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Posted on 28 July 2011 by LeslieM

RE: Utility tax

Dear Editor:

With every debate, one will find differences of opinion. It is not uncommon to have things misrepresented or overstated in the heat of a deliberation.

But it is a rare occasion that you read in print something so isolated from truth and reality that it cannot be described as anything less than a bold face lie.

In the 7/21 edition of the Observer, Mr. Steve Krevoy’s account of an incident at Constitution Park was just that, a lie. In an attempt to justify his own questionable actions, he concocted a series of events completely of his own imagination.

“He (Burgess Hanson), in turn, called Mayor Noland and District 4 commissioner Ganz, whose decision it was to call BSO” – NOT TRUE.

I was not even aware of the incident until late Saturday evening when I checked my voice mail. City Manager Burgess Hanson had left me a voice mail at 6:43 p.m. notifying me of what occurred earlier in the day. I did not actually speak to Mr. Hanson until Monday morning. I have the voice mail saved and the phone records to prove it.

I have turned a blind eye to Mr. Krevoy and his group’s inaccurate portrayal of the impact of the utility tax. If you read one of their flyers, you would be led to believe that your entire water and electric bill will be taxed 10 percent. That is not true and they know it. It is clear he has no scruples when it comes to relaying false information. I have chosen to ignore that. But, I will not sit silent to this complete fabrication of an event and the sullying of the reputation of city staff.

Mr. Krevoy should be ashamed.

Commissioner Bill Ganz

Deerfield Beach


Dear Editor:

After reading last week’s letter to the editor from Steve Krevoy, I feel that the city has no choice but to respond to his slanderous allegations. Because the letter contained more untruths than truths, it will be difficult to cover them all. However, there were a few statements that I must address.

The “opposition” flyer to which Krevoy continually refers was actually a document the city created to provide important information to residents about the recently approved public service tax, which will, among other things, allow the city to lower its millage rate, providing tax relief for residential property owners.

The flyers are available at all city facilities, not just Constitution Park, and they are displayed in the same manner as other flyers created by the city. As for the statement that city staff did not allow the removal of the flyers, the staff member on duty was following an established policy for rental of a city facility, where those renting are not permitted to remove any of the city’s decorations or posted material.

The most frustrating fallacy in Krevoy’s letter is his depiction of what occurred after he removed the flyers on display. Krevoy made false accusations about specific city staff and elected officials, myself included, claiming that all were responsible for “BSO deputies (being) dispatched to the site to arrest (them) for vandalizing city property.” In actuality, the incident was reported through the city’s chain of command, by the staff member on duty, who felt she was unable to reach a reasonable solution with Mr. Krevoy. She contacted her supervisor, who contacted the director of Parks and Recreation. The Parks and Recreation Director spoke with the Police Chief, and a decision was made to send a representative from BSO to Constitution Park to assist the staff member in diffusing the situation. All of these activities were over and done by the time I received a message from the City Manager that evening, briefing me on the incident.

They say there are two sides to every story, but in this situation, there is virtually no common ground.

Mayor Peggy Noland

Deerfield Beach


Closing of Teen Center

Dear Editor:

As a concerned parent and resident, I feel the city of Deerfield has let me down.

On numerous occasions I have heard talk about concern for the youth in Deerfield and a willingness to help them. But I recently found out that the only place in Deerfield for teens will be closing its doors for good. With all the gang violence, crime, and brutal attacks such as Josie Ratley and Michael Brewer, you would think the city would give more thought about the Teen Center and keep it open.

I have [both] a 14- and 16-year-old son who attend the Teen Center, and I have noticed major positive changes in them since they have attended. Their grades and behavior have improved, they are more respectable, and they are staying out of trouble. When I was told about the Center closing, they were very upset and afraid.

I am a single mother of five children and really need the help of programs such as this. They also told me that BSO will be taking over the Teen Center, which does not make any sense. I feel the teens need a place to call their own and the city should make an exception and do whatever it takes for the teens instead of giving BSO that building because the teens are our future. It makes you wonder what’s really more important, our future teens or BSO?

I have a few questions that need to be addressed:

1. With the Teen Center closing, I would like to know where will our teens go?

2. What will the city provide?

3. Who made the decision to close the Teen Center and allow BSO to have full access to the center?

4. Would BSO have more patrol on the streets due to an extra amount of teens hanging out?

5. What is the REAL reason why they are closing the center?

6. What will BSO use the building for?

A Concerned Parent & Resident

Makeesha Johnson                                                                                                                                                    

Deerfield Beach


Editor’s note: The city is shutting down the actual Teen Center but not shutting down teen operations, according to Assistant to the City Manager Amanda Shafer. In the future, teens will go to the middle school or high school for the program, rather than bringing them to the center. The city subsidized most of the operation. Financially, they were spending more money than they were bringing in, in order to bring in the kids, she said.

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