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Posted on 24 February 2011 by LeslieM


Feb. 16 A juvenile was arrested at Deerfield Beach High after he stole a 2002 Ford Explorer from a business on North Dixie Highway.

Feb. 16 Police responded to reports of five juveniles ruining recently-poured concrete on SW 10 Street. Teens were gone when police arrived, but names, words and drawings were already carved into the concrete.

Feb. 17 A woman was unloading her grocery cart at Target on W. Hillsboro Boulevard when a possible gray Honda approached, a black male exited the car and stole her purse from the cart.

Feb. 20 Police were called to SE 8 Avenue after a 55-gallon drum of oil was found spilled into the storm drain. No witnesses.

Feb. 20 Home on NW 3 Court was burglarized and jewelry stolen.

Feb. 20 Peter Alvarado, of Boca, was arrested for trying to steal a toilet from Home Depot.

DEERFIELD — District 4

Feb. 18 BSO deputies working a burglary operation in the Gates of Hillsboro stopped two suspicious people soliciting door to door.  One suspect was in the country illegally and had an extensive criminal past.  He was handed over to Immigration authorities for further investigation.  These suspects are not connected to recent burglaries in the area. Deputies are continuing their efforts to apprehend those responsible.

Feb. 18 BSO deputies responded to the 3200 block of SW 1 Street in Deer Run after an alert neighbor witnessed a suspect remove fishing poles from a residence. Deputies used the information to locate and arrest the suspect near Century Village and Hillsboro boulevards. Suspect was charged with burglary and petit theft. (This is another great example of community policing at work.)

Feb. 22 Male teen was observed knocking on the doors of homes in the Deer Run neighborhood Tuesday morning around 11 a.m.  Resident who reported the activity thought it was suspicious because the young man did not appear to have a reason for approaching these homes. The resident also observed the teen approach a white older model car that had been circling the neighborhood.

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