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Posted on 22 September 2011 by LeslieM

Restore harmony in Budget process

Dear Editor:

At last night’s commission meeting, I heard thoughtful and well-articulated positions from each commissioner and the mayor.  What a pity that the people who needed to hear them the most had stormed out of the meeting.

A few citizens spoke in favor of restoring harmony and the planning that has been done by our leadership.  How sad that most of the people who attended did so only to object to something that they clearly do not understand.  Am I the only one who noticed that every few weeks the math (supporting the ‘no utility tax’ position) changed completely?  When one set of numbers was proven wrong, they just came up with a new one.

The leaders of the movement against the utility tax have gained support by spreading rumors and offering total falsehoods as “facts.”  Their positions are always stated around personal attacks on members of the administration (or with personal attacks on other citizens; Robb hit a new low last night).

I attended all the meetings and workshops that went into creation of the new budget.  I have applauded the transparency and accountability that has been brought to the process and to the city finances as a whole.  Since taking office, this commission has worked each year to reduce expenses in the general fund.  They have made a great many hard decisions (not just the utility tax) in order to bring fiscal responsibility and fairness to our city.

A lovely woman [Marge Norwich] spoke that she felt we were losing our identity with fights like this one.  She said the budget must be a plan for the future of our city.  She hoped that the commission could make Deerfield Beach come alive again and I add my support to her statement.

Sally Potter

Deerfield Beach



Dear Editor:

This is a letter I must write to apologize to [retired firefighter] Tim Hanley for my outburst at the last commission meeting. When he said, [“I was raised to be respectful,] blame it on my parents,” I said, “They are both dead.” I meant no disrespect. I know both Jay and Terry Hanley, and I attended both of their funerals.

Tim can call me all the names he wishes, but he seems to forget that his dad came to me when Tim wanted to get on the Fire Department, and the chief did not want to hire a third Hanley since Mike and Terry were already with the department. I spoke to the chief on Tim’s behalf, and he was hired.

I am doing this last thing for Tim. I have never been a supporter of the fire department pensions; but I am a firm believer in giving the retirees the things they were promised. The commission made those concessions, and now they can change the game for the newcomers, but not those who have already retired. All of the concessions made to the fire department such as health insurance, retirement age, and benefits, were promises made that should be kept.

Jean M. Robb

Deerfield Beach

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