Posted on 14 January 2016 by LeslieM

RE: Code Enforcement

Dear Editor:

Regarding the recent letter [Jan. 7 issue] regarding Code Enforcement, I agree with the assessment. I have talked to many small businesses over 30 years and they are frightened of Code Enforcement. Some women have been nearly brought to tears who own businesses because Code Enforcement treats them so badly, rather than trying to help them. Small business has a hard enough time to survive as it is with all the massive regulations, taxes, rules and undue outside interference. They work long hard hours just to make a minimal living. Some members of Code Enforcement use their power tactics to make life miserable for many small business owners. In some cases, when a business tries to open, even though they try to comply with everything, Code Enforcement makes it difficult for them by delaying their permit, rather than trying to help them open up. I feel for all these business owners in Deerfield Beach, but the Commissioners care less and they know the little business owners have little or no power to help themselves.

This is America and this has to STOP!

Charles Laser

Deerfield Beach

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