Posted on 23 April 2015 by LeslieM

RE: Development on former Burial Ground

Dear Editor:

I have been following, with interest, the articles regarding the plot of land on 2 Avenue that may be the Burial Grounds of our black citizens many years ago.

I know it may be an “eyesore” to the condo residents adjacent to the property.

I understand this. However, to me, this “eyesore” is a hallowed ground. Since no one knows for sure, why must this be turned into a monetary project? This is part of the history of Deerfield and we should treat it with respect. Someone had suggested that it be turned into a little park. I believe that the occupants of that piece of hallowed ground would appreciate that. After all, this was old Deerfield Beach — they were here first — let’s keep them in their domain and not cover them with tall buildings. They deserve that.

Virginia French

Deerfield Beach

RE: Hillsboro Blvd. Lane Elimination

Dear Editor:

As a concerned citizen, I think the plans to eliminate one traffic lane in each direction on Hillsboro Boulevard east of Dixie to U.S. 1 or Federal Highway is questionable.

Common sense tells us that this is an idiotic plan that will fail and cause a traffic problem of unbearable consequences.

I do not know who the harebrained group is who came up with this plan. But do some studies and you will agree with me that this is impractical.

Traffic in the morning and afternoon is now over-capacity and we need more lanes to keep the traffic moving. Once the hi-speed rail is operating, there will be additional pressure on the traffic going east/west and west/east.

I beg you to look closer to elimination of two lanes of traffic in a highly-congested area.

Talk with the people who daily travel that section of Hillsboro Boulevard and listen to their concerns about the current traffic jams and long lines. Ask questions about how many light changes they have before crossing Dixie Highway – either east or west.

Also remember that most of the citizens are uninformed or do not care until the damage is done and then they start complaining. The main objective of Florida Dept. of Transportation (FDOT) should be to move traffic at a safe pace – NOT impede the flow of traffic.

Ronald B. LaVergne

Deerfield Beach

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