Posted on 19 November 2015 by LeslieM

RE: The Cove parking meters

Dear Editor:

For the most part, the audience [at the Nov. 9 commission meeting] seemed to be the most concerned about the nine variances that the hotel builders were asking the city to approve. No one seemed to realize what four of the commissioners agreed to with the first item on the agenda. It was an agreement that Commissioner Miller had worked out with the Brunos and their attorney, Tom Connick. The vice-mayor was smart enough to realize this was a bad deal, but he voted for it anyway. The mayor pointed out this was no different than what had [previously] been proposed on Oct. 6 by the vice mayor. As a result of the proposal at that meeting, Dr. Bruno wrote to the city on Oct. 8 and warned the city that he would sue if any of the variances were approved. What changed?

What the commissioners allowed to happen was an agreement that forced the developer to pay half of the maintenance for The Cove parking lot for 10 years, [with] no mention of who would pay the other half of the annual fee of $37,500. What Miller did for them and the taxpayers of the city was to agree that the city would not try to assess The Cove property owners or attempt to meter the parking lot for 10 years. The city would pay the other half of the tally for the next 10 years, and The Cove merchants would get an addition 10-year free ride [to add to] the 50 years [in which] they already paid nothing.

Not one person on the dais side was able to prove hardship, which is the premium reason for the granting of a variance. Commissioner Battle thought there was a hardship because that was all they could do with the property. She could not have been serious. The city attorney was asked to read the criteria outlined to be met in order to qualify for a variance. Did this project meet any of them? I think not. And for those who insisted the plan was outdated, a [look at] Municode would inform you that it was amended on Sept. 16, 2008.

Steve Krevoy

Deerfield Beach

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