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FLICKS: Indignation, The Bride & Star Trek Beyond

Posted on 04 August 2016 by LeslieM

By “Cinema” Dave


As history has revealed with the opening of the two-week miniseries known as The Olympics, the motion picture box office is anticipated to suffer. Forty summers ago, America listened to Jim McKay host the Montreal Olympics on the ABC Network that featured Nadia Comaneci, Sugar Ray Leonard, the Spinks brothers and Bruce Jenner, when John Wayne’s last movie, The Shootist was released. Cinematic History has also shown that classic gems seem to get lost during these international games.

Based on the novel written by Phillip Roth, Indignation opens tomorrow. The author of Goodbye Columbus, Portnoy’s Complaint and The Human Stain, Indignation offers another perspective of Roth’s familiar themes: Jewish-American culture, conformity and alienation. With the Korean War as a backdrop, we meet a New Jersey working-class student who transfers to a small Ohio college.

Having screened at the Miami International Film Festival last Spring, The Bride opens tomorrow in neighborhood cinemas. A Spanish film with English subtitles, The Bride is based on the play Bodas de sangre by Federico García Lorca. This melodrama opens with a wedding being interrupted by a man on a white horse. The Bride follows the destructive course of a love triangle between two men and one woman.

For good old Saturday matinee popcorn-eating fun, Star Trek Beyond will fit your bill. While acknowledging the 50 year anniversary of the television show, this new Star Trek is a stand-alone movie about the Starship Enterprise’s fabled five year mission.

On day 966 (yes, this day is a significant “Easter egg”), the Enterprise crew is planning shore leave. The crew is suffering from boredom of routine. While Captain Kirk (Chris Pine) is seeking promotion, Spock (Zachary Quinto) and Uhura’s (Zoe Saldana) relationship has reached a standstill. When a distress call is heard, the Enterprise crew cancel shore leave.

Buckle your seat belts, because this adventure takes on a bumpy ride as the Enterprise is decimated by a new enemy named Krall (Idris Elba), a lizard-like villain with a deep hatred for Captain Kirk’s employer, the Federation. As the Enterprise crew faces disaster after disaster, the individuals unite to fight a powerful enemy.

Co-written by Simon Pegg (who plays Chief Engineer “Scotty”), this 12th big screen Star Trek is filled with humor and fantastic visual action, whether epic space battles, vicious fist fights or cliffhanging escapes. Star Trek Beyond will also be remembered for quiet scenes involving the stoic Spock grieving over a lost mentor.

There is no denying the spectacle of the Olympics opening. However, for those seeking an alternative distraction from the outside heat, Star Trek Beyond provides summer shade. For those seeking more serious fare, The Bride or Indignation may be the film for you.

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Posted on 04 August 2016 by LeslieM

Deerfield Beach

July 22: A woman reported that a man stole her phone while she was at the pool. The man fled in a car. The incident took place at 603 Siesta Key Circle.

July 22: Someone stole four factory wheels and tires from a vehicle at 588 Trace Cir.

July 22: A woman was observed stealing four pieces of jewelry and a pair of shoes for a total loss of $91.95 at Marshalls at 3852 W. Hillsboro Blvd.

July 22: A woman reported her home at 503 NE 47 St. was burglarized and a purse, Florida driver’s license, phone, six credit cards and $40 were stolen.

Lighthouse Point

July 1: Someone took the victim’s kayak from the east side of his home at 2751 NE 48 Court. The loss was $500.

July 2: A subject took $76.67 in meat and fled the store at 3700 N. Federal Hwy. without paying for it. He did pay for some other groceries in his car. The subject was apprehended outside the store.

July 2: The victim said he used his wallet at a gas station at 4900 N. Federal Hwy. and couldn’t find it when he went to his car. The loss was $42.

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Posted on 04 August 2016 by LeslieM

Dive in Movies: McFarland USA

Friday, Aug. 5, 8 p.m.

Houston Sworn Pool

901 NW 10 St.

Pompano Beach, FL 33060

Cool off with a dip in the pool while you enjoy a feature film. Snacks and refreshments will be available. For more information, call 954-786-4116 or visit www.pompanobeachfl.gov.

Rainforest Grand Opening

Saturday, Aug. 6, 9 a.m.

Constitution Park’s Arboretum

2841 Hillsboro Blvd.

Deerfield Beach, FL 33442

Come see the newly-constructed rainforest. Light hors d’oeuvres and refreshments will be served. For additional information, call Constitution Park at 954-480-4494.

Superhero Splash Bash

Friday, Aug. 5, 6 to 10 p.m.

Quiet Waters Park

401 S. Powerline Rd.

Deerfield Beach, FL 33442

Family event with games, splash water park playtime, a movie, bounce house, prizes and more. All ages. $6 per person, children 1 year and under free. Pre-registration required; call 954-357-5100.

Registration and tour — NE Focal Point

Saturday, Aug. 6, 9 a.m to noon

227 NW 2 St.

Deerfield Beach, FL 33441

Free Voluntary Pre Kindergarten offered for ages 2-5 years, beginning Aug. 22. Open year round, Monday to Friday, 7 a.m. to 6 p.m. Tuition includes breakfast, lunch and snacks. Art, music, computer classes and swimming lessons also included. Teachers are certified. 5+Quality Rated School with APPLE Accreditation. For information, call 954-480-4473 or email jhafer@fdeerfield-beach.com.

Guided Tour

Saturday, Aug. 6, 10 a.m. to 2 p.m.

Historic Butler House

380 E. Hillsboro Blvd.

Deerfield Beach, FL 33441

Guided tours of the Historic Butler House. New Alice B Gift Shop now open. Visit www.deerfield-history.org or call 954-429-0378 for information.

Deerfield Beach Orchid Society meeting

Tuesday, Aug. 9, 7:30 p.m.

Woman’s Club of Deerfield Beach

910 E. Hillsboro Blvd.

Deerfield Beach, FL 33441

Speaker: Thanh Nguyen, owner-operator of Springwater Orchids, Melbourne, FL. Guests or new members always welcome. No charge for a guest to visit first two times. After that, there is an annual membership fee. Visit: www.deerfieldbeachorchidsociety.org or email deerfieldbeachorchidsociety@gmail.com for information.

Seeking vendors: 2nd Annual Women in Deerfield Beach Expo

To be held: Thursday, Sept. 15, 5:30 to 7:30 p.m. at Royal Fiesta Caterers in The Cove Shopping Center, 1680 SE 3 Court, Deerfield Beach, FL 33441. Showcase your woman-owned or women-oriented business. Must provide a sample or service to attendees. Vendor space is limited and on a first-come, first-served basis. Register at www.deerfieldchamber.com or call Daisja Brinson at 954-427-1050. Event is presented by the Deerfield Beach Chamber of Commerce.

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CLERGY CORNER: The Light of Redemption

Posted on 04 August 2016 by LeslieM

A friend recently shared with me the following personal story: My business had run so successfully for the last 10 years, I thought I was headed for an early retirement. But the last six months have completely shattered that hope. My business went down big time. I went from being CEO of a large company to searching for part-time work in the classifieds online. Almost overnight, my fortunes made a 180 degree turn and I can no longer enjoy the luxurious lifestyle I once had. I no longer own a holiday home. I sold my yacht and am struggling to be able to hold on to the family home.

But with all this going on, something weird has happened. Everyone around me expected me to fall apart. I had been a workaholic. My business was my life and seeing that go down should have meant that I go down with it. But I didn’t. In fact, just the opposite happened. With less work on my plate, I now have more time to spend with my family. And guess what? I enjoy it. I have gotten to know my 8-year-old daughter better than ever, because I have the space to listen to her. I used to be at the office until 10 or 11 p.m., but now I am home to put the kids to bed, read them a story and give them a goodnight kiss. I used to eat Chinese takeout at my computer every night, but now I sit and eat with my family, hearing about their day and sharing mine with them. I have even started taking walks with my wife like we did when we were newlyweds.

I have come to realize what is really important and where my time and energy should really be spent. Thank G-d I went broke. Otherwise I’d be so rich, and yet so poor. I might have had everything, but I would have had nothing…

This is the white cheese that sometimes comes from the black goat, and the white egg that the black hen lays. We have all seen it, in our own lives and in the lives of those around us. The illness that brings us a deeper perspective in life, the relationship breakdown that allows us to find true love and humility, the passing of a loved one that gives us new appreciation of our short time in this world and the spirituality of life. What the soul understands is that there are two forms of light – light that appears as light and light that appears as darkness. The good times are good. The tough times are there for us to make them good. “Problems are only opportunities with thorns.”

Henny Youngman said: “You know why Jews don’t drink? It interferes with their suffering.” But he was wrong — on two counts. First, many Jews do drink… Second, we don’t want pain. We would rather not have to go through the tough times. We don’t seek out suffering, even if it will make us stronger. We would rather learn the lessons and gain the inspiration we need through pleasant and comfortable means, not through pain. It would be wonderful if all eggs could be born from white hens. But the reality of life is that we all have our share of challenges, difficulties and trials. And as long as that is the case, the human response to life’s challenges is to make them a springboard for positive change.

It is during this time of year, the three weeks of mourning for the Jewish Temples, that we focus on this powerful idea. Destruction is a step toward rebuilding and failure is a chance to regroup and get our strength back. We all go through black times. We all get knocked over and we all fall. But “failure is not falling down, it is staying down.” As Jews, we know that we must get back up, shake off the dust and keep on “laying eggs.”

The Three Weeks, from a Jewish perspective, are like the Black Hole in modern physics, which is filled with endless light, but does not allow it to escape its pull. (A black hole is a region of space in which the gravitational field is so powerful that nothing, including light, can escape its pull.) Our job is to penetrate the black hole and reveal its inner light, the light of Messiah.

Rabbi Tzvi Dechter is the Director of Chabad of the North Broward Beaches. New location coming soon. For all upcoming events, please visit www.JewishLHP.com.

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Everything’s Coming Up Rosen: Time for ‘voter’ school

Posted on 04 August 2016 by LeslieM

By Emily Rosen



I received the big envelope today — the one with a bunch of names, some of which ring a bell, others of which pull a blank – my “test” of citizenship. It’s my ballot for the local primary elections on Aug. 30 and my instinct is to put it aside and pray for the gods to fill it out judiciously for me. (Call your Supervisor of Elections if you haven’t received yours – Broward County : 954-712-1903, Palm Beach County: 561-276-1226)

Unless you’re a “party regular” or actually pay attention to the junk mail ads you get, how would you know what to believe? These people are a sea of faces with important jobs. But are, nonetheless, mostly invisible to the majority of us, including me – a political junkie – who is still faced with the dilemma of executing good choices.

Unless you make primary voting the focus of your life or you are an integral part of the inner circle of the party of your choice, you will be hard pressed to find the resources required to make informed decisions. You can tap a friend or an acquaintance, a person “who knows,” whose judgment is in alignment with your own, and copycat his or her choices, or you can follow the editorial lead of a newspaper of choice [The Observer Election issue is Aug. 25]. You can Google individual names and make judgments based on their experience, background and the position they take on issues, or you can go down the list, guessing and marking names as you used to do with multiple-choice tests in school.

www.vote411.org is a good source sponsored by the non-partisan League of Women Voters, providing information on candidates and the election process. In preparation for the Aug. 30 primary, the league has contacted each local candidate requesting that they complete questionnaires with biographical information and their positions on issues. Voters who go to this website enter their address and it shows only candidates who will be on their ballot. They can compare candidate information and even print out a ballot with their choices.

So while the kids are stocking up on their school supplies, buying new outfits and reconnecting with friends they haven’t seen all summer, it would be a good idea for you to go to “voting school” [to get informed] this month. Do you even know what district you are in? Decide on who you want for state attorney, state senator for your district, circuit judge for your judicial circuit … There are several groups on several ballots, county court judges, school board members, the office of sheriff, property appraiser, supervisor of elections, amendments to the Florida constitution and questions on local ordinances.

Boring? It may not be fun, folks – but it is the bedrock of our democracy which is the ultimate greatness of our country. If we don’t make it our business to become informed about our local governance, then we will no longer have legitimate “griping rights.” Granted — it’s not as exciting as national politics, but this is where it all begins folks.

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