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DB Night out against crime

Posted on 09 August 2012 by LeslieM

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DB Country Music Fest

Posted on 08 August 2012 by LeslieM

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TLC Recovery Hearing

Posted on 08 August 2012 by LeslieM

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Batman Midnight Show – Paragon

Posted on 08 August 2012 by LeslieM

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Slideshow – CO Theater Shooting

Posted on 08 August 2012 by LeslieM

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Publisher’s Perspective: Historical Essay No. 73

Posted on 08 August 2012 by LeslieM

My wife requests that I write about some of the “humorous” experiences she has heard me talk about from my college years in the early ‘60s. So … here it goes.

My first year in college there was a tall skinny kid with black hair and a flat top haircut named Wally Smith who lived next door to me in the dormitory. We nicknamed him “spider” because he could spread his legs way out in the dorm hall and shuffle each foot up the wall until he could touch the ceiling with his hands.

One Friday night, he suggested a few of us go downtown to the theatre to see a popular new movie that had just started showing. It was a last minute thing, so, when we arrived there, bought our popcorn and drinks, and entered the theatre, it was obvious from the crowd that all the good seats were already taken. We were going to have to sit down in the front row. But, just as we started down, Wally stopped us and said “Stay here for a moment and I’ll get us some good seats.” We had no idea what he was about to do.

Suddenly, I heard a loud sound coming from the balcony of someone throwing up simultaneous with wet popcorn falling down on the people in the best seats in front of us. Wally had poured some of his coke in the box of popcorn and was shaking it out on the people below simultaneously with his “throw-up” sounds. The people below jumped up to get away from what they thought was nasty stuff coming down on them. At first, we didn’t know what was happening – just that Wally appeared suddenly and pushed all of us forward to take the seats that had just been abandoned. I couldn’t fully enjoy the movie for feeling guilty about the way Wally had gotten us the good seats. But, I have to admit, it makes me smile sometimes when I think about it. Wally eventually flunked out.

David Eller, Publisher

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FLICKS: My 13th year & To Rome With Love

Posted on 08 August 2012 by LeslieM

By Dave Montalbano


This month marks the 13th year since I wrote my first review. To put these 13 years in perspective, if a parent read my review to their child, the child would be starting Kindergarten in 1999. That same child would now be packing for their freshman year for college.

My first review was a positive one, for the Steve Martin- Eddie Murphy comedy, “Bowfinger,” which still holds up as an entertaining yarn. During the summer of 1999, the competition for box office dollars included two Julia Roberts comedies (“Notting Hill,” “Runaway Bride”), “Star Wars Episode I The Phantom Menace” and the second “Austin Powers” movie. Feeling nostalgic?

While 2012 has presented some good blockbusters (“The Dark Knight Rises,” Marvel’s “The Avengers,” “Prometheus”), this summer has represented much disappointment. High priced celebrities like Julia Roberts, Tom Cruise and Alec Baldwin failed to attract ticket buyers. Besides “Rock of Ages,” Baldwin presides over another box office disappointment, Woody Allen’s “To Rome with Love.”

Last year’s “Midnight in Paris” was the first Woody Allen movie to make me forget about his scandal involving Mia Farrow from 20 years ago. So it was with high expectations that I viewed Allen’s new film “To Rome With Love.”

Alas, this newest film is a dull retread about Woody Allen’s usual neurosis and existential theories. The only saving grace to this motion picture is the postcard cinematography celebrating Italy’s Eternal City.

“To Rome with Love” takes its cues from Italian farce. We are introduced to a young couple in love, their future inlaws and outside characters who are more interesting than the leads. The set-up to the punchlines is forced and so are the payoffs.

The 2012 Olympics wraps up Sunday and, hopefully, will release some more interesting movies before football season begins.

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OWL CORNER: Storey called up by Houston Astros

Posted on 08 August 2012 by LeslieM

As football training camp opens this week in preparation for the season opener on August 31 against Wagner College, there is one unexpected, but positive story line that occurred on Friday, August 3.

Former FAU Pitcher Mickey Storey was called up by the Houston Astros and arrived in Atlanta at 6:30 a.m., taking an overnight trip from Portland, OR, where his AAA team was playing, according to MLB.com.

Hours later, the 2008 graduate was making his bigleague debut, retiring the only two batters he faced against the Braves in Atlanta.

The first hitter Storey faced was veteran Dan Uggla, who started at second base for the National League in the 2012 Major League, Baseball All-Star Game.

Through Sundays action, the Astros are 36-73 and 30.5 games back behind National League Central Division leader the Cincinnati Reds and are the worst team in baseball. The Astros are playing their final year in the Senior Circuit.

Houston will begin play in the American League West in 2013 and will need all the capable pitching it can get as the Astros face the designated hitter.

The right-handed Storey compiled a 7-4 record with a 3.05 ERA this summer for Oklahoma City. He struck out 72 batters in 65 innings and yielded only 14 walks.

At FAU, Storey ranked second all-time in Owls history with 292 strikeouts and is tied for second in wins with 23.

He threw the program’s last no-hitter in 2006 against Campbell University, after being named the 2005 National Freshman of the Year by Collegiate Baseball.

Storey is the seventh FAU baseball player to advance the major leagues. Jeff Beliveau is currently a relief pitcher for the Chicago Cubs (43-62) after being called up from the minor leagues in July.

There are now two players who got called up this summer by struggling teams.

For Storey and Beliveau, these promotions mean they have excellent opportunities.

With no disrespect to September, this is a month where the rosters are expanded to 40 players and it is considered “The Cup Of Coffee” to make an impression for Spring Training.

It will be interesting to monitor the careers of Storey and Beliveau in the coming years.

Scott Morganroth can be reached at www.scottsports33.com.

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Posted on 08 August 2012 by LeslieM


August 4 Three bicycles were reported stolen from a garage at 1536 SE 7 Court. Total loss was estimated at $500.

August 5 A woman parked her van behind her business at 1371 S. Military Trail. The van is used for a dog grooming business. The interior was ransacked and three clippers, five scissors and a flat-screen television were stolen.

August 5 Three men were observed by a clerk at Texaco, 4517 N. Dixie Hwy., disabling a meter to steal gasoline. They filled up five vehicles and stole 155 gallons of gasoline. Loss was estimated at $620.

August 5 A woman reported that someone stole her car. Thief was unable to steer the car because of an anti-theft device on the steering wheel and was only able to get across the street. The theft was reported at 103 SE 10 Court.

August 5 A man was arrested and charged with disorderly intoxication at 1011 S. Federal Hwy.

August 5 It was reported that the front glass door at the Hess Station at 714 S. Federal Hwy. was shattered. A cash register with $10 in change was stolen.

DEERFIELD – District 4

August 2 Residential burglary took place at Country Knolls Mobile Home Park, NW 48 Court and NW 49 Street, at 5:07 p.m. Complainants reported that between noon on July 25 and noon on August 2, their residences were broken into. Point of entry (POE) at the first location was by broken window in the rear. POE at the second location was undetermined – possibly left unlocked. Taken from both residences were TV and computers. Both scenes were processed and the area was canvassed.

Remember, if you see anything suspicious, call 911 immediately.


July 28 A manager of the Publix at 3700 N. Federal Hwy. stopped a man who was stealing items. The manager declined prosecution but the man was issued a trespass warning.

July 31 A woman reported that the sliding door leading to the master bedroom was shattered. The bedroom was ransacked and some costume jewelry was stolen. Report was made at 2100 NE 34 Court.

July 31 A woman reported her home at 2862 NE 34 Court was burglarized and a pair of earrings were stolen. Damage to the door was reported.

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Letters to the Editor

Posted on 08 August 2012 by LeslieM

Beach parking stickers

Dear Editor:

Since cities and towns are having a hard time at budget time continue to offer programs to constituents, it’s hard to understand why Deerfield commissioners came up with the new beach sticker fees.

Thousands of snowbirds pay taxes and deserve the right to a beach sticker. How many beach stickers were sold to non year- round residents last year? When they return this year and are told they are not eligible for a beach sticker, they should make their voices heard in dissent.

If it’s necessary to give an edge to year-round residents, then why not have a non-resident sticker with a higher fee? That is how many northern beaches show their appreciation to these residents and acknowledge their contribution to town coffers.

Joe Rubino

Deerfield Beach

Editor’s note: See ordinance below, passed by Deerfield Beach city commission after June 19 first reading and July 11 second reading.



SECTION 1. Section 66-78 of the City of Deerfield Beach Code of Ordinances is hereby amended to read as follows: Sec. 66-78. – Requirements for parking stickers.

(a) No person shall be issued a city parking sticker unless he produces the following original documents or facsimile thereof:

(1) A valid current State of Florida vehicle registration in the name of the applicant or evidence that the applicant has a lease on the vehicle for which the sticker is to be purchased for a period in excess of 180 continuous days both of which must reflect a City of Deerfield Beach address; and

(2) One of the following:

a. A Southern Bell telephone bill showing that the applicant has paid a telephone bill for a residence within the city in the month preceding the month in which that person seeks to purchase a Deerfield Beach parking sticker. Where the telephone bill indicates payment for a Deerfield Beach address by a person with the same last name as the applicant, such bill shall be sufficient if the applicant can produce a valid Florida driver’s license held by himself and listing the same address. The address for which the telephone bill is listed must be a city residence;

b. A city water bill indicating that the person seeking the parking sticker has paid for water service within the city during the month preceding the month in which that person seeks to purchase a city parking sticker. The location for which the water bill was paid must be a residence. Where the water bill indicates payment for a Deerfield Beach address by a person with the same last name as the applicant, such bill shall be sufficient if the applicant can produce a valid Florida driver’s license held by himself and listing the same address;

c. A current voter’s registration card indicating that the person seeking a city parking sticker is a permanent resident of the city;

d. A Florida Power and Light electric bill indicating that the person seeking a city parking sticker received a Florida Power and Light bill for a residence located within the city during the month preceding the month in which the person seeks to purchase a city parking sticker. The address represented on the Florida Power and Light bill must be a residence; or

e. Such other evidence of residency as may be determined from time to time by the city commission by resolution.

(2) A current State of Florida driver’s license; and

(3) A current utility bill reflecting a City of Deerfield Beach address for the applicant or, in the alternative, a valid Florida voter registration card for the applicant with a City of Deerfield Beach address;

(4) The last name and address on all required documents must match.

(b) No person may purchase a city parking sticker who has outstanding and unpaid any city parking citation.

(c) Residents shall be permitted to purchase only one sticker per vehicle. When a sticker is purchased for a particular vehicle as indicated in the vehicle registration, it may not be used for any other vehicle.

(d) The chamber of commerce shall be permitted to purchase 25 stickers per year at the prevailing cost; provided only that each sticker purchased by the chamber of commerce is used to promote tourism and business activities in the city. The chamber may not sell these stickers for more than their actual cost.

(e)(d)The city administration is authorized to formulate an application form for city parking stickers. An applicant for a sticker must sign a statement indicating that he is a permanent resident of the city at the time the sticker is purchased and that the sticker shall not be placed upon a vehicle owned by a nonresident or on a vehicle which is not described in the valid vehicle registration presented with the application.

SECTION 2. It is the intention of the City Commission and it is hereby ordained that the provisions of this ordinance shall become and be made a part of the Code of Ordinances of the City of Deerfield Beach Florida, and the sections of this ordinance may be renumbered to accomplish such intent.

SECTION 3. If any word, phrase, clause, sentence, or section of this ordinance is for any reason held unconstitutional or invalid, the invalidity thereof shall not affect the validity of any remaining portions of this ordinance.

SECTION 4. That this ordinance shall be in full force and effect immediately upon its passage and adoption.

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