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Posted on 25 April 2012 by LeslieM

Paul and Young Ron Show”

Dear Editor:

The City of Deerfield Beach’s recent decision to seek public input regarding its existing prohibition against Sunday morning alcohol sales was discussed early last week during the “Paul and Young Ron Show” on South Florida radio station 105.9FM.

The DJs specifically expressed their aspirations of speaking with me about the topic. They made their objection to the existing prohibition abundantly clear. Likewise, most constituents who have contacted me about it agree such prohibitions are “behind the times” so to speak – and they are, in many ways correct. While my final position on the matter will be stated at the time of the vote and not before, in response to the radio show’s inquiry, I feel obligated to express a few observations about the topic now:

  1. Before taking down a wall, one should have a full understanding of what it was put up to protect against in the first place.
  2. 2) There is Great Value in providing an opportunity for public input. The law has been around for decades. Providing a few weeks for our constituents to express their thoughts about it is only proper.
  3. 3) At this time, when The Cove neighborhood is trying to protect their families and property values from a drug-andalcohol rehab center with nine addicts residing in a singlefamily home, many constituents are rightly concerned about the loss of Traditional Values in our society in general, and specifically about the lack of respect for a day that many of us reserve to Honor God.

4) Our businesses here in Deerfield Beach deserve to be on an equal playing field with surrounding communities.


As a follower of Christ and a believer in the Bible, I can understand how these so-called “Blue Laws” came about. I also Know that I am Saved by GOD’s Grace and my Personal Faith, and not by Works. I think Tim Tebow has it correct as he tries to get people to open the Bible to John 3:16. Those 25 words are the essence of the Gospel, not the Blue Laws!

Joseph P. Miller

District 1 commissioner Deerfield Beach


Cove Crime Watch meeting

Dear Editor:

I attended the Crime Watch meeting forThe Cove area last Thursday night [April 19]. A large number of BSO staff from the Deerfield area attended. They were all very informative, professional people.

Initially, the meeting was a positive exchange between residents and the BSO team.

I was appalled at the behavior of a few of the residents. Childish outbursts, argumentative towards the BSO staff, rude comments and behavior were all a part of the remainder of the meeting.

I hope these meetings continue and I truly appreciate the time and energy BSO puts into protecting our neighborhood.

For those of you who cannot conduct yourselves in proper adult behavior, don’t come and disrupt what could be a very long-lasting, productive relationship between BSO and our residents. Furthermore, let your neighbors know to call BSO if there are robbers in your house – NOT another neighbor that’s 50 miles away. NOBODY can help STUPIDITY.

Mary House

Deerfield Beach


Thank-you” to CERT

Dear Editor:

April 15-21 marked National Volunteer Week. On behalf of the Deerfield Beach Community Emergency Response Team (CERT), I would like to thank each of our CERT volunteers for your hard work and dedication this past year. Because of each of you, our team has become one of the most recognized and respected teams in the area.

We have responded to fires in our city to assist with firefighter rehab and canteen services, we have been asked to assist Broward Sheriff’s Office (BSO) in missing person searches, we have kept up our skills with continual training, and we have participated in community activities. We have even been requested for Mutual Aid for a missing person search in Pembroke Pines! Our work is appreciated by Broward Sheriff Fire Rescue, BSO law enforcement, our city commission and our city management. As a team, CERT is a vital asset to our community. All that each of you do is greatly appreciated. THANK YOU!

If anyone is interested in becoming a member of CERT, e-mail CSjursen@bellsouth.net or call 954-803-6338.

Carol Sjursen

Deerfield Beach

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