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Nov. 22 A man was arrested and charged with criminal mischief. He was identified on video surveillance as having scratched a car that resulted in $113.32 worth of damages. The incident was reported at 860 SE 6 Ave., #301.

Nov. 23 A man reported that his car parked at 248 S. Federal Hwy. was entered. A wallet, containing $150, identifications and credit cards, was stolen.

Nov. 23 A man reported that his car parked at 1000 E. Hillsboro Blvd. was broken into and ransacked. Nothing was reported stolen.

Nov. 24 A man was arrested and charged with aggravated assault after he threatened a man with a knife at 4517 N. Dixie Hwy. The man was also found to be in possession of cocaine.

Nov. 24 It was reported that a man entered a business at 3318 W. Hillsboro Blvd. The man stole two computers and fled from the store.

Nov. 25 A woman reported her purse stolen from the Asian Buffet & Grill at 240 S. Federal Hwy. The purse was valued at $2,000 and it contained an iPhone, passport, jewelry, credit cards and cash. Total loss was about $3,000.

Nov. 25 A woman reported that her daughter was the victim of an assault. The mother confronted the man about a threatening message he left on her daughter’s voice mail. The man and the daughter had been dating but had broken up. The man pulled a knife and threatened to kill the mother or the daughter. The man then pushed the daughter to the ground, causing a minor injury. The man fled the area. Incident was reported at 5291 NE 10 Ave.



Nov. 15 A woman came home from work and found that someone had broken into her home at 3150 NE 48 Court and rummaged through the bedroom closet. The thief found a jewelry container and stole two rings, 50 Native American jewelry items, 20 women’s earrings, 50 watches and one bed pillowcase. Total loss was $10,905.

Nov. 18 A woman reported that she hired a man to help her move some boxes from her residence. They decided to go to lunch at Arby’s. The man drove the car. The woman reported that while at the Arby’s drive-thru, the man reached into her purse and stole $200. The woman did not know the name of the man. The incident was reported at 3784 N. Federal Hwy.

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