Posted on 26 June 2014 by LeslieM

Hillsboro Blvd. Lane Elimination

Dear Editor:

At the June 17 Deerfield Beach commission meeting, consultants explained their plan to eliminate two traffic lanes on Hillsboro Boulevard.

Some of what they proposed is very good, a longer and better marked right turn lane approaching US 1 is needed. Also, a raised median strip with left turn lanes would improve safety.

It’s interesting that two of the consultants said that in their planning process they looked for “fatal flaws” and found none. However they did not mention the effect of increased road closures because of increased rail traffic.

East bound traffic will have to merge three lanes into two after waiting on a long freight train. Also, there will not be bus stops so if a bus does stop for passengers, it will block one of the two lanes. Both of these are flaws that could cause accidents and road rage incidents that could be fatal. This passed the commission by one vote. Commission rules allow any commissioner on the prevailing side to bring the issue up for reconsideration.

They voted based on a flawed report and I think the commission should reconsider it. Let’s keep the raised median and improved right turn lane and let’s keep six lanes.

Robert Lloyd

Deerfield Beach

Guest Editorial

RE: Deerfield Green Market shut down

Dear Editor:

I spoke at the June 17, city commission meeting. The topic was, the termination of the Green Market at The Cove Shopping Center.

The first Green Market was from North Miami Beach, coincidently where Keven Klopp came to Deerfield from with a $10,000 check to help the start up. Did anyone ever give you money to start your business? Actually, the other markets, about 6, never received 1 cent. They never completed the contract.

The second Green Market was run by the Cultural Committee, who I honestly forgot to mention. They worked for FREE, with the promise from the commission that any profits at the end of the markets would go to scholarships. Guess what? They profited between $8,000 to $10,000. But Keven Klopp decided any profits should go back to the CRA. These hard-working seniors were furious and NO scholarships were given.

The lady who ran the Saturday Green Market in Boca also ran ours. Deerfield got Saturday’s leftovers with NO management, and it was a bomb.

Then came Arthur D’Amato, a former resident of Deerfield Beach, who actually ran the best Green Market, and he was terminated. Another city blunder.

Once again, I apologize to the wonderful Cultural Committee, forgetting to mention them was not intentional.

Steve Krevoy

Cove Bagel Deli

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