Posted on 31 January 2013 by LeslieM

RE: Beach parking stickers

Dear Editor:

I am a longtime resident of Deerfield Beach who has always purchased a beach parking decal each year.

On Wednesday, Jan. 2, I parked in the Main Beach Parking Lot at the beach and did my walk as I usually do.

Upon my return, I was surprised to see that I was issued a parking ticket for an expired parking decal. It expired on Dec. 31, 2012.

That was my mistake, but that’s not my complaint. My complaint is that the city allows people with a handicapped decal to park free for 4 hours in our parking lots along the beach.

These handicapped decals are issued on the basis of one’s health, not their income.

This policy must be changed, as we are losing a lot of revenue due to this free parking. Both Boca Raton and Pompano Beach charge people with handicapped decals to park in their cities.

John Daniels

Deerfield Beach

RE: Questions for our Mayor that need Answers

Dear Editor:

We would like to know why the person or entity who placed a paid advertisement in the Jan. 24 Observer newspaper did not divulge who they were before putting forth negative questions about our esteemed Mayor Peggy Noland and her role in various real estate transactions throughout the city (of which she has no control – i.e. zoning codes).

Whoever placed this ad, don’t you think, after all the negative advertising in the recent national election, it’s time to stand up, identify yourself (or selves), meet the courage of your convictions and tell us what your vision of Deerfield Beach’s future is — rather than continuing to dwell on negativity? Our local community and our leaders deserve better than this.

Residing in Deerfield Beach for over 25 years, we have seen more positive improvements, enhancements and, in general, a better quality of life for all of us living here since Mayor Noland has been in office. We will do everything we can to help effect her positive re-election this coming March.

If you have something to say, say something positive and don’t hide behind a paid political ad that you’re not willing to attach your name to.

Henry and Joan Gould

Deerfield Beach

Things must be good!

Dear Editor:

Things must be good in Deerfield Beach since we apparently just gave our commissioners and mayor a nice raise of about 10 percent.

[The mayor now makes $33,524 and commissioners now make $27,979.] All for a part-time job!

Things may not be so great for rank-and-file workers at Deerfield Beach, but with pay adjustments and reclassification of management, which resulted in nice salary increases, apparently the overall health of the city budget must be in great shape.

Maybe we should have raised the commission and mayor salaries even more if they have somehow taken Deerfield Beach to a level of economic prosperity not seen elsewhere in the country.

It’s starting to look like being a commissioner or mayor is now a full-time, full paying job when you add the benefits and pensions.

Great Job Mrs. Mayor and our honorable commissioners! Tell us how you did it, then tell the rank-and-file how it was done on their backs.

Ron Coddington

Deerfield Beach

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