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Posted on 31 March 2011 by LeslieM

Sea turtle lighting

Dear Editor:

Regarding Margaret Feerick’s comments about lights on the beach near Embassy Suites [March 24 Observer], I was walking (I am 77) and my toe hit a crack or obstacle on the sidewalk. I fell flat forward on my chest and face and then flipped onto my back, head against the sidewalk. A man came over and helped lift me up. They have the lights shut off all the way back a block west of the beach. This is very dangerous for those who walk the area. Are turtles more important than people?

Dr. Charles Laser

Deerfield Beach

Schools questions

Dear Editor:

It is very interesting that the Broward School Board has been chastised for building too many classrooms and the [Observer’s March 24] School’s page article [“DBHS graduation day announced, location moved”] says that Deerfield Beach High School’s 2011 graduating class increased by more than 55 students over 2010? There is obviously something wrong in the numbers.

The next question is why do our schools have such a large student population? Doesn’t quality drop when enrollments are so high – DBHS has 2,800+ students. This means that the lower classes have more students than this year’s Senior Class.

My last question is why is there no facility in North Broward County that can handle a high school graduation? It doesn’t make sense.

Jack Burrie

Pompano Beach

Editor’s note: Recent grand jury report against school board noting “thousands of empty seats at under-enrolled schools” doesn’t identify actual schools. Deerfield Beach High School is above its projected enrollment by 53 students this year, according to http://www.broward.k12.fl.us/schoolboundaries/counts/1011/20th/AppendixE_
Grade1011.pdf. Michael Roland, school board business activities liaison, said one reason for showing too many classrooms is unused “portables are being called empty classrooms;” moving them is economically not feasible.

March 29, 2011

Dear Editor:

On this date, 65 years ago, I terminated a commitment to this country after serving for three years in the U.S. Navy, from 1943 until 1946

Standing in the cold rain in a courtyard at NAS Jacksonville, FL, at the same base I attended boot camp in 1943, here I received my honorable discharge. I was dressed in my navy blue dress uniform with the “ruptured duck” emblem newly sewn on the left breast of my uniform. One hour later, I was on a train heading south to Pompano, arriving here at 6 p.m. just at dark, and beginning a brand new chapter of my life.  As I look around today, I can only account for seven men from Pompano still living here and that is out of the hundreds who served from here. My only comment at this time is “WHAT A RIDE”

Bud Garner

Pompano Beach

Cove business owner wants answers
RE: landscaping maintenance

Dear Editor:

I called Commissioner Miller after his re-election to congratulate him. I also called him on March 22, early a.m. to ask why the new landscaping hasn’t been cut or maintained since its completion [December 2010]. No call backs.

Residents and shop owners in The Cove Shopping Center are also questioning the abandoned new sign tower. No one has been here for three weeks. It’s an eyesore.

You were quite proud of the accomplishments in The Cove Parking Lot during your recent campaign. Who is responsible for no maintenance to the landscaping or the halt to the entry. Where do we go from here?

Steve/Cove Bagel & Deli

Deerfield Beach

Editor’s Note: According to CRA Director Keven Klopp, landscaping maintenance for The Cove is in the process of transitioning from the city’s Public Works Department to the CRA hiring a private contractor. The Cove Parking Lot Construction is a phased project that isn’t done yet, and has not been technically turned over to the city. It is considered an active construction site.

• Maintenance work done as of March 25, was done by Public Works in assistance to the CRA to help the CRA write specifications for hiring out a private contractor. Klopp said it will be a much bigger job when the project is complete.

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  1. R. U. Kiddingme Says:

    Yes, the new entrance signage for the Cove has been very slow in finishing. The disgusting condition and continued delays of the Streetscape Project on Hillsboro are both inexcusable and embarassing. However, when is the last time you took a good look at the exterior and interior presence of your business. Most of your neighbors in the Cove also need to examine their ‘look” and immediately take the necessary steps required to make your businesses look professional and welcoming. I think your observations are accurate and appropriate, but they would have a greater impact if you cleaned up your backyard first.

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