vehicle that was parked at 2831 NE 21 Ave. The loss was $1,700.


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Posted on 12 January 2017 by LeslieM

Deerfield Beach

Dec. 27: Two women were involved in a verbal argument at 551 NW 42 Ct. One woman went into the other woman’s bedroom with an aluminum bat and struck the woman on the back of the head. She was arrested and charged with aggravated battery.

Dec. 31: A woman was at a party at 2550 SW 14 Ct. She returned to her vehicle and saw that someone smashed her rear passenger window and stole a Louis Vuitton purse valued at $1,500.

Dec. 31: A woman reported being the victim of a battery by her manager at a workplace at 2400 Century Blvd.

Dec. 31: A burglary to a U-Haul was reported at 100 Fairway Dr. where $3,500 worth of electronics was stolen.

Dec. 31: A man reported that his iPhone was stolen while he was at the beach at 200 N. Ocean Blvd..

Lighthouse Point

Dec. 14: The victim who resides at 4431 NE 24 Ave. said a tag was either lost or stolen off a vehicle. The victim discovered it was missing upon returning home.

Dec. 16: The store manager said a subject stole fried chicken and beer valued at $13.28. He was apprehended outside the store at 2450 N. Federal Hwy.

Dec. 18: A wallet containing credit cards, checkbook, and gift card was taken while the victim was shopping at 3772 N. Federal Hwy. The victim believed that three female subjects who were shopping in the same aisles might be responsible.

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Laura Duksta Envisioning success

Posted on 09 January 2017 by LeslieM

By Rachel Galvin

With 2017 upon us, many are ready to declare their intentions for the new year. But announcing your goals and making them happen are two different things. There are so many ways to set goals and make good things happen in your life. Many have watched the popular film The Secret (or read the book) and learned about the Law of Attraction but were left feeling that a step was missing. Why did they spend time visualizing but nothing came to fruition? Those who really study these types of self-help practices know that to really transform themselves they can’t just think about things to make them happen, they have to take action. But a first step is not only thinking about something, but also putting it on paper, or creating a “vision board.”

Author Laura Duksta knows all about creating something from nothing and utilizing a vision board to focus her intentions. Today, she is the best-selling author of three books, has traveled around the country promoting her book and travels back and forth between Ft. Lauderdale and Nashville.

But she didn’t always have this life. At age 11, she lost all her hair to Alopecia Areata, which caused her to wear a wig, hiding herself from the world. She withdrew and thought she would never be able to do the things she wanted in life. It wasn’t until her 30th birthday when she decided to give up the wigs and come out as “the bald chick,” a hip moniker that would help in her new life.

Her first book came about when she was praying for her sister, but something told her to pray for her nephew instead. From that experience came the idea for her first book, I Love Your More, an illustrated flip book for kids that focuses on the relationship between mother and son. She self-published it. At the time, she was a bartender in South Beach so becoming an author certainly was a departure and the first step on her journey to finding herself and spreading the message of love around the world, something she had in her heart deep inside when she was a young girl.

One of the manifestations from her vision board had to do with a number — 11 million, which she had put on her board as an intention of how many lives she hopes to touch, how many books would be eventually out in the world. When she switched her publishing to Sourcebooks, at the first meeting, the owner, to the surprise of everyone in the room, said that the vision for the book was 11 million copies sold, a number for which seemed way too large for a first-time writer. But, to Duksta, the number was no surprise; after all, she had it on her vision board.

I love vision boards, because I am a visual person. I have become a big fan of visioning,” she said, adding, “The power of a vision board is connecting your goals and dreams to what it actually looks like in life. One of the key ingredients to achieving your goals and dreams is being able to see it as already so — feel and believe it in your mind and heart, to the point that it draws a tear of inspiration when possible.”

What is a vision board? Usually, it is a poster board with cutout images and words from a magazine or newspaper that you hope to manifest.

Duksta said, “Put that photo-shopped picture of you accepting that Oscar on your vision board, and take five to 10 minutes every day to imagine yourself accepting your Oscar and reciting your speech. What does it feel, sound, look, taste and smell like? Making this real is why Einstein said ‘Imagination is more powerful than knowledge.’

Our mind cannot discern between reality and virtual reality; so placing ourselves into the scenes of our life we wish to manifest puts the Universal Laws of Attraction, Appreciation and Vibration into motion and we draw to ourselves what we think, and thank, about, and resonate with.”

Duksta went on to write two other books: You are a Gift to the World and now I’ll Hug You More. She goes around the country doing book talks and motivational speeches, especially for children.

For more information on this dynamic and inspirational author, visit

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Pre-planning a funeral? Kraeer-Becker Funeral Home can help

Posted on 09 January 2017 by LeslieM

By Rachel Galvin

When a loved one dies, there is often shock, disbelief, denial, anger, profound sadness. When the person who has passed has not left their loved ones with their final wishes, conflict can ensue between family members, making the situation even worse. That is why, although it is difficult to think or talk about, doing pre-planning for a funeral is the best and most loving thing a person can do for those left behind, according to Annie O’Mara and Jeff Marsman of Kraeer-Becker Funeral Home in Deerfield Beach.

Planning a funeral after someone has passed is not easy.

O’Mara, the Funeral Director, said, “Putting together a funeral is like planning a wedding in three days.”

She explained that besides picking whether the person will be buried or cremated, there is the selection of the casket, the clothing, the music, whether there will be a luncheon after, etc. There is always the question for those left to do the memorial if they are doing what their loved one who has passed would have wanted.

Having the discussion before it is necessary alleviates that wondering ‘Am I doing the right thing?’ It also allows for a more rational conversation. They get exactly what they want. When a death happens, the family members are in such a state of shock, it heightens the emotions and makes it more difficult. It is a loving gesture [on the part of the person who makes the pre-planning for themselves. It [eliminates] the burden,” she said.

Marsman, the Director of Family Services, said, “No two services are the same. Every family is unique.”

O’Mara added, “We can accommodate everyone’s religion, cultural beliefs and personalities. If it is possible, I can make it happen. There is no right or wrong way. I can make sure it is as special and individual as the person was.”

She has seen it all. She has been at Kraeer for the last 1 ½ years but was funeral director for 11 years elsewhere on the west coast.

She said, “I have cried with a few people. We sometimes laugh. I cannot change what has happened, but I can make the process the best it can be, make the experience easier.”

One of the other reasons, she said, to do pre-planning is to lock in the price.

The last 50 years, the average cost of a funeral has doubled every 10 years…,” she said.

Rates for funerals can run over $7000 said Annie and that is just for a service and economical casket. When you add clergy, an obit, escorts for the funeral procession, a luncheon, etc., it can add up. Kraeer-Becker handles A to Z, including clergy, florist, caterer, cemetery and more. Each cemetery, she explained, has different requirements, which she navigates and explains to the customer.

The plans are guaranteed by the state. If something happens to the funeral home or insurance company, the state will make sure it is still honored. If the funeral home goes out of business, another sister home or associated facility will take it over, she added.

Like the banking industry, we are insured,” she explained. “We [Dignity Memorial] are the largest provider of family services within the country. If you move to California, Texas, Nebraska, [etc., we can transfer the plans]. You don’t have to worry about redoing it.”

Dignity Memorial has over 2000 locations in North America. The Kraeer-Becker Funeral Home in Deerfield Beach is located at 217 E. Hillsboro Blvd. For more information, call 954-427-5544 or visit

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Posted on 05 January 2017 by LeslieM

Deerfield Beach

Dec. 20: A woman was the victim of a battery at 321 Goolsby Blvd. The woman was slapped by a co-worker.

Dec. 20.:A woman reported that she believes her gardener stole and forged two of her personal checks. The incident was reported at 300 NW 2 Court.

Dec. 20: A man reported that someone shot at his car. He said that there was a bullet hole on the rear driver side window of his car. The incident was reported at 5200 N. Dixie Hwy.

Dec. 20: A woman reported that a man tried to break into her home through a kitchen window at 1440 SW 6 Ave. The woman scared him off.

Dec. 20: Two men were seen stealing 48 bottles of Grey Goose vodka valued at $1,342 at Crown Liquors and Wine Merchants at 306 S. Federal Hwy. The men fled in an SUV.

Lighthouse Point

Dec. 10: A subject took two 12 packs of beer and a shrimp platter and fled the store at 3700 N. Federal Hwy. The loss was $89.01.

Dec. 12: The victim arrived home at 4101 NE 26 Ave. to find the rear door unlocked and the slider pried open. A jewelry box, jewelry, social security card, laptop and Apple iPad were stolen. The loss was $2,121.

Dec. 13: A tag was stolen off a work trailer that was parked at 2616 NE 26 Ave.

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