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Resident upset over new appeals process for potential coaches

Dear Editor:

On Tuesday evening, May 21, the Deerfield Beach city commission caved in by a vote of 4-1 to the demands of convicted felons for a “second chance” under the guise of exercising an alleged “right” to volunteer as athletic coaches for a variety of youth activities.

With a well-reasoned and resounding “no” vote, the District 4 commissioner was the only member of the city commission interested in protecting our kids from even the slightest possibility that one of the “reformed” felons demanding their “right” to coach children would be able to commit [further crimes].

Apparently unpersuaded by the Broward Sheriffs Office (BSO) refusal to even serve on the board that was created to hear appeals from the convicted felons (some of whom pridefully argued that “they did their time”), the District 1 and newly-elected District 3 commissioner spinelessly joined the District 2 commissioner and mayor, who led the charge for a “second chance.”

We can only hope and pray that the “second chance” given to convicted felons by the Deerfield Beach city commission doesn’t turn into a chance to commit sexual and violent crimes.

Patricia A. Phelan

Deerfield Beach


Review of Kingfisher Canal requested

Dear Editor:

We are asking our District 1 commissioner to make a motion that the city administration take into consideration the following 10 steps to improve and maintain the overall health of the Kingfisher Waterway, both visually and systemically.

1) Have a water analysis done which will be comparable to the 1998 analysis, particularly targeting those pollutants which were well beyond allowable limits in 1998.

2) Apply for dredging permits to include at least the westernmost 400 ft. of the Kingfisher Waterway, beginning at the SE 9 Avenue seawall.

3) FDOT to install pollution filtering device(s) in their 72-in. pipe – concerns are stormwater silt, floating debris, grease and oil, and fecal coliform.

4) Determine the routing of the city-owned 24-in. pipe and identify all the locations of drain openings. Replace two antiquated floating debris baffles with the latest technologically advanced pollution filtering device(s).

5) Contact stormwater management firms regarding stormwater filtering in metropolitan areas. Today’s technology is designed to separate and hold grease and oil, sediment and solids from stormwater run-off.

6) Repair the leaking pipe sending a continuous flow of liquid into the 24-in. pipe below the drain opening on the west side of 9 Avenue, directly in line with the Kingfisher opening.

7) Research any area residences that may not be connected to city sewer lines and are still utilizing septic tanks.

8) Monitor [a local] bar and other restaurants which are allowing their grease traps to overflow into the stormwater drains.

9) City Engineer DaBrusco has recommended aerators be installed in the area of the 12 Avenue bridge.

10) Assign regularly-scheduled clean-up personnel to scoop-net floating debris along the SE 9 Avenue seawall in the area of the 72- in. and 24-ft. concrete drains.

John Gerbino

Deerfield Beach

EDITOR’S NOTE: This letter, written by John Gerbino, was read by resident Sarah Moran at the May 21 Deerfield Beach city commission meeting. Mr. Gerbino also spoke. Following discussion, the commission said it will take into consideration the steps presented for the Kingfisher Canal. There was agreement about $1,200 to install floating debris barriers and $8,000-$9,000 for aerators (down from an original estimate of $25,000). City Manager Burgess Hanson asked to make any request for testing, dredging, part of the 2014 budget.

Mayor Jean Robb said the city should also consider adding a stormwater management fee (equivalent to about $3 a month on residents’ water bills) in the next budget, to pay for upkeep of local canals.


New Deerfield Beach Sign Ordinance NOT Business-Friendly

Dear Editor:

I am the Massage Envy arrow sign guy AKA Stephen “The Sign Guy From Heaven” on the corner @ Publix on US 1.

The new Temporary Sign Ordinance is not business-friendly at all. The arrow sign can only be 5 sq. ft. The massage Envy sign is around 7 sq. ft. According to the Human Sign stipulations, if I turn into a stone mannequin, that would make me suitable for the position as a dead Human Sign.

4. C says it all.

4. Human signs shall be permitted under limited circumstances set forth herein: c. Human signs are prohibited when the person holding a sign or other display is seated,is seated or standing on a prop or is on stilts, or when a person shakes, swings, oscillates, waves, rotates or twirls, or throws the sign; and

I talked to Stephen at Brew Dog this morning. He is getting on the docket for the next city council meeting [June 4]. I was at the last city council meeting and at the end asked the Mayor if I would get in trouble for dancing and spinning. I will keep her response to myself at this time. She is a nice lady and I know sympathetic to small business owners.

Stephen, ‘The Sign Guy From Heaven’

Deerfield Beach

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