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RE: Boys & Girls Club; Rod Coddington removal

Dear Editor:

I have to own up to two mistakes.

The first one is easy, since the city has received verification that ALL OF THE MONEY THAT IS RAISED BY Dunn’s Run goes directly to the Deerfield Boys & Girls Club, so Commissioner Ganz was correct and I was wrong in believing that the money was allocated among the 13 clubs. I must say, then, that I have no problem with Dunn’s Run, not now or in the future.

The second mistake is one that is more difficult to explain. I should have voted “NO” when the question was raised by Commissioner Miller to remove Ron Coddington [who was Miller’s appointee] from the Marine Advisory Board.

How often have I been chastised by my fellow commissioners for bringing up material at the end of a meeting without previous notice. That is exactly what happened with the batch of e-mails thrown at us at the last meeting.

Had we had the opportunity to read them, we would have noticed the date, on some, of 2011 – before Coddington served on the Marine [Advisory] Board, since there was no Marine [Advisory] Board then. [The ordinance to form a Marine Advisor Board passed June 18, 2013.]

A great number of the emails were directed to the commission in reference to the four years it was taking to pave Hillsboro Boulevard, the delay in the repair of the damage to the fishing pier – all of those were done as Coddington’s credentials as an engineer. He was able to point out the deficiencies in the city’s actions. I don’t think he was out of line with those. What was accomplished was that the city used his expertise to take action.

No one on the dais questioned his ability to serve on the Marine Advisory Board at the time the vote was taken.

For all of those reasons, I am asking for a reconsideration of the vote for his removal that was taken at the last meeting.

Jean Robb

Mayor Deerfield Beach

Editor’s note: At the Wednesday night, Sept. 3 city commission meeting, there were two items regarding the Marine Advisory Board. Agenda item No.25 was a discussion item, requested by Mayor Jean Robb, to reconsider the removal of a Marine Advisory Board member. Agenda item No.20 was a resolution appointing Thomas Nolan as a member of the Marine Advisory Board and Julie Cisneros as an alternate member of the Marine Advisory Board; and providing for an effective date.

Thank you” for $ returned at ATM

Dear Editor:

On Saturday, August 30, my daughter and I went to the [Wells Fargo] ATM machine [at the corner of 10th and Federal Highway] to get $60 out with my debit card. The [ATM] machine wrote on the screen that I did not have that much in my account. As we drove around the corner, a man came running after us saying, “Ma’am, did you just leave the ATM machine?” We said “Yes.” “You left $60 in the machine!” he said.

I was so touched by this. I think it is a great human nature story. I can’t tell you how surprised and thrilled about his honesty [I am].

Melba Hebert

Boca Raton

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