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Posted on 30 March 2018 by JLusk

Want to get away?

By Rachel Galvin

If you want to go away on an excursion or a short getaway, you don’t have to travel too far. Just head to the Port of Palm Beach, jump on The Bahamas Paradise Cruise Line Ship and head to the Bahamas for the weekend. Now, it is easier than ever since they are unveiling a second ship. They already have the Grand Celebration. Now, they will be adding Grand Classica, which will have its unveiling on April 13.

With 12 decks, the Grand Celebration has plenty to do and see. While taking in ocean views, kids and adults alike can lounge in the sun and feel on top of the world. Families can have a great time playing corn hole or ping pong. Kids can go have fun in the arcade or spend part of the day in the day care playing video games or doing other fun activities. Take a dive in one of their pools or relax in a Jacuzzi. Their full service spa offers everything from massages and facials to teeth whitening and waxing. Enjoy entertainment in their almost 800-seat theater, including comedians, musicians, dancers and other ever-changing performances. (When headlining acts come in, they may charge a small extra fee). Once they get out to sea, the casino opens and guests can play slots, Texas Hold ‘Em, Blackjack, Craps and more. Go shopping and buy duty free merchandise unavailable in the states. Get your groove on during nightly dance parties. There are plenty of options for dining up to five times a day,  included in the price of the trip, or guests can sit down to a more gourmet meal for an extra charge at Admiral’s Steak & Seafood. (You can get all this for as low as $149 per person, which is very affordable when you think about taking your family out for just dinner and a movie alone on a weekend).

The new ship will have pretty much the same amenities, but will have its own vibe with a lot of marble and art, an Italian feel. It will have fewer staterooms but more space for larger events.

The Grand Celebration has had its share of events, however, including hosting the Susan Komen’s Perfect Pink Party Gala & Castaway Cruise in January.

The cruise line also helped out during Hurricane Irma.

CEO Oneil Khosa explained, “When Hurricane Irma happened, we sent the ship to a safe destination. We told people if they haven’t made plans, hop on board (for a nominal fee). We

CEO Oneil Khosa (right) with partner Kevin Sheehan and his son, Kevin Sheehan Jr.

went to the south of Cuba. After we came back, we opened it up to anybody to come and have food on board [since electricity was out]. We served a couple thousand meals. We had an open offer to first responders. We wanted to help out. We are part of the [community]. We got a call from FEMA asking if it was possible to send the ship down [to St. Croix and St. Thomas]. It was the right thing to do. We were there within three days with water, provisions and food.”


Something that he feels makes this cruise line different is the fact that it is a more intimate experience. Instead of having maybe 3000 or more people, there is room for a total of 1500, meaning a corporation can virtually have the ship to themselves if they book it for a large event.

“We want to be a neighborhood ship,” said Khosa, saying that booking a trip is meant to be very simple, that people don’t have to plan so far in advance; they can hop on board and just be away for two days and come back. (Those without a passport can bring an original birth certificate and a government ID).

“Everybody can rearrange their schedule to take off two days together and treat themselves,” said Cruise Director Christian De La Rosa, a.k.a “Mr. Chicago,” who handles all of the ship’s entertainment.

Now that they have two ships, that means ships will be out to sea daily. Guests can extend their stay, adding two, four or six days in the Bahamas, and coming back on another ship. Because they work in large volume, the cruise line can offer discounted rates on hotels and other excursions while guests are there. People may just sit on the beach in the Bahamas, or they might do outings like snorkeling, parasailing, swimming with the dolphins or going on a jeep adventure.

“Bahamas Paradise Cruise Line is a small niche cruise line with something for everyone — families, couples, corporate meetings. It is also unique as we are the only cruise line offering two-night cruises and a cruise and resort stay,” said Vice President of Corporate Community & Media Relations Anita Mitchell.

Two ships also mean more jobs. Mitchell said it translates into $100 million back into the economy.

“We have created a lot of jobs … small industries, fuel, merchandise….” said Khosa.

Although the ships are at the Port of Palm Beach (located at 1 E. 11 St. in Riviera Beach), Bahamas Paradise Cruise Line’s headquarters is right here in Deerfield Beach.

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(photos by Rachel Galvin)


Always leave room for dessert, like this delicious tiramisu.

Admiral’s Steak & Seafood.

“Mr. Chicago,” the cruise director ensures everyone has a great time by lining up world class entertainment.

Plenty of entertainment in this nearly 800-seat theater.

Beautiful areas for quiet contemplation.

The chef has many selections to satisfy your sweet tooth at the Grand Cafe.

If you upgrade to one of these state rooms, you can join the “Concierge Club,” which includes many VIP amenities.

Take a dip in one of their pools.

Gambling galore… They have plenty of games to play if you want to take a chance, including Texas Hold ‘Em, Blackjack, craps and more.

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