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Posted on 30 May 2012 by LeslieM

Alcohol sales on Sundays

Dear Editor:

I will be out of town [June 5], when they decide [whether] to let people buy booze on Sunday morning.

I moved to Deerfield Beach in 1972 and since then, people told me they were going to change the name from Deerfield Beach to Beerfield Beach. We here are always within reach of a bar or store that sells alcohol and never go thirsty.

How many more halfway houses and rehabs do we need here? We are sending the wrong message. ‘Come to Deerfield if you need a drink on the way to church. You can get it, no problem!’

Oh well, there is not a household here, I don’t think, that wasn’t somehow in some way affected by a drunk! Think. Was it a member of your family, a friend, or a complete stranger who almost killed you in a car?

[Mothers Against Drunk Driving] MADD is not a social club. These are serious people trying to help people. The restaurant is serving great food. People will go for the food, not booze.

I really respect your newspaper. You always influence people to do the right thing.

Alcohol is really very slick. It takes on many faces and people will defend it to the death and, it does kill.

I hope [the city commission] will step up, and not be quick about this vote!

John Morrell

Hillsboro Beach


Political ads

Dear Editor:

There’s currently an ad running on TV dealing with the President’s Healthcare Act.

This ad tells half-truths and complete lies. They also try to tear apart the reputation of Senator Bill Nelson.

Senator Nelson is a well-meaning, professional and caring public servant. While this ad appears to be sponsored by the local Chamber of Commerce, it is not. It is sponsored by the National Chamber of Commerce and attacks only Democrats. It obviously is a political pact. Be aware that the only ones represented by this group are international and big business.

If I were a member of a local Chamber of Commerce, I would be very concerned that local citizens would feel that I belonged to a biased group and would treat me and my business accordingly. Please be aware of what you are hearing and seeing during this insane political season.

Demand that your representatives are just that, representing you and that country you love.

Don’t listen to anyone who is more interested in furthering the interests of a political party over the interests and needs of our population and our country.

Take heart. This will ultimately end, and hopefully our politicians will take their oaths of office seriously.

Etta Schaeffer

Boca Raton


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