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Posted on 26 January 2012 by LeslieM

Is CVE becoming a police state?

Dear Editor:

I have been banned from the CVE clubhouse for a month because I videoed my wife in a dance class.  I was escorted to the office by two big guys.  My ID was taken.  A week later, I went to the office of Lea Kennedy, the new boss, for a hearing. ”You broke the rules, so no club house.” What rules?

I have been taking video in CVE for years. She opened a drawer and removed a 2- in. thick stack of papers, each with an ID. “These are the people banned from the  clubhouse.” Hundreds. Unbelievable. What bad thing could 70-, 80-, 90-year-olds have done? Every day, I hear the ambulance. A heart attack? A death? We are old  people. Wake up CVE!  Before they turn this place into an “Auschwitz”!

William Garofalo

Cambridge G, Deerfield Beach


Repair of All My Children entranceway

Dear Editor:

When the group that was working on Rescinding the 10% utility tax was looking for a place where they could have their meetings after hours, the owners of All My Children Academy at 377 NW 3 Court offered the use of their facility. When the meetings took place, it was obvious that the driveway for the school’s entranceway was badly in need of repair.

Being a firm believer in Charity begins at Home, the following good Samaritans opened up their checkbooks to make the transformation a reality. They were Dr. Leo J. Robb III, Mike Robb, Tommy Hostetler, and Cove Bagel and Deli.

The muscle needed to do the manual labor was provided by Michael Hunter and Cliff Strowbridge, who earned every penny paid them.

What amazed us was those who like to stand in the spotlight and claim credit for the monies they raise chose not to donate one dime to this project. It’s time that Deerfield Beach support those pleas for money that benefit the residents of Deerfield Beach.

Jean M.Robb

Deerfield Beach

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