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FLICKS: Thin Ice, La Rafle & Megacon

Posted on 16 February 2012 by LeslieM

By Dave Montalbano


If you enjoyed the cold temperatures from this past weekend or received a cold-hearted Valentines, then Thin Ice is the movie for you. Greg Kinnear portrays Mickey, an insurance salesman in Minnesota. While attending a convention in the tropics, Mickey meets a blond femme fatale. When he returns home to his broken marriage with Jo Ann (Lea Thompson), Mickey realizes that he might have the potential expense of alimony.

To score quick cash, Mickey finds a cash cow in Gorvy (Alan Arkin), a seemingly senile man with a valuable violin. Taking advantage of Gorvy’s mental condition, Mickey tries to steal the artifact, but runs into the crosshairs of a prissy salesman (Bob Balaban) and a greedy handyman (Billy Crudup).

This is a dark comedy with a definite payoff. Kinnear is adept at playing sleazy roles like Mickey, yet he manages to find a way for the audience to sympathize with him. Arkin’s Gorvy is the most
sympathetic character and Crudup’s brutal handyman is funny with a touch of Moe Howard.

On a far more serious note, the French Film La Rafle opens this weekend. An award-winning film from American film festivals, including the best audience award from the Miami Jewish Film Festival, this film stars Jean Reno and Mélanie Laurent. La Rafle (translation – The Round Up) explains lost French innocence under Nazi Germany.

On a far less serious note, MegaCon in Orlando commences this weekend. Held in the cradle between Universal and Disney World, this annual convention features the best, and worst, synergy between the comic book and motion picture universes.

While this summer’s corporate blockbusters feature a showdown between the Marvel Comics Universe (The Avengers) and D.C. Comics (The Dark Knight Rises), look for small business to rake in some profits.

My buddy for over 33 years, CJ of CJ’s Comics, is taking two van loads of Superhero supplies. CJ expects to return with one empty van. www.megaconvention.com.

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