Hock Exchange helps the community

Posted on 24 November 2020 by JLusk


By Rachel Galvin

Through the years, Mickey Kleinman, owner of the Hock Exchange, has seen his share of ups and downs in not only the pawn industry, but every industry around him. Of course, this year, with the Coronavirus, the changes for the whole world have been obvious. It seems everyone is struggling. And, just like every year, Kleinman likes to do what he can to help during the holiday season. As usual, he is donating turkeys this Thanksgiving to those in need, and plans to do so at Christmas time as well.

“I wish I could do more,” said Kleinman. “I love giving back to the community.”

Over time, he has also seen fluctuations in what people are buying, which has changed what people can sell and has affected what he can take at his shop. People, he said, are not doing collectibles anymore and computers and electronics keep losing their value too quickly because they can so easily be revamped and replaced with newer models almost yearly. But there are some standbys that he continues to be able to take year after year, and he has plenty in his shop to choose from, including guns, jewelry, bikes, fishing equipment, tools, paintings and more.

The Hock Exchange is located at 204 N. Federal Hwy. In Deerfield Beach. Ask about their program for layaway during the holidays. For more information, call 954-574-0800.

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