Posted on 30 April 2015 by LeslieM

Relay For Life appreciates Community Support

Dear Editor:

On behalf of the Relay For Life of Deerfield Beach/ Lighthouse Point & Hillsboro Beach, we thank these wonderful communities and Deerfield Broward Sheriff’s Office (BSO) for the overwhelming support for our Relay — which took place April 18 and 19.

We could not have made this happen without our outstanding committee.

We had 40 teams, 360 participants, and we raised close to $100,000 to-date — and there is still money coming in.

Special thanks to the City of Deerfield Beach for providing the many resources that contributed to the success that it was.

We also appreciate the numerous sponsors and other businesses, including the Deerfield Observer, that supported us.

This was truly communities coming together to Finish the Fight and MAKE A DIFFERENCE!

Karen Hardy, Event Chair,

Deerfield Beach

Nona Breitenstein, Event

Co-Chair, Lighthouse Point

Drunk, obnoxious boaters and jet skiers

Dear Editor:

Here we are, again, dealing with dozens of drunk, obnoxious boaters and jet skiers who have spent the day at Boca Bash.

A large number of them feel entitled to tie their overloaded crafts to our private dock, disembark and get even more inebriated than they already were.

Our entire day is spent overseeing our property to limit the yearly damage.

They park their vehicles (often large trucks) and boat trailers completely up into our lawn, damaging sod, landscaping and sprinkler systems … and not returning until late evening.

They trash our dock waterway with bottles, cans and extremely foul language. When asked to leave our dock, we are threatened with physical harm. We are unable to leave or re-enter our street, as vehicles and trailers block our way. If we attempt to squeeze through, we are screamed at and threatened.

Although we are on a dead-end street, they race to the end, peel through the culde- sac and race back with no concern for the safety of our residents and families. Our police force is being paid, with our tax dollars, to referee fights of Boca residents who have no respect for Deerfield Beach nor for our officers.

The park, ramp and dock are torn up. Fence rails are destroyed.

We need more officer presence the entire day at the park, ramp and residential neighborhood.

Drivers are intoxicated, boats are overloaded without proper flotation devices, and no lighting for after dark.

Boca should be supplying personnel at their expense, not Deerfield’s.

Lynne Newberry

Deerfield Beach

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