Posted on 24 September 2015 by LeslieM

Ugly trailer marring beach views

Dear Editor:

I live on NE 20 Avenue, one block from the public beach access that is located at 4 Court and A1A. I have always enjoyed waking early and walking to the beach to appreciate and thank God for yet another sunrise. It doesn’t matter whether the sunrise is extraordinarily spectacular or whether it is diminished by clouds. It DOES matter, however, that the sunrise is now and has been, for a few years, obscured by an unoccupied, unsightly trailer with an EXPIRED Florida license plate.

The signage around the trailer states “private property.” I have no objection with people owning beach property; however, I do object that there seem to be different rules for different people.

A few years ago, I purchased a small, pop-up camper. I parked it on the property (behind our hedge line) for three to four days until I was able to tow it to its final destination that coming weekend. The camper was legally registered and out of sight of neighbors. Within a day after parking the camper behind the hedges, the camper was tagged by the city with a warning to either remove the camper or face a fine. I complied with the warning, in accordance with the law. Problem solved!

It is beyond my comprehension how an unsightly, unregistered trailer, can remain on the beach, for every nearby neighbor, visitor and/or passerby to see. The location of this unsightly, unregistered trailer poses a threat not only to the public, but, also to the public beach property surrounding it. It is an eyesore on the beach of Deerfield, which prides itself on the beauty of its beaches.

Lorraine S. Kelly

Deerfield Beach

[Editors Note: The commission is working to find a solution to this issue. It is currently in litigation. “It’s an on-going problem we are hoping to resolve in the coming months,” said a city representative.]

Thank you, Thomas Roofing

Dear Editor:

Twenty-five years ago this past January, I needed a new roof on my home. I contacted a Deerfield roofing company. A new roof was put on and it looked great. This past January, Citizens Insurance stated that my current roof would have to meet certain qualifications. Ultimately, it meant I would have to have a new roof. I called Steve at Thomas Roofing who put the roof on in 1995. Steve also replaced the back patio roof after Wilma. (Incidentally, I wrote Steve to replace that back roof as I had left town to get away from the hurricane. He called me and, in three days, he had replaced the patio roof. I paid him when I returned to Deerfield a couple weeks later.)

When it came to this past January, I called Steve again. He was no longer in the business of putting roofs on homes, but he still had a business to repair, clean, pressure clean, etc. any roof. He gave me names of two Deerfield roofers. I phoned them. They came and [each] gave me an estimate.

I phoned Steve who helped me make a decision between the two companies. At the time it was being replaced, Steve came over and confirmed the work this roofer was doing was the best. Steve went out of his way to be a good neighbor, Deerfield business man and just a very nice guy.

Thank you, Steve, for being my friend.

J. M. Harte

Deerfield Beach

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