Letters to the Editor

Posted on 27 January 2011 by LeslieM

Clean up our beach and enhance revenue

Dear Editor:

As a proud citizen and good neighbor, I love Deerfield Beach and cannot imagine living elsewhere. However, the trash, dog poop and miscellaneous piles of cigarette butts dumped off on the side of streets is out of control!

I can appreciate that budgets have to be cut, but I believe our city leaders need to give serious consideration to putting some paid city workers out there on the streets (in plain clothes, not in city vehicles) citation pads in hand, writing up tickets for people who throw trash from their windows and leave animal waste for others, like me, to step in when walking my own dogs.  For those folks who are not from around here, that do not understand what litter is,  how about putting up signs that say  “THANK YOU FOR VISITING – PLEASE DO NOT TRASH OUR BEACH,” 1st OFFENSE, $100. 2ND OFFENSE $250.

Another observation: most people do abide by the signs that say “No Dogs on the Beach” so instead they walk across the street and  let  their dogs dump on the sidewalks and curbs in front of the condo buildings. Perhaps APPROPRIATELY PLACED signs with dog stations and bags would help curtail the dog doo. It  truly is a disgusting and unhealthy situation.

Perhaps some real enforcement  will  create a sense of urgency for people to scoop the poop and dispose of their other trash properly when it hits them in the pocket.

Joan R. Gould

Deerfield Beach

Reader questions use of labyrinth in school

Dear Editor:

RE: “DBHS gives peace a chance with labyrinth” article (Jan. 20 Observer). Some may have also seen or read “Over 750 Boca High Students and Teachers To Participate In ‘Yoga Wave.’” My question is: Are parents paying attention to what is going on in our public schools? All four of my children attended DBHS. Thankfully, all were pre-labyrinth. You can be sure I would be talking with the principal if any of my kids were still attending the school. Kudos to those students at Boca High who declined to participate in the practice of yoga or any DBHS students who recognize godly priciples for avoiding the labyrinth. These New Age & Eastern mysticism practices have no place in our public education (indoctrination) system. The words of Colossians 2:8 come to mind: “See to it that no one (not even your pricipals or teachers) takes you captive through hollow and deceptive philosophy, which depends on human tradition and the basic principles of this world rather than on Christ.” (Parenthetical statement added).

Jeff Hafer

Deerfield Beach

Note: A labyrinth, or pathway for meditation, is not necessarily a religious concept. However, the person walking can choose to pray in whatever way he or she sees fit.


Dear Editor:

Our mayor and commissioners receive a salary, full medical insurance and – get this – they receive a pension.

Talk about spending money like drunken sailors.  It’s time we get our priorities and spending in line!

And they had the nerve to raise taxes. Does anyone in this city understand economics?

John Grassi

Deerfield Beach

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