Posted on 28 September 2017 by LeslieM

Dear Editor:

A recent form of protest has been NFL players ‘taking a knee’ during the playing of the Star Spangled Banner prior to the playing of a football game. This has been their way of protesting that “Black Lives Matter,” and more recently protesting to show that they can protest (when the president weighted in critically on the situation). Maybe this is a good idea, and we all have the right to ‘take a knee’ if we don’t agree with something. Maybe a first responder has the right to ‘take a knee’ if there is a threat to those people in a peaceful protest in which he disagrees with the politics of the protest. Perhaps there are other responders who have a right to take a knee in response to the first set of responders taking a knee. This could be big. A whole new industry of men’s pants with reinforced knees is in the making. Wait a second … I think I had a pair of those pants in kindergarten. I don’t think any first responders would ever take a knee. (It doesn’t resonate with being a first responder.) And maybe we all need to grow up. But just maybe … we really need to take a knee, from taking a knee.

Michael Routburg

Deerfield Beach, FL

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