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Posted on 24 February 2011 by LeslieM

Impact on recreational fishing

Dear Editor:

The federal government has already shut down recreational fishing for Grouper, Red Snapper, and Sea Bass. They are getting ready to shut down recreational fishing for Dolphin (Mahi Mahi or El Dorado), Cobia, Wahoo and Amber Jack. These closures will effectively end offshore fishing in the southeast Atlantic, as there will be nothing left allowed to fish for — so why bother going fishing in the first place? Florida is the top fishing destination in the United States and Recreational Fishing has an estimated $7.5 Billion annual impact on Florida’s economy. I do not need to point out just how many jobs are tied to the fishing industry, and will be seriously impacted by the decision of the SAFMC commission. By pushing these closures forward, this commission will be ignoring the negative impact this decision will have economically and the large number of jobs that will be effectively eliminated by the closures. I was under the impression the federal government was trying to adopt policies that would help positive job growth. This government agency has obviously not gotten that memo!

Shirley Doll

Lighthouse Point

RE: Parks & Recreation

Dear Editor:

What is the unemployment rate in Florida? 12 percent. If you talk with 60 minutes television show, they have indicated that it is more like 30 percent. If you understood economics, you would agree.

So the commission, through the city manager, hires an out-of-the-state person to take the job that was once promised to George Edmunds, you let people make George a patsy – and are silent. You pay the [new] guy much more than you pay George. By the way, the parks look awful. And now you have this guy coming in from out of state.

George Edmunds is a resident, a father of three beautiful good kids, and unemployed, and it’s not that — HE DID A GOOD JOB. You all have put a real spin on it. By saying nothing shows no leadership or integrity, and I cannot live with that. The bologna that he has faced without any support burns me inside.

Here is a friend, a member of our community, and definitely a person with integrity second to none.

A leader would have spoken up. You did not.

John Grassi

Deerfield Beach

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