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Authors and Autographs Postponed Due to Weather

Posted on 26 August 2016 by JLusk



New Date:

Sept. 25,10 a.m. – 2 p.m.

The Butler House

380 E. Hillsboro Blvd.

Deerfield Beach, FL 33441

This month’s  “Sundays at the Butler House” has been postponed due to weather until Sept. 25. It will feature local authors set up under the big banyan tree. They will be there to discuss and sell their latest works and, sign copies.

The event will also include a used book sale, food, music and free tours of the Butler House.

If you are a local author and would like to participate, contact: elilly707 @aol.com  561-299-8648

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Piranhas take 13th in senior swim champs

Posted on 25 August 2016 by LeslieM

sports082516By Gary Curreri

While the overall results weren’t exactly what he wanted, Pompano Beach Piranhas swim team coach Jesse Vassallo still received some outstanding performances in the recent Florida Gold Coast Long Course Senior Championships at the Coral Springs Aquatics Complex.

Vassallo, who has been with the program for the past five years, brought just 12 swimmers to the Senior Championships. The Piranhas finished 13th as a team with 317.50 points, just a dozen points behind Westminster Academy Swim Club (329) in the combined standings.

We did have some good swims from Sloan Sizemore, Tyler Zuyus and Mateos Santos, but I expected a little more from the kids,” Vassallo said. “This group is an 18-Under group and I wanted to come here and get lower times.

We took a smaller group (10) to the (14-Under Florida Gold Coast Long Course Junior Olympics) meet in Stuart the week before and they actually impressed me,” Vassallo added. “I was very, very excited about the new ones.”

Vassallo gushed over two new swimmers in the 10 and Unders who performed well Lilia Blanco, 9, and Steven Gary, 10.

Steven got into the finals in all seven of his events,” Vassallo said. “Lilia swam 9 events and got into three finals. We also had some good swims from Raphael Santos, 13, who finaled in five of his events, which is pretty good because that is a competitive age group.”

Pompano Beach Piranhas has 143 swimmers in the program.

We have been up and down,” Vassallo said. “We are a little low. It is healthy to be about 160, and 180 would be great. I hope to go up a little bit after the Olympics when kids get excited about swimming again.”

The swimmers abilities in the program range from beginners to swimmers hoping to go on to college.

You are talking about kids who are learning to swim, to learning the different strokes and starting to compete,” Vassallo said, “to these kids who are age group elite level.”

One such swimmer is Sizemore, 16, who finished 8th in the high point standings for Girls 15-16 with 71 points. She was eight points out of fifth place.

Competitions like this are very important,” Sizemore said. “We taper for them and I mentally get ready myself for them. I imagine myself beforehand what I am going to do and how I am going to swim my races.

I like that it is new each time,” added Sizemore, a junior at Boca Raton High School, who has been swimming half her life. “You meet new people each time. You have a new experience each time and you get to do a new stroke each time.

She said the camaraderie on the pool deck is important. Pompano Beach is where she has been swimming for those eight years.

I like how we always have get-togethers and we are not afraid to ask for help,” Sizemore said. “We are all close in a way and what I like about it is it’s different from other groups. We do a minimum of 8,000 yards each day up to 10,000 yards each day for each practice and we do doubles (two practices a day), except Wednesdays, Saturdays and Sundays during the summer when we don’t have school.”

The best part about swimming is getting up on the blocks and having a happy feeling that you are going to do your best,” she added. “That you are going to go all out and not have any regrets.”

Zuyus, 16, was third in the Boys 15-16 high points with 87 points, just two points behind third place finisher Grant Dodge, 16, of the North Palm Beach Swim Club. Santos, 15, finished 10 with 70.50 points.

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FLICKS: Florence Foster Jenkins

Posted on 25 August 2016 by LeslieM

By “Cinema” Dave


Five months ago I reviewed Marguerite, a French language motion picture about a music patron who believes she is an opera singer. She was not. This serio-comic film won numerous awards at several European film festivals and was based on the true story about an American patron of music. Florence Foster Jenkins is the American, as portrayed by Meryl Streep.

Set in high-brow Manhattan circa 1944, we observe scenes from The Verdi Club, a music appreciation society. The event is emceed by St. Clair Bayfield (Hugh Grant), who also breaks up the singing by reciting Shakespearean monologues. Florence is first seen as part of the visual scenery, and perk of being a benefactor for the arts.

Given her generous contributions, most people tell Florence what she wants to hear. When she announces that she wishes to sing, St. Clair makes arrangements for music lessons. To accompany Florence and her music teacher, St. Clair hires pianist Cosme’ McMoon (Simon Helberg), a young man who is serious about his craft. Although he is paid very well, Cosme’ feels conflicted about supporting Florence’s total lack of talent.

Although her supposed sycophants are snickering behind her back, Florence believes the flattery she receives. As the film progresses, we witness the web of deceit that grows to absurd levels. There is an old Broadway question that asks, “How do you get to Carnegie Hall?” The answer is “Practice, practice, practice.” With no talent but plenty of practice, Florence proves this Broadway adage.

Predictably, Streep absorbs the title role and gives a full performance. Like any Giuseppe Verdi opera, there is so much pain in this film, yet Streep shares the character’s salvation through music. Playing against type from his Big Bang Theory character, Simon Helberg gives a transformative performance of a mouse who becomes a man. Balancing the tightrope between love and being a cad, Hugh Grant provides his most interesting performance in 15 years.

With directorial credits including Dangerous Liaisons, Mrs. Henderson presents, Philomena and The Queen, Stephen Frears knows how to tell an interesting story about backstage life. It takes an experienced craftsman to tell an entertaining narrative with humor, while providing a sense of haute Manhattan culture.

As the children return to school this week, the motion picture industry will be releasing more serious fare. Florence Foster Jenkins won’t appeal to The Suicide Squad or Sausage Party ticket buyers, but this Meryl Streep/Stephen Frears film will be talked about during Oscar time.

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Posted on 25 August 2016 by LeslieM

Deerfield Beach

Aug. 10: A woman was arrested and charged with larceny and petty theft. She took two items off a shelf at Marshalls at 3852 W. Hillsboro Blvd. and returned them to the customer service desk. She received a gift card valued at $90.08. The customer service representative continued to watch the woman as she reached the door of the store. She was stopped at the door and arrested. The woman also was in possession of heroin, and four crack cocaine pipes with cocaine in them.

Aug. 10: A woman was issued a Notice to Appear in Court after stealing $93.04 items from Walmart at 1101 S. Military Tr.

Aug. 10: A man was reported for stealing tools from Advance Auto Parts at 286 W. Hillsboro Blvd.

Aug. 10: It was reported that an attempt was made to break into a home at 2518 SW Natura Blvd.

Aug. 20: Three unknown subjects removed three large pallets of bundled cardboard at 1901 NW 49 Ct.

Aug. 20: A victim arrived at the register of a store and discovered that her wallet was missing at 4008 W. Hillsboro Blvd.

Aug. 21: An unknown person was driving a vehicle and collided with a tree and left the scene at 3440 SW 2 Ct.

Aug. 21: An unknown person shoplifted after taking several items from the store without paying for them at 3599 W. Hillsboro Blvd.

Aug. 22: A subject entered a residence at 750 Lock Rd. while the victim was in the shower. He pointed a gun at her and stole her purse. The victim fled out of the residence and the suspect fired one shot at her as she fled. This case is currently under investigation.

Lighthouse Point

July 22: The victim reported that he thought he heard something. When he went to investigate, he discovered the screen at the bottom of the jalousie window appeared to be cut at 2100 NE 42 Ct. No entry was made.

July 25: A person said he was the victim of identity theft at 2800 N. Federal Hwy. There were two withdrawals – one for $160 and the other for $900.

July 26: A business check in the amount of $5,630.13 was fraudulently cashed at a local bank at 3500 N. Federal Hwy.

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Posted on 25 August 2016 by LeslieM

Be informed at the voting polls

With the primary election at the end of the month and the general election only three months away, I wondered, “What should I know before casting my vote?” I should be prepared to know who and why I will make my choice for that next senator, [congressman], circuit court judge, school board candidates [and the sheriff]. In addition, there is an amendment on the ballot — Amendment No. 4 — that will need our decision.

For most of us, there is no valid excuse for not making informed choices. With the aid of the Internet and newspapers, plus the many political advertisements crowding our mailboxes, we can do a little research to help us read up on the candidates and make those informed choices at the voting poll.

Working up to the General Election, there are a lot of speeches and debates to help us make up our mind. All it takes is a little willingness to get started. After all, this is about our government, folks, and how we want our country to be run. So, we need to get busy.

Does anyone remember the old Jay Leno “Jaywalking” skits on “The Tonight Show” years ago? Jay played “the man on the street” and he would walk around in Hollywood, CA interviewing people. He would ask them general questions about the government and the Constitution and he would get the funniest and most bizarre answers, which were so wrong. One of the funniest responses he got from a young, college girl was when he asked, “What is the first amendment of the Constitution?” Her answer was “Never cheat on your wife!” The answer to who said “give me liberty or give me death?” could be any response from John Hancock to Colonel Sanders. Of course, when one is put on the spot with cameras glaring at you, it is easy for the mind to go blank.

Now is the time to get involved and know who will be your choice for this election. Let’s exercise our right to vote and keep America the great nation that it is.

Mary “Franki” Klemyk

Lighthouse Point



Posted on 25 August 2016 by LeslieM

Creative Clash at Magnetic Pompano

Friday, Aug. 26, 7 p.m.

Pompano Citi Centre, Ste. 108

1955 N. Federal Hwy.

Pompano Beach, FL 33062

Competing artists will be painting on mannequins. Winner will become first Macy’s Pompano artist of the month, and will have pieces of their work exhibited on the 2nd floor display gallery. Come cheer on and meet artists. This free event is open to the public. R.S.V.P. at www.magneticpompano.org or call 954-839-9578.

A Day in the Park

Saturday, Aug. 27, 10 a.m. to 2 p.m.

Mayo Howard Park

(Just North of Cracker Barrel)

1131 FAU Research Park Blvd.

Deerfield Beach, FL 33441

Join Gwyndolen Clark-Reed (running for State Senate, District 34) and Whitney Rawls (running for State Rep. District 92) for the “3P’s” (pens, pencils & paper giveaway). There also will be free hot dogs, chips and Capri Sun (while supplies last.) Enjoy music and super slide. Free event.

McMahon Mix & Mingle Fundraiser

Saturday, Aug. 27, 7:30 p.m.


601 NE 3 St.

Pompano Beach, FL 33060

Help raise funds for U Can Ride therapeutic horseback riding program which helps special needs individuals. Includes dinner buffet, open bar, entertainment, billiards, arcade games & raffle prizes. Minimum $15 donation. R.S.V.P. with the amount of people in your party to http://mixandmingle.pingg.com/mix.

Authors and Autographs

Sunday, Aug. 28, 1 to 4 p.m.

Historic Butler House

380 E. Hillsboro Blvd.

Deerfield Beach, FL 33441

Local authors will sell and autograph their books. Used book sale too. Free event. Donations accepted. www.deerfield-history.org or call 954-429-0378.

Adult coloring class

Monday, Aug. 29, noon to 2 p.m.

NE Focal Point Senior Center

227 NW 2 St.

Deerfield Beach, FL 33441

Coloring generates wellness and quietness while stimulating the brain areas related to the senses and creativity. No fee for class. Bring your own coloring pencils/markers. Drawings will be provided. For more information, call 954-480-4447 or email nefocalpoint@deerfield-beach.com. Classes held every Monday.

Register Now:

Super Circuit Fitness Registration

Saturday, Sept. 10 through Oct. 29

8:15 a.m. to 9:15 a.m.

Pioneer Park

222 NE 2 Ave.

Deerfield Beach, FL 33441

One hour cardio and strength/endurance fitness training program. Registration is $9 per single class or 8 classes for $64. Register today at any of the City of Deerfield Beach community centers, or visit www.dfb.city/registration. For additional information, call 954-480-4361.

6th Annual Charity Golf Tournament

Saturday, Sept. 17, 8 a.m.

Crystal Lake Golf Club

3810 Crystal Lake Dr.

Deerfield Beach, FL 33064

Hosted by Kiwanis Club of Deerfield Beach. All proceeds benefit Kiwanis children’s charities. Registration: $125-individual/$500 foursome (includes continental breakfast and awards luncheon.) Extras include: raffle prizes, silent auction, 50/50 raffle, free drinks on the course. Many sponsorships still available. Contact Henry at 954-242-6083 or hgouldrealtor@comcast.net, or Kerri at 954-980-1833 or kerri1217@gmail.com.

Save the Date:

Friends of the DB Arboretum meets

Thursday, Sept. 8, 7 p.m.

Deerfield Beach Arboretum

Constitution Park

2841 W. Hillsboro Blvd.

Deerfield Beach, FL 33442

Speaker will be Ira Wechterman, president of the Friends of Deerfield Island Park. Hear about this natural nature preserve … what it is now and what it will become. Plant giveaway. Light refreshments will be served. Meeting is free and open to the public. For information, call 954-480-4495 or visit www.treezoo.com.

2nd Annual Women in Deerfield Expo

Thursday, Sept. 15, 5:30 to 7:30 p.m.

Royal Fiesta Caterers

The Cove Shopping Center

1680 SE 3 Court

Deerfield Beach, FL 33441

Showcase your woman-owned or woman-oriented business. Must provide a sample or service to attendees. Vendor space is limited and first come first served. Register at www.deerfieldchamber.com or call Daisja Brinson at 954-427-1050. Presented by the Deerfield Beach Chamber of Commerce.

11th Annual Shop For A Cause

Friday, Aug. 26 through Sunday, Aug. 28, 2016.

Macy’s has provided Gateway Community Outreach (GCO), in Deerfield Beach, with shopping passes to sell for $5 each. GCO will keep 100 percent of the proceeds for every shopping pass that it sells. By purchasing a shopping pass from GCO, customers support homelessness prevention and can enjoy discounts at Macy’s.

For more information, visit www.macys.com/shopforacause.To purchase a shopping pass, contact Madonna Letourneau at 954-725-8434 or 561-289-6127 or visit www.gcoflorida.org.

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CLERGY CORNER: A post-summer reset

Posted on 25 August 2016 by LeslieM

The end of summer brings an opportunity for new beginnings in a variety of ways. School children heading back to classes prepare for new lessons, projects, exams, and the like. Moving up a grade usually means meeting new teachers and possibly new classmates. Transitioning from elementary to middle school, or from middle school to high school means learning your way around a new environment, along with taking new classes and making new friends. For teachers and support staff, the experience is similar. There are new kids to work with, new schedules to keep, and sometimes new educational standards to be implemented.

Parents go through a reset as well. Vacation days with great summer experiences have ended. Kids are out of the house and back in school. There are forms to be filled out and bus routes to confirm. Traffic for the morning commute to work increases, along with anxiety levels during the ride. These end-of -summer rituals predictably occur as most of us make the adjustments both physically and emotionally. Even nature prepares to bid farewell to summer in order to make room for autumn. Change, transition, adjustment and renewal are all around us at this time of year.

Most of the year has passed at this point and we are looking at just a few months left. At the beginning of the year, many people made plans and set goals to be accomplished. Now is a great time to review and assess and to make adjustments, if necessary. The opportunity to reset or begin anew at the end of summer gives us a chance to confirm which goals are most important, and to focus on the things that matter most. Even challenging circumstances may provide us with new lessons, different options, and a change in direction.

There is a movement among churches to capture this sense of renewal at the end of summer by inviting congregants back to church. Attendance usually diminishes during the summer months, causing some churches to adopt a summer schedule of fewer services. As vacation days come to an end and the kids head back to school, people are encouraged to reconnect with the fellowship and worship that church offers. There is even a national “Back to Church Campaign” that provides resources and ideas to congregations that desire to reach out to regular attendees as well as attract new people.

In all of life’s pursuits none should be considered more important than the development of our faith. Connecting with God and finding your purpose through Him is a very rewarding experience. I was impressed with several of the athletes who publicly gave thanks to God for their victories in the recent Olympics. They acknowledged that their abilities were granted by Him and rightly gave God the glory. Even some who came up short offered thanks for the opportunity to compete at such a high profile level.

As we say goodbye to the summer months and adjust to the coming season, why not reset our spiritual lives as well. If you’ve been out of church, or out of contact with your community of faith, why not reconnect and reaffirm your relationship with God. Bring the entire family and make a purposeful decision to move forward with faith, focus and gratitude. Seize these new days, and this new season, with a fresh attitude.

May you discover the joy of the Psalm (96:1) who declared “O sing to the Lord a new song! Sing to the Lord all the earth.” There is much more to experience and enjoy in life. Sometimes all you need is to reset.

Bishop Patrick L. Kelly is the pastor of Cathedral Church of God, 365 S. Dixie Hwy., Deerfield Beach, FL 33441. For more information, call 954-427-0302.

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Junior volleyball players “dig” the beach

Posted on 18 August 2016 by LeslieM

sports081816By Gary Curreri

In the past five years, there has been an explosion of collegiate opportunities for playing beach volleyball.

Two sisters from Deerfield Beach – Alanna and Audrey Hodge – recently placed third in the AVPFirst Girls 14-Under volleyball championship on Fort Lauderdale Beach.

Alanna, age 14, is a freshman at Monarch High School and has played beach volleyball for five years.

I like beach volleyball more than indoor because you get more touches on the ball and it is fun to play with new partners to see how you do with other people,” she said.

Audrey, age 12, a seventh-grader at Boca Christian, also played beach volleyball for five years.

There is a lot of pressure because I am playing in a higher division than I normally would,” Audrey said. “I like it because it is mostly all on you. You are responsible for half of the court.”

Shawn Taylor, of the AVP (Association of Volleyball Professionals) and the coach at Spring Hill College in Mobile, AL, said with more juniors playing the game, more and more schools are offering scholarships.

For years it was just the pro beach tour and there was no avenue to get there, and with colleges coming in as a player, it gave juniors something to shoot for,” Taylor said. “Now with more juniors playing the game, it has provided us with an avenue to create a pipeline and a clear path for them to go from playing junior recreational to, hopefully, playing at the collegiate level and then carrying on past that to the professional level.”

Taylor said there are schools adding the sport “everyday” and estimated there were about 65 schools offering beach volleyball.

They anticipate being at 100 (schools) in a year or two,” Taylor said. “They were at zero (schools) five years ago. It was a pipe dream and a myth. It was like crazy talk going around.”

Florida Beach Volleyball Tour tournament director Gino Ferraro is in his 27th year and hosted eight events this year – including stops in Pompano Beach, Ft. Lauderdale, Siesta Key, Hollywood, and plans to hold one in Delray Beach next year.

The season starts at the beginning of May and runs through the second week of August,” Ferraro said. “Because of the size of the field, it is hard to find beaches that will hold us anymore.”

Jeudy commits to Alabama

Deerfield Beach High School senior wideout Jerry Jeudy is taking his talents to the University of Alabama next season.

Ranked the fourth-best receiver in the nation by ESPN, Jeudy earned a spot on the all-offense team in July at Nike’s The Opening, one of the top camps in the country in Beaverton, OR It helped parlay him into a good spot to choose his next destination.

I’m excited,” said Jeudy, who chose the Crimson Tide over Florida, Miami, Florida State University and Tennessee. The four-star recruit had offers from more than 20 different schools. “It was the best fit for me. It’s a great program with great coaches, great players and that’s a winning team. I feel like I can go there and do what I have to do and step on the field and make plays.”

It was a very hard decision for me,” added Jeudy, who caught 41 passes for 496 yards and 10 scores last season for the Bucks. “I prayed a lot and felt that Alabama was more of a home.”

Deerfield teammate Daewood Davis, who transferred from Stranahan in the spring, previously announced he was committing to the University of South Florida.

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FLICKS: Pete’s Dragon

Posted on 18 August 2016 by LeslieM

By “Cinema” Dave


During Christmas break of my freshman year at Deerfield Beach High School, Jan Herma invited me to go see Pete’s Dragon at the Deerfield Beach Ultra Vision. This G-rated half-animated musical held no appeal for me, as a 14-year-old. I declined the invitation and I’ve always felt a sense of guilt about not going, so I made myself watch the DVD.

The original Pete’s Dragon featured top-billed Helen Reddy, whose song Candle on the Water was getting constant airplay on FM radio. Mickey Rooney, “Red” Buttons and Jim Dale (the future narrator for the Harry Potter audiobooks) attempted to upstage each other, but still took second fiddle to the animated dragon named Elliott. After many unmemorable musical numbers and stilted family sentimentality, the film finally ends.

The new Pete’s Dragon is a far superior motion picture. The emphasis is on story, character development and realistic visualization of a fantastic subject matter. The film opens with pre-school aged Pete learning how to read in the backseat of a car. After his mother and father proclaim Pete as a brave boy, the car crashes into the forest. After shedding a few tears, Pete encounters a dragon and names him Elliott, after a character in his easy reader.

Six years later, Jack (Wes Bentley) and Gavin (Karl Urban) are lumberjacks who notice unusual occurrences in the forest. The lumberjack brothers consult with Forest Ranger Grace Meacham, whose father (Robert Redford) tells folktales about the time he met a dragon. Myth becomes reality.

While there are echoes of Lassie Come Home, ET the Extraterrestrial and King Kong, Pete’s Dragon stands on its own modern achievement. There is a freshness to this motion picture that makes it unpredictable. There is message about the importance of conserving the environment; however, it is not heavy-handed.

Besides providing the opening and closing narration, Redford plays a character that echoes his best work, most notably The Horse Whisperer and Urban Cowboy. With a gift for gab and wood carving, Redford’s Meacham reminded me of my father.

Having battled dinosaurs as a corporate executive in Jurassic World, Bryce Dallas Howard plays a much more appealing role. Currently on the big screen as Dr. McCoy in Star Trek Beyond, Urban takes on the most villainous role, but he is really not much of a bad guy.

The box office for Pete’s Dragon has been disappointing. I hope word-of-mouth drives this motion picture to pick up. This is a pure family motion picture that is both sweet and simple. While there is no profanity and scenes that will embarrass grandparents, Pete’s Dragon is filled will plenty of action, adventure and good acoustic music.

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Posted on 18 August 2016 by LeslieM

Deerfield Beach

Aug. 4: A man reported that someone stole his pickup truck from 4100 N. Powerline Rd.

Aug. 5: A car parked at the Regents Bank parking lot at 77 S. Federal Hwy. was broken into and a bag valued at $200 and a $50 gift card was stolen.

Aug. 6: A home at 1200 NW 49 St. was broken into and jewelry was stolen.

Aug. 8: The All Star Sports Bar at 2301 W. Sample Rd. was broken into. Thousands of dollars were stolen and extensive damage was done to the business. A man and woman are suspected of committing the theft.

Aug. 12: Shoplifting reported at Target, 3599 W. Hillsboro Blvd.

Aug. 14: Criminal mischief reported at 3401 Deer Creek Country Club Blvd. The victim reported the north side door of the property was damaged.

Lighthouse Point

July 18: The victim said two females entered her grooming store at 2016 NE 36 St. and believes they stole her cell phone from the front counter. The loss was $600.

July 19: Someone punched the lock of a 2013 Chrysler that was parked at 2470 N. Federal Hwy. and stole a briefcase, sunglasses and prescription glasses. The loss was $1,195.

July 19: Someone stole a tag off a 1985 Chevy parked at 2310 NE 29 St.


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