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Posted on 26 January 2012 by LeslieM


Jan. 20 A woman reported that someone broke into her home at 626 NW 1 Way by prying open the back door. Once inside, the person ate some of her food and stole a backpack, bicycle and clock radio.

Jan. 20 A woman was arrested and charged with grand theft. The woman stole $560 worth of merchandize from Winn Dixie at 1019 S. Federal Hwy.

Jan. 21 Someone stole $11,000 worth of kitchen equipment from the rear of the Mozart Café restaurant at 1250 W. Hillsboro Blvd.

Jan. 22 A person stole a heavy duty truck battery from Roofs To Go at 1650 S. Powerline Rd.

Jan.22 A person stole a truck battery from a vehicle parked at Chemical Pollution of Florida at 4500 N. Powerline Rd.

Jan. 22 A woman reported that a person broke into a home at 325 SW 1 Terr., the home previously occupied by her deceased aunt that is now unoccupied. The woman reported two televisions, a china set and two metal bases to a living room set stolen.

Jan. 22 A man was arrested and charged with grand theft. He stole $637.01 worth of merchandise from Target at 1200 S. Federal Hwy. and fled on foot from a deputy. The deputy used a taser to take down the subject.

Jan. 22 A woman reported her car stolen from 1523 E. Hillsboro Blvd.


DEERFIELD — District 4

Jan. 18  From 9:45 to 11:15 p.m., deputies were dispatched to a Deer Chase Apartments residential burglary in progress.  Dispatch advised that the victim was chasing a burglar on foot through the complex. Deputy set up a perimeter. The papa unit and K9 were called for assistance. Moments after the perimeter was set up, deputy advised that he observed the victim chasing the burglar. Moments later, deputies were able to apprehend and detain the burglar. The victim, who watched the apprehension, advised that subject was, in fact, the burglar he caught in his home. Victim said as he walked out of his bathroom, he saw the subject exiting his roommate’s bedroom, carrying his roommate’s property. Subject threatened that he had a gun as victim fled residence. Deputies recovered stolen property on the subject, which was later learned to have been stolen from a conveyance burglary at 207 NW 48 Ave. Two other subjects were apprehended shortly thereafter by BSO detectives. Detective responded for interviews. As of this writing, there is property that was in the subject’s possession that has not been identified. It is believed that there may be some unreported burglaries at this point.

Arrestee gave a post-Miranda confession to this crime to include intimate details of the event at the residence. Arrestee was charged with burglary to an occupied residence, conveyance burglary, two counts of grand theft and violation of parole for burglary.



Jan. 5 A woman reported that her unlocked apartment at 2813 NE 27 St. was entered and a computer stolen.

Jan. 6 A police officer noticed a Publix employee chasing a woman outside the Publix at 3700 N. Federal Hwy. The officer saw fish and meat packages from Publix sticking out of a bag the woman was carrying. The Publix employee said he saw the woman take meat and fish from the store and leave without paying for the items. The woman was arrested and charged with stealing $137.38 worth of fish and meat.

Jan. 9 A woman reported that she had some change converted to currency at the Publix at 2450 N. Federal Hwy. After a time, she realized her money was missing and filed a report.

Jan.10 A man reported his pickup truck stolen from 3030 NE 44 St.

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