Deer Creek Grill: Fast service, simple food

Posted on 12 January 2011 by LeslieM

By Andrea Freygang
I recently dined at the Deer Creek Grill out on West Hillsboro inside of Deer Creek. I wasn’t sure what to expect in terms of food and dining. My experience in the past at country club grills has been very standard, dry fare with service catering towards the older crowd, but the ambiance and crowd at the Grill was very relaxed, with people of all ages, and not just golfers either, but women convening for an afternoon lunch, couples, businessmen etc…I arrived just after noon with my husband and son who is almost two. At first, I thought bringing my son was going to be a huge mistake, but it was so nice outside, were able to sit on the patio overlooking part of the golf course and small pond with a waterfall. Despite the fact the grill didn’t seem like a place that saw many children, the staff was very obliging in helping me keep him occupied.
We instantly got drinks (sodas), crayons, and coloring book for my son. The server always tried to engage him every time she came to our table. As a former server, this impressed me because so many times servers ignore the kids and talk to the parents instead of the child. We immediately placed an order of the kid’s menu for chicken nuggets (fresh-made, not out of a box) and fries, although this was ambitious since he was more interested in his surroundings than in any food we could place in front of him. It was nice to be able to get up and walk around with our toddler who doesn’t sit still very well. Many restaurants don’t have the scenic view; instead, we are forced to look at the endless sea of concrete or cars, nor do they have a walking path to stretch your legs.
We started with a couple bowls of soup, with the offerings that day being French onion soup and Italian wedding soup. The French onion was obviously freshly prepared, full of caramelized onions and plenty of melted cheese on top. The Italian Wedding soup has plenty of vegetables and meat in it, and wasn’t so hot that I had to wait before eating.
For our entrees, I really wanted to try one of their steaks, but it was lunchtime, so I didn’t want to be an over-inflated balloon by the time we left, so I satisfied my steak craving with their Philly cheese steak sandwich and fries. Overall, the menu had simple foods, sandwiches and salads, but despite the simplicity of the menu, everything was prepared with care.
When the sandwich arrived, the hoagie roll was overflowing with chopped steak that was obviously just cooked, prepared, and lathered with onions, but not so much that the onions overpowered the meat. The meat wasn’t dried out like some sandwiches that you can tell had been sitting out a while. The fries were hot and fresh, and not overcooked. My husband ordered a cheeseburger that was easily half a pound after being cooked, not before. He ordered fresh fruit with his, which was a nice option in today’s heavily fat laden menus. He said it was obvious that everything was well prepared, and that the cooks took their time in prepping the food, but not so much time that it took forever to get a meal.
Somehow, as usual, we never made it to dessert because we were too full (good for my waistline, bad for my taste buds!). However, with appetizers and all, we were in and out of the restaurant in just under an hour, which makes it a good place to go for a business lunch or meeting, or even just a quick meal before you have to go back to work without sacrificing taste and quality for speed of service. The ambiance of the place was business casual, and the outdoor setting was nice and relaxing without being overdone.

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