Posted on 01 November 2018 by LeslieM

Dear Editor,

Many citizens of Deerfield Beach, including myself, are quite frankly, appalled that the Deerfield Beach government is considering a ban on front yard vegetable gardens. We have many questions…

Why is the Deerfield Beach city government assuming the role of a homeowners association (HOA) and thinking about dictating how private property owners can landscape their property? This is one of the reasons people choose not to live in a neighborhood with a homeowners association.

Why is the Deerfield Beach city government deciding and making the judgment of what is aesthetically pleasing for all of its citizens? Many people find a yard with a carefully mown lawn and neatly trimmed bushes to be unattractive and boring while a yard with at least some native plants, varying garden types and wildlife habitats to be beautiful and intriguing.

Why is the Deerfield Beach city government even considering banning a hobby and pleasure that many Deerfield Beach citizens and their families have been enjoying and sharing for 10, 20 even 30 or more years?

Has the Deerfield Beach city government forgotten that Deerfield Beach started as a farming community and professes to be family-oriented and environmentally conscientious?

Does the Deerfield Beach city government understand that a garden cannot just be simply planted anywhere in a yard? A (vegetable) garden must be planted on relatively flat land and have full day sun exposure. Many backyards and/or side yards do not meet these criterias.

In conclusion, as an active citizen of Deerfield Beach and many of its organizations (Kiwanis, Women’s Club, Rotary, Historical Society, board member of the Friends of the Deerfield Beach Percy White Library and a retired Deerfield Beach Middle School teacher), I am urging you to carefully consider your representation of all of your constituents and the tenets that make Deerfield Beach such a very special place.


Sally Chase

Deerfield Beach, FL

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