Broward Schools using Furlough Days to save over $4.5 Million

Posted on 26 May 2011 by LeslieM

More than 800 Broward County Public Schools administrators will receive notices of furlough days for the 2011/2012 school year as part of an effort to help close the budget deficit of $141 million. Superintendent James F. Notter, today, provided notice to the leadership of the District and school administrators’ groups about the number of furlough days.

“These actions are being taken to help mitigate the anticipated budget shortfall that the District is facing,” said Superintendent Notter.

Central and area office administrators and principals will have 15 furlough days and assistant principals will have 10 furlough days for the 2011/2012 school year.  This would be the equivalent of a four to six per cent decrease in salaries for a total of $4,553,085.

The furloughs will impact 212 District administrators, 229 principals and 430 assistant principals.  Also, to maximize the savings in energy, the dates for furlough days will be standardized to the closing of schools and District sites.

District officials will initiate discussions with unions to finalize the number of furlough days for their respective groups. District and school administrators, however, will experience the greatest impact of the furloughs to help shoulder the burden of the State budget reductions.

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