Posted on 29 November 2012 by LeslieM

Graffiti in Deer Run

Dear Editor:

I recently took my 3-year-old grandson, who, by the way, can read simple words, to the park in Deer Run. I was appalled by the filthy words scribbled ALL over the playground equipment.

What is wrong with kids today, who think they have the right to deface property? Where were the parents to teach them right from wrong? Trying to figure out today’s youths is ONE BIG QUESTION MARK.

Lorraine Barsher

Deerfield Beach


Shirley, where are you?

Dear Editor:

For 52 years, he enjoyed our ocean and beaches. Several weeks ago, he parked at beautiful Deerfield beach and enjoyed the blue water with rounded white caps. Then, no view. It was blocked.

A woman stood between him and his ocean. When she turned, facing him and their eyes met, he asked: “Hungry?” She nodded slightly and her silent lips murmered softly, “Thank you,” as he passed a bill to her.

Then she turned around to again face their ocean.

She turned north to where the restaurants are. She disappeared into the crowd.

Harry wants to see Shirley again – for lunch or dinner at the new restaurant across from the new pier. He will park the little red car near the No.3 lifeguard station at 4 p.m. Thursday [today] through Sunday, and watch.

Shirley, where are you?


Lighthouse Point


Flying old glory

Dear Editor:

As a merchant marine captain, I find it a ‘disgrace’ and, as a matter of fact: illegal.

What I refer to is the way the American flag is or is not displayed on vessels leaving port and especially in the Intracoastal waters. And most amazing is that the BSO vessels don’t display ‘old glory!’

If you were to go to the Bahamas and did not display their flag, as required by international law, they can confiscate your vessel!

Protocol requires the vessel fly a flag of the country you are in, or a yellow ‘quarintine’ flag.

If you were to ‘get on this issue, maybe you could change the attitude of day sailors who don’t understand that we are at war … and flying the ‘colors’ is a matter of nation pride, along with being nautical protocol!

How about starting with the new [sheriff] and asking, “Why is it that your vessels don’t have a flag painted on their safety vessels … Or, for that matter, Why don’t the ‘BSO’ officers have a flag on their uniforms and equipment.

Are they not ‘American?’

Timothy R. Browne

Deerfield Beach

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