Dist. 1 Debate is on –Feb. 12

Posted on 11 February 2019 by JLusk

When We the People announced they had set up a debate for District 1 candidates at Royal Fiesta (1680 SE 3 Ct.) in The Cove on Tuesday, Feb. 12, from 7 to 8:30 p.m. candidate Michael Hudak declined to attend at first due to what he felt was a conflict of interest, but he has changed his mind, so both he and his opponent, Dan Herz, will be in attendance.

Hudak explained, “After careful consideration and some very good conversations with John Slattery of We the People of Deerfield Beach, Inc., I have made the decision to join the debate he is organizing. John, as requested, has invited both local newspapers to the event and has asked Dana Eller [Observer publisher] to review the questions for fairness and relevancy. I want to personally thank John for all of his hard work in putting this debate together.”

He continued, “The only thing missing now is YOU! This is what local government is all about; getting people involved in their community. Don’t let Facebook or Nextdoor tell you what happened, come out and judge for yourself, become an active member of our community. Please get the word out!”

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