Murphy attains success in and out of the boxing ring

Posted on 21 March 2013 by LeslieM

Pages 09-16By Gary Curreri

Deerfield Beach’s Jordon Murphy has enjoyed success in and out of the boxing ring. The 13-year-old Murphy recently took second place in the National Silver Gloves Championships in Independence, Missouri and was also presented a proclamation at the March 5 City Commission meeting.

“It is very humbling,” said Murphy, who has been boxing for the Deerfield Beach BSO-PAL for the past five years. The two-time national boxing champion has logged more than 500 community service volunteer hours. “I go around picking up trash and help with art festival and do other things around the community.”

It is a tall order for Murphy, who dropped a narrow decision to New Jersey’s Malik Nelson in the championship bout of the 75-pound division.

Murphy, who won the state and regional silver gloves titles to reach the national finals, is also an outstanding student in the classroom with a 3.4 GPA at Lyons Creek Middle School.

Murphy, a seventh-grader, runs track for Lyons Creek Middle School, wrestles for the Deerfield Beach BSOPAL and plays Little League baseball.

“I like (boxing) a lot,” said Murphy, who won national titles in 2010 and 2012. “It is the best sport I do. I like fighting and training to get ready for the big tournaments. I train Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday for two hours a day. I want to be a professional.”

“I think the best part is training for a fight because it helps me get conditioned,” Murphy added. “It helps me in school, and if I am doing track, it helps me with my energy and stuff in other sports.”

Murphy said he wasn’t disappointed with his performance at this year’s national competition because he tried his best.

“It has been a pleasure to watch him grow as a person and as a boxer,” said Deerfield Beach BSO Deputy Butch Santy, who heads the PAL program. “The one constant about Jordon is his desire to win and his willingness to put in the hard work to be one of the best boxers, poundfor- pound, in the country.”

Murphy’s coach, Steve Collazo, said he’s proud of his boxer’s accomplishments.

“He’s been tremendous,” Collazo said. “Jordon is one of the hardest workers in the gym and then he gives back to the community. He’s at everything … the DJ Program, the tutoring program … He boxes, does wrestling and baseball. He’s always busy.”

The program is free and Collazo said there are 10 boxers in the competitive program and between 35-40 in the recreational program. Collazo also said there were about 10 who just train.

“We work hard to give these kids the opportunities,” Collazo said with a smile. “The price they pay is the community service to the people who help us keep this going. They pay with their sweat and effort, so it really isn’t free.”

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