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Heart of Glass: A reflection of resilience–Glasstress 2021 Boca Raton

Posted on 24 February 2021 by Rachel Galvin

“Quantum Leap” by Vik Muniz.

By Rachel Galvin

You may have heard the expression of someone wearing their heart on their sleeve, but what about encapsulating it within a pane of glass? The heart and soul of over 30 artists was poured into one-of-a-kind artworks now on display at the Boca Raton Museum of Art in Mizner Park. The exhibit, entitled Glasstress, began on Jan. 27 and runs through Sept. 5. It includes artwork from Ai Weiwei, Fred Wilson, Joyce J. Scott, Jimmie Durham, Ugo Rondinone, Fiona Banner, Vik Muniz, Monica Bonvicini, Jake & Dinos Chapman, Laure Prouvost, Renate Bertlmann, Thomas Schütte, Loris Gréaud, Erwin Wurm and more. Most of these artists have, during their careers, been invited to participate in the Venice Biennale. The pieces chosen for the exhibit were handpicked by Kathleen Goncharov, the museum’s Senior Curator, who traveled to Italy in 2019. (At the time of this reporter’s visit, some of the pieces had not yet arrived at the museum due to delays because of COVID-19). Ever-resilient, many of the artists were hard at work making these creations during the pandemic.

Irvin Lippman, the museum’s Executive Director, said of the exhibit: “Three years in the making, with 2020 being such a challenging year to coordinate an international exhibition of this size and scope, the effort serves as an important reassurance that art is an essential and enduring part of humanity. This is also a tribute to the resilience of Venice’s surviving the floods and continuing to make art through the pandemic.”

Much like sand combined with heat creates glass, these projects required the craftsmanship of at least two to make them come to life. Each artist worked in collaboration with a master glass artisan at Berengo Studio on the island of Murano near Venice. Due to pandemic lockdowns, sometimes, that collaboration was done via Zoom. (This reporter has been to this Italian island, known for its glassmaking, and even taken a tour. There is something magical about watching the glass blown art come to life).

Each piece is a unique dichotomy of fragility and strength and such are the artistic creations shown at the museum. A catalyst of fire brings about the changeling’s transformation. Melted molten substance, stretched like taffy has life breathed into its length giving it shape. A mysterious alchemy unfolds resulting in magical forms – bulbous and alien until its purpose is decided. The possibilities are endless. It is the essence of creation itself.

Adriano Berengo said within the introduction of the catalogue that accompanies the exhibition, “The concept of transformation has always held an affinity with glass, a medium which, as the name Glasstress suggests– exists in a state of constant tension. As it morphs from molten liquid to defined solid shapes, glass reinvents itself.”

Within the exhibition, glass serves many purposes. None of it is there to just sit pretty. Each piece is symbolic and requires study to glean its meaning. Some is more utilitarian. Many others, like “DNA Has No Color” by Nancy Burson, which spells out those words, and “Acqua Alta,” by Valeska Soares, which uses glass to look like plastic bottles that cause problems in our environment, send a message.

Other pieces show the extent of glass’ mobility. How far can it stretch? To what lengths will it go? What boundaries could it break? “Outside the Bubble,” by Sudarshan Shetty, seems to defy gravity itself as the bulbous blob bauble of glass slumps off the table as just ready to fall slowly like a teardrop, but held in suspended animation… in place for all eternity. Saint Clair Cemin’s “Innocence” showcases the ultimate futility and instability as his 24 chairs not only are too small, unstable and disfigured for sitting anything upon, but to add to it, they are hung on a wall for decoration, never to fulfill their given purpose. Similarly, Vik Muniz’ ”Quantum Leap” is comprised of chalices never to be drunk from, unless you are a giant, as each stands 5 to 6 feet tall. They are made in bright colors, and sit as sort of hosts beckoning guests into the exhibition. They may be sturdy but their intricate patterns make them seem very fragile. “The Pandemic Oculus,” by Tim Tate, is a rounded and framed piece filled with puffed up faces of woe in sickly green. The eeriness of it makes it hard to look upon – a perfect symbol for its solemn message about a pandemic, fitting for COVID-19 times… perhaps too fitting… These are just a few of the many pieces on display– each filled with meaning and symbolism. Part of the exhibition is a film called “The Unplayed Notes Factory” by Loris Gréaud. Make sure not to miss it before or after seeing the rest of the exhibit.

Speaking of dark subjects, another exhibition within the museum is “An Irresistible Urge to Create: The Monroe Family Collection of Florida Outsider Art.” It features darkly painted views of the world from people who have had their fair share of darkness… people with mental illness, disabilities or who are on the outskirts of society, people who have turned to artistic endeavors as a means of therapy. Within each piece, there are similar figures seen – depictions of heaven and hell, wild animals, all manner of twisted creatures and tortured souls. For fans of raw art, this is quite a find.

Upstairs you will find an exhibit that you can take at face value. It is all faces, painted in detailed precision by Paul Gervais. It is called “Faces and Forms” and their accuracy is stunning, more like a photograph than a painting.

Also make sure to see all of the rest of the collections on display throughout the museum, including ancient artifacts and other glass works. 

For more information on the museum, visit https://bocamuseum.org. More photos coming soon on The Observer Newspaper Online Facebook page.


"Quantum Leap" by Vik Muniz.

Outside the Bubble,” by Sudarshan Shetty.


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Delray’s 9th annual Fashion Week starts Wednesday

Posted on 22 February 2021 by JLusk

[Photo is from last year, taken by Rachel Galvin]
Every year, people come out to Delray for the annual fashion week activities, including shopping events, networking and amazing runway shows. This year, will be a little different due to COVID. But the event is still happening. All proceeds still benefit Achievement Centers for Children and Families.
You can expect outdoor, open-air and safe, distanced environments for the following events:
February 24, 11:30 a.m. – 3 p.m.
Resort wear & Evening wear Fashion Luncheon at Taru at Sundy House

Delray Beach Celebrates our Tropical Paradise with this themed Fashion Show featuring over 20 Delray Beach shops and local designers. This ticketed, seated runway show features a reception, 3-course lunch, silent auction, and fashion show. Each guest will also receive a signature Amanda Perna swag bag and entry into a raffle package worth over $500. Space is limited. Tickets must be bought in groups of 2, 4, 6, or 8 to help maintain social distancing.
Tickets: $125 per person, including swag bag, lunch, and the fashion show.

February 25, 4-7 p.m:
Sunset Sip & Shop through Pineapple Grove
Check-in at Arts Warehouse and grab a welcome beverage at 3rd & 3rd
Join us for a Sunset Shop & Sip through the Pineapple Grove area of Downtown Delray Beach. Each guest will receive a complimentary beverage and grab your complimentary 2021 Fashion Week goodie bag with shopping specials, then shop retailers in the Pineapple Grove area of Downtown Delray Beach. Enter for chances to win in each participating retailer’s stores. Tickets required for this event.
Tickets: $25 per person.

February 26, 10 a.m. – 5 p.m.
Sunsational Shop & Stroll along Atlantic Ave.
Check-in at one of Downtown Delray’s newest restaurants, Lionfish for a welcome beverage with some light brunch bites, plus a complimentary 2021 Fashion Week goodie bag with shopping specials.
Join us for a Sunsational Shop & Stroll down Atlantic Avenue going East from Swinton. Each guest will receive a complimentary beverage, light brunch bites, plus a complimentary 2021 Fashion Week Goodie Bag.
Tickets required for this event.
Tickets: $25 per person.

February 27
Downtown Trunk Shows & In-Store Events
Visit: www.delrayfashionweek.com for details
February 28
Downtown Trunk Shows & In-Store Events
Visit: www.delrayfashionweek.com for details
*Limited tickets are available due to COVID-19 and the safety of all attendees and participants.
This event would not be possible without the support of partners Menin Development Inc. and 4th & 5th Delray. 


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International Fishing Pier Sightseeing and Fishing Passes Available Monday, Feb. 22

Posted on 17 February 2021 by JLusk

The City of Deerfield Beach Parks and Recreation Department would like to inform residents and visitors that beginning on Monday, Feb. 22, they will be selling Monthly, Semi-Annual, and Annual Passes, at the International Fishing Pier, 200 NE 21 Ave.
Passes will be available for purchase daily between the hours of 8 a.m. and 5 p.m.
  • Annual Sightseers $75 Residents / $225 Non-Residents / $75 (Active Military/Veterans/First Responders)
  • Six Month Sightseers $150 Non-Residents
  • Monthly Sightseers $25 Non-Residents
  • Annual Fishing $500 Residents / $550 Non-Residents / $500 (Active Military/Veterans/First Responders)
  • Six Month Fishing $300 Residents / $375 Non-Residents / $300 (Active Military/Veterans/First Responders)
  • Monthly Fishing $50 Residents / $75 Non-Residents / $50 (Active Military/Veterans/First Responders)
For more information, please contact the International Pier at 954-480-4407.

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Boil Water Order canceled

Posted on 17 February 2021 by JLusk


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Commissioner Drosky Elected to Broward League Executive Committee

Posted on 16 February 2021 by JLusk

The City of Deerfield Beach is excited and proud to announce that District 4 Commissioner Todd Drosky has been named Secretary of the Broward League of Cities.
He was elected unanimously by the League’s Board of Directors and will begin to serve in the role immediately, but only until this May, which is when he will advance to 2nd Vice President. The Secretary position was vacated by an outgoing Dania Beach Commissioner. In 2022, he will become, 1st Vice President, then President in 2023.
This is the first time the City of Deerfield Beach will have one of its own elected officials on the Broward League’s Executive Committee, and in line to become president of the organization.
“This speaks volumes to the work of the Deerfield Beach City Commission and its proactive role in getting involved with issues that affect not just our City, but the entire County. Many years of hard work are being recognized and will pay off for the residents of Deerfield Beach, who will now have a large voice in County matters to come. I am proud to have been chosen by my fellow elected colleagues county-wide and look to represent Deerfield Beach with dignity and more hard work in the upcoming years ,” said Commissioner Drosky.
In his additional new role, Commissioner Drosky hopes to continue to advocate for the protection of Home Rule and the betterment of the City of Deerfield Beach through regional relationships and collaboration.
Commissioner/Secretary Drosky believes that in light of the COVID-19 pandemic, the work and mission of the Broward League has never been more urgent or essential than it is right now.
“This pandemic has affected every corner of our county. Our people are hurting, and the need has never been greater. This organization will be essential when the time comes to lobby our legislators in Tallahassee for all that our citizens need and deserve. I am prepared and proud to be a part of that effort,” said Commissioner/Secretary Drosky.
The Broward League of Cities is a non-partisan, non-profit organization comprised of elected officials from Broward County’s 31 municipal governments. The organization serves over 1.8 million residents and more than 125 associate government, non-profit, and business organizations. The Broward League is dedicated to identifying and resolving problems, which affect day-to-day operations of local government, including legislation at the county, state, and federal levels.

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Deerfield Municipal Elections

Posted on 16 February 2021 by JLusk

District 3 residents will be able to choose their commissioner on March 9. Will they choose the incumbent, Bernie Parness or bring back Richard Rosenzweig, who was in office for a term before Bernie? District 3 will find out after the election. 

Mayor Ganz and District 4 Commissioner Todd Drosky also were up for reelection, but no one ran against them, so they will continue to remain in office for the next term.

Want to know where your polling place is or get other info.? Visit www.browardsoe.org or call 954-480-4213.

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Pioneer Days 2021

Posted on 14 February 2021 by Rachel Galvin

By Rachel Galvin

This year, Pioneer Day was a little different due to COVID-19. Instead of a parade and events down on the beach, there were festivities on only one day and held where the event all began — at Pioneer Park. 

The event included live entertainment and food trucks. The historical society was there and had a booth not only showing local history, and commemorative items to buy, but also an alcohol booth, including a special Cracker Day drink — Jack Daniels and Root Beer, and it came with a box of Cracker Jacks. (Pioneer Day originally was called Cracker Day, as in the farmers that cracked the whip). There also were live artists painting.

The event was held with safety in mind. People have to register and there was limited capacity, in three different separate groups through the day. People had their temperatures checked before entry and received a blanket for sitting in one of the socially distant chalked-in squares on the grass, and a hand sanitizer. There also were hand sanitizer stations. Everyone was required to wear masks as well.

Artist Garbriela Gamperl had a tent where she taught people about pointillistic painter George Seurat and gave everyone a canvas and paints, and they could use Q-tips to make their own pointillistic masterpieces.

The live entertainment on the list for the day included Randi Fishenfeld and Wildfire, Jay Valor, Joey Gilmore and Kong the DJ.

See more pictures coming on The Observer Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Observer-Newspaper-118917374853101

Fun at Pioneer Days while serving up good eats.

Artist Gabriela Gamperl talked about artist George Seurat and everyone did pointillistic paintings.

Everyone gets a blanket to use and take home.


Sweet Lipz, serving up sweet treats, was one of the food trucks.



Commissioner Hudak speaks.
Randi Fishenfeld plays.
Christina Rice paints.

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DB City Facilities Closed for President’s Day

Posted on 12 February 2021 by JLusk

All Deerfield City facilities, with exception to the Deerfield Beach International Fishing Pier, will be closed on Monday, Feb. 15, 2021 , in recognition of President’s Day. The Aquatic Center and Recycling Drop-Off Center will also be closed on this date.
Solid Waste pick-up will remain on its normal schedule. Residents are encouraged to put out their solid waste containers the night before to ensure collection.
For additional information contact the City of Deerfield Beach at 954-480-4201.

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11th Annual Billfish Tournament at Two Georges at The Cove

Posted on 11 February 2021 by Rachel Galvin

Photos & Story By Rachel Galvin
The 11th Annual Two Georges at The Cove Billfish Tournament was held Feb. 4-6. After the weigh-in, they had an awards ceremony. In first place, was Island Rover, who caught three Sailfish. Second place was Florida Man with two Sailfish and third place was Remix with one Sailfish and also Female Angler. The Largest Kingfish caught was 15 lbs., reeled in by Fish Angler Tom Wey. There were six Kingfish caught and 11 Sailfish.
Proceeds benefit the Boys & Girls Club, Jim & Jan Moran unit. A representative from Two Georges said they had more people attend this year and they brought in more funds than usual. They are still in the process of counting the amount.
The new owner of Two Georges at The Cove, Lou Moshakos of LM Restaurants, was in attendance, as well as Boys & Girls Club’s VP of Development, Karriem Edwards, along with Two Georges staff.
For more info. on Two Georges, visit www.twogeorgesrestaurant.com. 

Photo by KarriemEdwards

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BSO investigate fatal drive by shooting

Posted on 08 February 2021 by JLusk

Broward Sheriff’s Office homicide detectives are investigating a drive by shooting that left one man dead in Pompano Beach. 
At approximately 11:43 p.m., Feb. 6, Broward Sheriff’s Office deputies responded to a shooting in the 2200 block of Northwest 4th Street in Pompano Beach. 
According to BSO homicide detectives, multiple subjects fired multiple shots from a dark blue sedan striking two men. Pompano Beach Fire Rescue responded and transported one of the victims, identified as Izell Williams, to Broward Health North where he was pronounced deceased. 
A second victim, an adult male, was transported by a neighbor to Broward Health North suffering from a not life threatening gunshot wound, prior to deputies arriving on scene.

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