Father’s Day Gifts



Boomers Fun Park- at Boca Raton Airport is offering FREE unlimited play when an unlimited pass is purchased at regular price this weekend.  Play arcade games, mini-golf and arcade games. Get coupon online at http://www.boomersparks.com. Info: 561-347-1888.

FREE Butterfly World with dad

Saturday, June 15 to Sunday, June 16

3600 W. Sample Road

Coconut Creek, FL 33073

Commune with the butterflies on Father’s Day weekend. FREE entry for dads. Info: www.butterflyworld.com.

Dixie Divers Ad


TO PURCHASE ANY OF THE GIFTS BELOW CLICK HERE:http://www.cloud9living.com/ft-lauderdale

Stock Car Ride Along

Experience real life racing thrills by riding as a passenger with a professional driver in a meticulously prepared 600 horse power Sprint Cup style stock car. 

Full size, Sprint Cup stock cars that have been raced by the likes of Jimmie Johnson,… 
More Details (LINK INFO: http://www.cloud9living.com/ft-lauderdale/stock-car-ride-along)

Region: Ft Lauderdale



Learn to Fly

Hop into the cockpit, take over the controls and soar through the skies as you learn to fly in Fort Lauderdale. 

Your teacher is certified by the Federal Aviation Association as a commercial pilot and… 
More Details (LINK INFO: http://www.cloud9living.com/ft-lauderdale/learn-to-fly)

Region: Ft Lauderdale



Pedal & Paddle Tour

See wildlife and learn about South Florida history while you kayak through and mangroves around North Biscayne Bay and bike through Florida’s Oleta River State Park. 

Experienced guides will teach you about the culture and history of the area. Start with… 
More Details (LINK INFO: http://www.cloud9living.com/ft-lauderdale/pedal-and-paddle-tour)

Region: Ft Lauderdale



Golf Lesson with a PGA Pro

Lessons with a PGA Professional in Fort Lauderdale give any golfer, beginner to advanced, an improvement in the game and an enjoyable time on the course. 

Choose from the selection of teachers and golf courses in your region. With only one… 
More Details (LINK INFO: http://www.cloud9living.com/ft-lauderdale/golf-lesson-with-a-pga-pro)

Region: Ft Lauderdale



Playing Lesson with a PGA Pro

Improve your game in the most realistic way possible – on a real course with a real PGA Pro at your side! 

Learn course management, how to read terrain and hit from different lies on the course,… 
More Details (LINK INFO: http://www.cloud9living.com/ft-lauderdale/playing-lesson-with-a-pro)

Region: Ft Lauderdale



Indian Cooking Class

Expand your culinary horizons and delve into the delicious world of Indian Food with this fun and interactive cooking class! 

Learn the secrets to preparing delicious, healthy and easy Indian dishes from scratch…. 
More Details (LINK INFO: http://www.cloud9living.com/ft-lauderdale/indian-cooking-class)

Region: Ft Lauderdale



South Beach Miami Food Tour

Delve into Miami’s melting pot of cultures with this authentic food tour through the historic neighborhood of South Beach. 

Friendly and knowledgeable tour providers have been featured in Frommers, 

More Details (LINK INFO: http://www.cloud9living.com/ft-lauderdale/south-beach-miami-food-tour)

Region: Ft Lauderdale



Pub Crawl Tour

Enjoy a thirst-quenching Pub Crawl visiting Coral Gable’s classic establishments as you sample the most delicious beers in and around Miami. 

Your friendly and knowledgeable guide will lead you on a tour through some of Miami’s… 
More Details (LINK INFO: http://www.cloud9living.com/ft-lauderdale/pub-crawl-tour)

Region: Ft Lauderdale



Private DJ Lesson

Show off your rhythm and hone your DJ skills in this private DJ lesson package. Whether you have never stepped in front of a turntable, or are an aspiring music enthusiast, you will learn tricks, styles and formulas from the best in the business. 
More Details (LINK INFO: http://www.cloud9living.com/ft-lauderdale/private-dj-lessons)

Region: Ft Lauderdale



Fencing Lessons

Learn to swivel and swipe a sword with a private fencing class in Foil or Sabre style. With maestros that have competed in world competitions, you are sure to master the sword in no time! 
More Details (LINK INFO: http://www.cloud9living.com/ft-lauderdale/fencing-lessons)

Region: Ft Lauderdale



Private Surfing Lesson

There is no better way to get introduced into the world of surfing then through one on one private surf lessons. 

This surf instructor team represents over 150 years of combined global teaching and surfing… 
More Details (LINK INFO: http://www.cloud9living.com/ft-lauderdale/private-surfing-lesson)

Region: Ft Lauderdale



Seaplane Tour (for 2+)

Experience the ultimate sightseeing sensation aboard a Miami Seaplane Tour offering unparalleled views of Miami’s skyline, beaches and more! 

Fly aboard a Cessna 172 Seahawk Seaplane with an experienced & FAA certified pilot. Take… 
More Details (LINK INFO: http://www.cloud9living.com/ft-lauderdale/seaplane-tour)

Region: Ft Lauderdale



Indy Car Ride Along

Experience pure heart-pounding speed with a Ride Along in the passenger seat of a full sized, 600 horsepower, 2 seat, Indy-style race car. 

School started by the legendary Mario Andretti, the greatest race car driver of all time…. 
More Details (LINK INFO: http://www.cloud9living.com/ft-lauderdale/indy-car-ride-along)

Region: Ft Lauderdale



Oleta Kayak Tour

Grab some friends or join our group for a breathtaking Kayaking Tour in Oleta River State Park. 

Your friendly and knowledgeable instructor will guide you to an island in the Bay of… 
More Details (LINK INFO: http://www.cloud9living.com/ft-lauderdale/oleta-kayak-tour)

Region: Ft Lauderdale



Ft. Lauderdale Mountain Biking

Experience mountain biking Florida’s Oleta River State Park with this guided tour. 

Experienced guide will provide insight to unique cultural and historic aspects of the… 
More Details (LINK INFO: http://www.cloud9living.com/ft-lauderdale/ft-lauderdale-mountain-biking)

Region: Ft Lauderdale



Harley Davidson Rental

Here is your chance to “Rent the American Dream” and experience the ultimate vacation adventure by touring on a prestigious Harley-Davidson. 

Perfectly maintained Harley-Davidson motorcycle completely equipped for touring. Includes… 
More Details (LINK INFO: http://www.cloud9living.com/ft-lauderdale/harley-davidson-rental)

Region: Ft Lauderdale



Music Production Lesson

Start making beats and learn from the DJ academy founded by Jam Master Jay, legendary DJ of Run DMC. Whether you have never produced a beat, or are an aspiring music enthusiast, you will learn tricks, styles and formulas from the best in the business. 
More Details (LINK INFO: http://www.cloud9living.com/ft-lauderdale/private-beat-making-lessons)

Region: Ft Lauderdale



Fighter Pilot for a Day

Man the controls of a fully aerobatic, high-performance aircraft during your mission to hunt down your opponent as you engage in air combat. 

Original civilian air combat academy with over 48,000 customers flown. Fly a fully aerobatic… 
More Details and video (LINK INFO: http://www.cloud9living.com/ft-lauderdale/fighter-pilot-for-a-day)

Region: Ft Lauderdale