Election on Tuesday in Deerfield includes an important referendum

Posted on 12 March 2023 by JLusk

Did you know there is an election on Tuesday, March 14 in Deerfield Beach? Not only are candidates up for election in District 1 and 2, including the incumbents, but there is an important referendum as well.

Right now, there is an empty 3.75-acre of land on 1045 SW 11th Way that has been sitting vacant and just maintained for many years. Now, there is a company that wants to purchase the land and develop on it. Many people have urged voters to vote YES for this as they contest that this development will be great for the local economy and lessen crime as well, rather than having a blighted area continue to be there. Others, have been concerned about issues like traffic… which is something the company is aware of and will be rectifying, according to a city representative on the matter.

Here is the question:

Shall the City of Deerfield Beach sell the approximately 3.75-acre property located at 1045 SW 11th Way to MBA Development Partners of Florida, LLC for $6.5 million for the purpose of creating a multi-use development with workforce housing, retail and restaurant space, a hotel, green-space, and other public amenities?

Yes — for the sale of the property
No — against the sale of the property 

You can do your own research. Here is more info. on the history of the parcel: Election Referendum Info – March 14, 2023 | Deerfield Beach, FL – Official Website (deerfield-beach.com)

Get out and vote!


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