Isaias Moves North

Posted on 02 August 2020 by JLusk

Wind whipping through Deerfield Beach on Saturday and into Sunday morning.

People got their boards and headed into the surf after the storm. Although the water looks calm, it actually was filled with waves due to Isaias.

Although most shelves were full, this shelf where there usually are paper towels was empty on Saturday at Publix in Deerfield on Hillsboro Blvd. & Federal Hwy.

Catching a wave!

Protecting wildlife.

Usually we hear about turtle nests, but this time, they are saving bird nests.

Lifeguards watch the action.

Non-stop traffic headed to the beach.

Families enjoy the beach, amidst the seaweed, after Isaias hits our area.

Photos & Story By Rachel Galvin

There was a little rain and some powerful wind gusts, especially in the wee hours of the morning on Sunday, Aug. 2, but, for the most part, Isaias left the area of Deerfield Beach unscathed. People did not seem too worried as media waivered as to whether the storm was going to just be a Tropical Storm or go up to a Cat. 1. Stores were fairly free from people and shelves were full for the most part. It seems that because people were already stocking up due to COVID-19, they already were more prepared than they may have been. Nevertheless, this storm did seem to sneak up on us, reminding us that, although the season started June 1, hurricane season now has entered its peak, and will continue until November. Luckily, this storm left our area alone and served as a great reminder that we should be prepared because there are already areas of interest out in the water to keep an eye on. In the meantime, those areas north of us still have some time to wait for the storm to reach their shores and we wish them the best as well!


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