Posted on 29 May 2014 by LeslieM

Lack of maintenance of city playgrounds

Dear Editor:

I’m concerned with the lack of maintenance in our city playgrounds.

The park on SW 24 Terrace has a lot of safety issues that have been going on for a while. These issues would have been easily caught by a Parks & Rec worker if they were doing weekly safety inspections and daily walk-throughs.

I know the city has a tight budget, but kids safety at playgrounds should not be overlooked.

Here are some of the issue’s at this one park. I’m sure others are just as bad.

1) Baby swing has cracked plastic on the seat, exposing a rusty sharp metal edge right on the top where kids would put their hands

2) One of the posts that holds up the platforms has a crack going halfway through it

3) There is a picnic table with a rusted hole in the top. It’s rusted so bad basically, you can take the top off of the table.

These are some of the issue’s within one park.

Brian Moberg

Deerfield Beach

Hands Across the Sand – Deerfield

Dear Editor:

On Saturday, May 17, Deerfield Beach, along with hundreds of areas across the coastal United States, demonstrated against Fracking Oil from our beaches.

Close to Naples, not far from the site of their main drinking water source and home to the Florida panthers, plans for Fracking are taking hold.

We must stop this!” are the cries of those involved. Fracking each well uses over 1 million gallon of water per well, poisoned with toxic chemicals which cannot be recycled.

The potential for gas blasts and chemical spills from Fracking is overwhelming. Hands Across the Sands meets every year on our coasts, hosted by such organizations as The Sierra Club (www.sierraclub.org) and Oceana (www.Oceana.org). Please go to them to see how you can help.

Donna Friedman

Pompano Beach

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