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March 15. Someone cut a hole in the fence at Deerfield Storage at 950 S. Powerline Rd. An attempt was made to burglarize the storage units.

March 15. A residence at 590 Deer Creek Emerald Way E. was burglarized. Jewelry and $300 in cash were stolen.

March 15. A woman reported her wallet stolen at 2501 W. Sample Rd.

March 15. A man reported that his car was damaged by a man who hit the car with his skateboard during a road rage incident. The incident was reported at 234 N. Ocean Dr.

March 16. A vehicle was stolen from 255 SW 3 Ave. and later recovered at 4200 NE 5 Ave.

March 16. A man reported his vehicle stolen from 901 NE 50 St.

March 17. An air conditioning unit was stolen from 5155 NW 2 Ave.

DEERFIELD District 4

March 9 Robbery was reported at Papa John’s Pizza, 3869 W. Hillsboro Blvd., at Deerfield Town Square. A Papa John’s Pizza employee advised BSO that he was the shift manager and was in his office finishing up for the night. He advised that an unknown male wearing a ski mask in all black clothing robbed him at gunpoint. The suspect fled in an unknown direction and method of travel.


Feb. 18: A victim’s business e-mail at 3550 N. Federal Hwy. was hacked. Someone attempted to wire transfer money to a bank. Two counterfeit checks in the amounts of $4,910 and $4,750 were processed at a bank in Broward County.

Feb. 19: A victim went to retrieve tools from a storage room at 4111 NE 21 Way and found that someone had broken the chicken wire enclosure and stole a saw and other tools. It was unknown what exactly was missing.

Feb. 24: While reviewing statements at the business located at 3650 N. Federal Hwy., a victim noticed 10 blank business check stubs were made out to a former employee in the amount of $820. The subject was interviewed and told police that he was formerly a cook at the business and admitted to the theft. Police said he also admitted to being a crack addict.

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