Hurricane Center

The Observer wants to give you the info you need to plan for the least hassle if we get hit by a hurricane this year. Check out our updated local hurricane information below:





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Making Your Plan Includes tips, guidelines, an evacuation checklist and information on planning and evacuating with your pets.

What FPL can do for you Contains information about trimming trees, preventative maintenance, restoration plans, One PlugSM and more.   ***Also contains information regarding the new generators for medical needs program. You must get certified now to be eligible.

The Observer‘s phone and website list Print this list and put it in a safe place. Contains local, state and federal listings as well as the number for enroute Publix deliveries.

Information on the proposed new flood maps

Prepare your business

Make hurricane preparation and education a family affair?Check out these cool sites.





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Maps of Deerfield: Grocery Stores and gas stations
FPL’s Power Outage Tracker map

USDA Food Safety Guidelines


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2017 Hurricane Report
by Philip J. Klotzbach
and Michael M. Bell;
In Memory of
William M. Gray

Tax Holiday

 Saffir-Simpson Scale