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Rubble flares up again;at Crabby Jack’s wreckage

Posted on 30 August 2011 by JLusk

At about 11:30A.M.Tuesday morning, while the salvage company was moving debris for the state

investigators a small fire flared up. Deerfield Fire responded with Engine 102 and Ladder 102

to put more water on the ruins. Deerfield Fire will begin manning an engine with off duty

personnel , at the property owners expense until further notice. Mayor Peggy Noland said “it’s

too dangerous to leave it this way”.  She said “the insurance carrier want to bring in their own

investigators and they can’t get here till Thursday”. When asked about a local TV station citing

a determination of arson had been made, Fire Marshall Gary Fernaays  said no ruling had been

made as of yet.  “Some of the media think that suspicious means arson”, it




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