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soc052815washGeorge Washington talks equality

By Rachel Galvin

On May 16, at The Horizon Club in Deerfield Beach, resident Al Sher, 97, had a special event involving a letter written by George Washington.

This first president wrote a letter to the Touro Synagogue in Newport, RI talking about equality for Jewish citizens. Sher shared the content of this letter, which went missing for awhile and was eventually found in a suburban warehouse.

He also gave a review of the American Revolution, including talking about Haym Saloman, who gave $650,000 to help fund the revolution effort and ended up dying at 44, penniless.

The large crowd responded favorably to the event and asked questions at the end.

Yom Yerushalayim

There was a packed house at Century Village clubhouse May 17 for a special event for Yom Yerushalayim (Jerusulem Day) to celebrate the 1967 reunification of Jerusalem.

The featured guest was Israel’s Consul General for Florida and Puerto Rico, Chaim Shacham, who spoke about some of the dangers Israel faces as well as the accomplishments of its citizens. Rabbi Alton Winters of B’nai Shalom, Rabbi Yossi Goldblatt of Deerfield Chabad and Rabbi Yisroel Edelman of Young Israel spoke. Cantor Sherman led those who had gathered in a rendition of the song “Jerusalem of Gold,” as well as “G-d Bless America” and Hatikvah. Two films about Jerusalem and its soldiers were shown. Charlie Parness emceed the festivities and Commissioner Rosenzweig led Pledge of Allegiance. Guests were treated with cookies and bottles of water. It was a great way for Century Village residents to celebrate their faith, culture and Israel.


Edible arrangements” for Shavuot

Rebbetzin Shana Dechter, from Chabad of Lighthouse Point, created a fun event for the Women’s Circle ladies at her Lighthouse Point home on May 19. Everyone made their own “edible arrangements.”

This was one celebration for the holiday of Shavuot, which commemorates G-d’s giving of the Torah to the Jewish people at Mount Sinai.

Also called “Festival of Weeks,” the two-day holiday, this year (in the diaspora) May 23-25, is celebrated seven weeks after Passover.

It is custom to eat dairy products during this holiday. Some, while refraining from work, light candles and stay up all night on the first evening reading the Torah.

For more information on their Chabad and future events, visit


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