Posted on 28 February 2013 by LeslieM

RE: “Reconsider beach parking permit restrictions”

Dear Editor:

I strongly agree with the current ruling that beach permits be offered to full-time residents only. Here’s why.

There’s limited parking at our beach and those living and working in Deerfield Beach all year certainly earn the right to park at their beach first!

I’ve been a loyal patron to restaurants, stores, clubs and beaches for the 15 years before moving to Deerfield Beach and have worked two jobs in order to stay here. It’s amazing to finally be able to easily park at the beach that I live here for!

Oh, and regarding the accusations to “Madam” Mayor and the city commissioners — of “inequities and discrimination” of seasonal residents — I find it offensive and ludicrous and deserving of an apology from you.

Louise Volpe

Deerfield Beach


Many thanks

Dear Editor:

We would like to thank the permanent residents present at the Deerfield Beach city commission meeting on Feb. 12 at City Hall, who asked for fairness and equality between the permanent and seasonal residents, regarding beach parking stickers.

Snowbirds requested to reclaim their previous rights to purchase beach parking stickers, just like the Floridians.

One permanent resident felt entitled to privileges on the grounds that she pays taxes for the full year; also, it is in the winter that she goes often to the beach; in the summer, the sand is too hot.

In the audience we could hear: “wear shoes” or “go earlier or later in the day.” Permanent residents, we thank you and appreciate your acknowledgement that snowbirds pay more taxes for less services.

Kudos to the very charming lady who quipped, regarding the wait for a parking spot, “It is like everything else in life: first come, first served.”

One outcome of permanent residents requesting discrimination against snowbirds could result in “no winners” if the suggestion of one commissioner is adopted: “eliminate stickers for everybody and put pay-and-display meters everywhere.”

Margaret and Danny Benzacar

Deerfield Beach

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