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Posted on 30 June 2011 by LeslieM

RE: Utility tax

Dear Editor:

I am very upset about the utility tax. We also live on a fixed income. To some, it may not mean much. With the price of gas, decline of the dollar, and food prices roaring with inflation, a 10 percent  tax hike is not needed right now.

The problem is once the tax is approved, I’d have a heart attack if it ever was removed or went down. The majority of the times, it eventually goes up.

Prior to the recession, when property taxes were rolling in, the politicians never seemed to have enough money. They do what is required by law or whatever, but they never put extra monies away for a “rainy day.” They have to spend every dollar and then try to figure out how to get more. They never have enough to spend of taxpayer money.

On the front page of the [June 9] Observer, right next to “Utility Tax,” is an article “Broward School District loses millions in grant money.”

As usual, it’s “always the other guy’s fault.” I sure hope the voters remember this at the next election! I sure will!

Bob Zukas

Deerfield Beach


Dear Editor:

A 10 percent levy on water and electricity will only cost the average homeowner $10 a month.  Of course, that is if you never drink water, take a shower, live in a cave and use your electricity sparingly.

How come no mention is made of the real cost of this fiasco as it affects the business community? Didn’t someone from Publix at the public hearing mention it would cost them another $400,000 annually? Do you really believe that Publix will not turn around and increase their costs to the consumer?

If there is such a crying need for the improvements claimed, why is the commission using a revenue tax to make the improvements? Could it be because the voters have no say when it comes to a utility tax, as long as the city can identify a source for repayment? That is the reason for utility tax. The millage could be reduced 1 mill without it, but then the commission would not be able to go out on a spending spree to finance their pet projects.

Do not allow your financial future to rest in the hands of three commissioners who never heard what the public had to say. If you really love your city, you will sign the rescind petition as soon as it is available. Let 4,500 voters be your voice.

Lillian Lorraine

Deerfield Beach


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