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Posted on 30 December 2010 by LeslieM

Coast to Coast raid brings relief

Dear Editor:

Regarding the [Dec. 16] drug raid next to the Butler House, we were relieved to say the least!  We were hosting a “Tea” that day and saw the undercover cars parked along Hillsboro Boulevard and realized what was going on.  I am very happy to see the place closed and I hope it stays closed!  Hopefully, we can get new neighbors there who will be a benefit to our community.

Carolyn Morris, Executive Director,

Deerfield Beach Historical Society

Hats off to Deerfield BSO

Dear Editor:

I wanted to let your readers know about the top quality group of police officers and detectives who protect the citizens of Deerfield Beach. I am a contractor and certified Arborist who had a brush chipper stolen Feb. 2002 — almost 9 years ago. Recently, I just happened to be driving by the folks who stole this $20,000 machine. It was at a job site where they were working in Ft. Lauderdale. I got out and checked the VIN # and it was my “machine!” Sgt. Dan Christoper (USMC) and Det. Jonathan Brown (USN) went above and beyond the call of DUTY to a fellow U.S. Marine and helped me recover my stolen property even though it wasn’t their case. Sometimes, it seems, all we hear is the negative side of police work. I want to say my hat is off to Great men and women of the BSO Deerfield Beach — and to all veterans serving each other!

L/cpl Thomas L. Bornaman

Pompano Beach

Reader questions delays with Hillsboro Streetscaping

Dear Editor:

Would you please try and find out what’s “not happening” with the finish of construction on Hillsboro Boulevard, from Federal  Highway to the bridge.

I traverse this area on a daily basis and there has been no work performed for several months.

It appears that all that needs to be done is finish the water sprinkling system, install the grass and trees, and lay the final coat of asphalt.

What’s the delay?

Roger Reynolds

Deerfield Beach

Editor’s Note: See pg 1, the paragraph about Hillsboro Streetscaping, for the latest update.

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